Undule: Just like Jesus, don’t cast stones at sinners

Firstly, I hear that the political parties have endorsed law reform on abortion.I don’t know whether I should be happy or not because their action will open doors for reform to other unfriendly laws including scraping laws that criminalizes homosexuality making a stop to prosecution and jailing of people because of their sexual orientation.



Of course from spiritual angle it will bring them closer in the church for repentance and salvation without fear.

I don’t know whether political parties know or not that they have tied a rope round their necks for endorsing law reform on abortion as it will be hard to say no to decriminalization of homosexuality.

Whether they endorsed with consciousness or not, but what they have done is sanctioning murdering of infant babies.

Those who are true worshippers know that this will definitely bring down curse and judgment upon the nation, unless we repent.

A God fearing nation must never be part and parcel of such a project which support killing of life. We need to preserve and protect life at whatever stage and in whatever cirmustancses -“Right to life”.

Coming to the subject, the bible teaches us Jesus never threw a stone at sinners, He never closed out to those in need of mercy and help. In John 8:3-7 the Pharisees brought a woman who had been caught in adultery to Jesus. He challenged them while writing down that who is with no sin among them be the first to throw a stone at her. But having arrived as self-righteous, arrogant, executioners, the Holy Spirit humbled them by making them see that they were no more innocent than the woman. Jesus then said I do not condemn you woman“go and sin no more “.

What all this comes down to is we, as Christians acting like Jesus must protect the weak. We need to change our priorities and focus on more critical issues of communicating love, compassion and acceptance to people especially the very people our society so often ostracizes, condemn and rejects.

Going back to the debate of homosexuality, it is not about me and what I believe. It is about us as true Christians learning to care about what Jesus cares about. This is not about gay rights. It is about acceptance of the marginalized in society, it is about us having the courage to stand with those who are vulnerable. It is about us saying “No” to hate and homophobia,“No”, especially when it is done in the name of God. It is about having the guts to draw a line in the sand like Jesus did. Even when that means facing that mob ourselves, Just like Jesus!.

As Christians let us stand with the marginalized, those who are weak, those rejected. We should never run away from those who need our protection. Let us bring those we call worst sinners to know God .Let them know they are loved and when we do that we will find that Jesus has been there with them for a long time.

  • Undule Mwakasungula, the former director of Center for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) and now a human rights columnist on Nyasa Times
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Wait my friend! Christ is coming, you will know how fierce He is when grace freely given has been rejected – Meanwhile He is meek and lowly beckoning and waiting for you to repent even though you are insulting Him.


Mawu ooopsya ndi amubuku lopatulika ndipo ndiwovuta kuwamvetsetsa.Sinditchura munthu koma samalani pomatenga mawu a Mulungu nkumatanthauzira kuzofuna zanu kapena kusangalatsa anthu.Ukamawerenga mawuwa kapena kutanthauzira akhale muulemerero wake Yehova osati muumunthu kapena history monga achitira ma Lawyer.Tiyeni tiziopa ndikulemekeza mawu a Mulungu ndipo sindikukuoopsyezani koma zauzimu osaphatikiza ndiza thupi.Ndipo chinthu cholakwika sichingakhale chabwino.Ndipo kuyipa mwini wake ndi satana ndipo ubwino/choonadi mwini wake ndi Yehova.Apapa palibe kuphatikizana ngakhale umodzi.For instance light and darkness zingalowererane? Abale mawu a Mulungu ndiwoyera monga mwini wake.Zikomo.


Christians, let’s acknowledge the fact that all evidence from the bible points to the conclusion that Jesus the son of the most high God was in fact a closeted Homosexual. An unmarried rabbi of his age was very unusual, he was always surrounded by 12 men, some whom he loved very much, he spent his last night with a naked young man. These are all characteristics of a faggot.


A Undule, what you are saying about u homo shows that you do not know anything about the Holy Book. You cannot be encouraging people to sin in the name of being marginalized. Mathanyula is being worse than pigs and all who practice it must be shot dead. STUPID SINNERS!!!!

Why are the so called ‘marginallised’ not speaking for themselves. For me I know only aunt Tiwo and his friend. Let all gays assemble and fight for their rights themselves. That is what the Western world does. For all I know, Undule and Trapence, and Gift are not gay. Sibande “clarified” his orientation last week. This is why people think you are just intoxicated with the American dollar. And if you are a new christian, Undule, you better stop “preaching” until you become conversant with scripture. 1 Timothy 3:6; St Paul had a very clear mind of what new converts… Read more »

Have you seen Gift Trapence in true faggot style?? Komanso akuti amavala zovala Zambia Mwazi wake!! Chindele chakufikapo

I love your article Undule well said and full of character of love as instructed by Jesus Christ. The problem with many Malawians is that neither do they understand a right of someone nor understanding that people are practicing in their own closest. It is a shame to deny someone’s right in a manner of describing it as a sin. Do people really know what it means a sin is? Sins are multiples and we cannot close one eye to other sins and open an eye to few sins. We are not saved by our ability but by the grace… Read more »

A Malawi other countries are busy developing but you are busy promoting satanic acts Mulungu akudalitsani bwanji. Mufuna Dziko litembeleredwe chifukwa cha mathanyula zooona ohhhh l cry for my country. God have mercy


Mind you Undule, the Woman was told not to sin again!Had you known how i hate your name, u would have just remain silent


A nyasatimes ikani photo ina Ya ma hope undule chonde.this one is too sexy, don’t you think? I don’t care what he writes as long as I see him here it’s a huge relief.

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