Undule says MCP should pay ex-MYPs: ‘They employed them to torture Malawians’

Veteran human rights activist Undule Mwakasungula has suggested that former members of the disbanded Malawi Young Pioneers (MYP) should demand payment of compensation from opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) which commandeered the para-military wing when it was in power.

Undule: Let MCP pay compensation to ex-MYP

Government, in late 2012 conceded to the ex-MYPs demands of pension, compensation and other payments after over 4 000 members marched to the Office of President and Cabinet.

But Mwakasungura said giving the compensation to ex-MYP will notbe  ideal because they were torturing Malawians in one party dictatorship.

He said they should also not claim compensation from government but instead MCP.

“The ex-MYPs should seek the benefits from those who employed them to torture Malawians.

“If they are to be  paid compensation, it’s taxpayers covering and that includes taxes from the victims paying their perpetrators,” Mwakasungura said.

However, MCP  has said it will be  wrong to deny ex-MYP  “what is dully theirs.”

According to MCP deputy secretary general Eisenhower Mkaka, MYP was governmed by an Act of Parliament as a government entity not a party wing.

Meanwhile, Secretary to Treasury Ben Botolo, said the verification exercise of beneficiaries is ongoing, saying it is a combination of a multi-disciplinary team as there are officers from the Auditor General’s office, people from the Department of Human Resource Management and Development [DHRMD] and others cross-checking the files.

Leader of the ex-MYPs Franco Chilemba said  the ex-MYP officers are demanding K1.6 billion from government to be paid to about 2 765 State employees who were forcibly retired.

“We are seeking K500 000 each as compensation,” he said.

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Kayombe go to MCP and get your money! Makofi mumagawa aja was that a government job?


Undule, sudziwa kuti MYP inali ya boma? thats why Nasawa training base is in the hands of govt not MCP. Dausi is quiet because he knows. Iwe ufuna uoneke ngati ndani? Kufuna kusangalatsa boma? Ngati ali matenda osayina akulu ampingo akupempherere bwanji?

northern region forum

by the way, which CSO group is he representing? the guy has gone to the dogs.


Undule. Kikkkkk. What has happened to you? You were a human rights activist but now you have become a spokesman for DPP. It’s unfortunately that the government knows what to do. You have totally failed on this. What is a government?


This is a good topic for this week’s Hot Current. Times TV, please bring in Hon. Dausi and Ex President Muluzi who may have inner knowledge of myp operations. Please Times TV, ensure discussions are held in the language ordinary Malawians can understand


They were not employed to torture people, NO. They only went astray otherwise it was a Government ruling party arm which helped in training many Malawians some of whom can still be used by Government say in Farming for commercial purposes as a country and become an exporting country. The Government should pay them and then use them to revamp agriculture economy within a short time.

Yusuf Jonas

BULUTU NDI BULUTU BASI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heavy duty

Komabe zimene akunena Undule zi ndi zoona. Enafe tinazunzika kwambiri ndi anthu amenewa a MYP. ndipo dzina limeneli tikanva timasanza. Now using our money to pay them for beating and terrorizing us, I can’t accept, over my dead body, they were wicked, merciless, ruthless, unjust and evil. My strong message to government is: please do not use my money (tax) to pay these demons and thugs. I did not know that UNDULE you are such a great thinker.


Ngati anapatsidwa ma benefits ake Kamuzuyo, Basi alekeni apochele


This guy is very sick. Forgive him.

Phinous Fologonya

Mr. Mwakasungura, I did not know that you so stupid and dull. I was actually putting you at high calibre of a person. koma ndalama unabwereranji. Is this indeed Undule thinking like a dog? an imbicile I cant believe this


Iwe chi stooge undule
Myp was on gov. Pay

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