PS faults Karonga council for ‘cashgate acts’

The Principal Secretary for Local Government and Rural Development Chris Kang’ombe has expressed disappointment over the decision issued by the Karonga district council to stop demolishing the illegal constructed shops surrounding the district bus deport as per local government law , saying the act contributes to the increase of ‘cashgate’ scandals in the country.

Kang'ombe visiting the illegal shops in Karonga

Kang’ombe visiting the illegal shops in Karonga

DC Rosemary Moyo explaining to the PS on the newly constructed shops

DC Rosemary Moyo explaining to the PS on the newly constructed shops

The 'illegal' shops in Karonga

The ‘illegal’ shops in Karonga

On Wednesday this week during an emergency full council meeting, Paramount Chief Kyungu issued a last decision of stopping the council to demolish the said shops after the development brought disagreement between the councillors and government officials claiming that he is avoiding violence if the council will follow the law.

However, Kang’ombe attacked the decision, arguing that the site is dangerous for construction and that the land demarcation procedurals were illegal.

Karonga DC and local councillors have been fighting over land distribution to vendors outside the main bus depot where shops have since been constructed.

While the council chairperson Patrick Kishombe claimed that it is within the councillors’ legal mandate through the market committee to allocate plots to business people within the market area, District Commissioner Rosemary Moyo accused Kishombe and his team of bringing confusion to the council and flouting procedures.

Chairperson of the Health Committee, Harry Mwanyembe, also accused Moyo of overstretching the matter to hide “fraud” acts under her administration.

Speaking during a visit to the district on Friday with the aim of sorting out the confusion, Kang’ombe said ge was shocked to hear that the council called for emergency meeting on Wednesday to resolve the issue while stakeholders were communicated of his coming.

“It is very pathetic that we are tolerating wrong doings to continue taking place in our country because as of this situation technical advice were issued many times but people who were constructing the illegal shops still opted to break the law and twisted it as development,” said the PS.

“In true sense instead of developing the district only few people who have benefited in taking the illegal land will be the ones improving their living standards on the expense of poor Malawian,” said Kang’ombe.

According to Kang’ombe , the shops acts as a trap to accidents claiming “within a period of a month two accidents have already occurred what more if those shops start functioning because trees are inside and some are on top of the septic tanks an indication that nothing positive will happen.”

However, Kang’ombe failed to change Kyungu’s decision but urged the District Commissioner to give out the minutes of the two meetings to the ministry as government officials wants the Law to take its cost.

He then pleaded with people in the district to let government officials to work professionally than fear.

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Mutu Wa Mbuzi

Anyasa conde fufuzani alandaso makey a cipatala pa Kasowa amenewo

What is happening in Karonga is very bad for the district and the nation. Who has said that laws should be in the hands of chiefs like Kyungu? What problems did Kyungu see that government did not see when making plans? Silly Kyungu and his stupid vendors. Nobody is above the law and let the law take its course. Last time it was Kyungu reporting to the President that DHO and staff are stealing medicine from Karonga Hospital. Why is he becoming another god in Karonga? Why did Peter also give him a Board Chair position for NAC as if… Read more »

When these pipo were building…didn’t the council know that its illegal…For how many years have the shops been there… the time I was in Primary school,, then went to secondary school and college now I have worked for more than 5 years… my school fees came from these shops…. today then you say tigwese…. aaaaahhh how how


Banafyale kujitemwa, nga wali kusambire bekha pa mwi,a Ps mwayoboya makora a kyungu bakumanya waka kudikizga banthu, achina Bambe,mkandawire, bulukutu, chima late Ephron bose ni kyungu mweneyuyo, boma lingatukuka banthu working in fear


kkkkkkk Mr. PS wanama, cashgate waisiya komwe wachkako. mufuna akuwoneni kut mukugwila ntchito? a PS for the piece of land ku depot? shame!!!! thats for the chief to resolve. mavenda akwanu anakukanikani mwati mubwele kwathu? twema bene karonga twema!!!!!!!


Just demolish visakasa ivyo. Those are death traps.


What people should know is that these structures were constructed during he night. People were dumbofounded when they woke up in the morning and found out that structures were erected in one nigth. This shows that those people who were given this land knew that what they were doing is illegal that is why they were doing it in the cover of darkness. Ask any patriotic karonga resident, he/she will confirm to what am saying. The Ps and his ministry should not allow these corrupt acts to prevail. It must be brought to halt.


Paramount Kyungu is just helping the very Government by trying to avoid violence once these shops are demolished. If such reasoning makes Kyungu powerful then I do not understand, the best is to amicably engage in further dialogue with all concerned parties. Issues of corruption might have played part in Vendors taking law in their own hands to construct these illegal structures. Bwana PS look around this issue and do not just conclude, inu mumakhala ku Lilongwe a DC muasiya with unfinished business.


Iwe Yatota Mullomwe, Useke kukamwa ukunukha! faK UU!

Professor Chipsenthe wa Mavuzi
Professor Chipsenthe wa Mavuzi

Kodi a Kyungu vuto lanu ndi chani!

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