Undule urges Malawi journalists to put God first when doing their stories

Journalists in Malawi have been called upon to put God first and stand for the truth when conducting their duties.

Undule: Now Man of God and rghts campaigner at heart

Veteran human rights campaigner, Undule Mwakasungula said this can make journalists to refrain from being used or influenced by money and write things that will help to develop the country.

Mwakasungula ,who is also the founder of UDK consultant, an organization that deals with issues concern community development, extractive industry, NGO management, governance, policy advices, conflict and event management in Malawi said this to journalists in Karonga during a one-day workshop on good governance.

The workshop was aimed to equipping  a group of journalists based in Chitipa and Karonga with knowledge of how to write stories on good governance.

While appreciating the good work that journalists are doing, Mwakasungula said it is sad to note that some of them are failing to stand by the truth because they don’t put God first.

“I know the problems and challenges journalists face in Malawi which include lack of resources which force some of them being used or influenced by money. But what I can tell you once you put God first, He (God) will deal with those problems and start writing the truth,” said Mwakasungula.

Mwakasungula bemoaned tendency of some journalists who receive money from influential people to write stories that are aimed to tarnishing other people’s image.

“I have been seeing some stories and I asked myself, ‘how will this story benefit the community’? Did the reporter had an investigation? What made him/her write such story?” he said.

During the workshop, Mwakasungula donated a modern voice recorder to the press club to use when investigating stories.

Meanwhile, UDK consultant has pledged to support the Karonga Press Club in doing live radio debate program on issues concern conflicts resolution and donate 400 tree seedlings to plant in Karonga district.

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Brother Undule, do not be swayed by comments by non God fearing readers. You are a changing person and every able minded person can testify that. Those people who doubt you are agents of darkness.
Your stand that MCP must compensate MYPs is actually God inspired. Achewa anati “mbuzi imadya pomwe aimangilira” . A MYP anawamangilira ku MCP hence its only fair kuti akadye Ku MCP komweko. They knew no any other master but MCP and the dictator Kamuzu. So let MCP and those who inherited it compensate those thugs.


I was following you with keen but you missed once you have mentioned the issue about M.C.P and M.Y.P in your comment, next time talk straight about what yo wanted to say, if you can check my comment on the same story, i congratulated Undule for becoming a Man of God, it is a very good choice he made and God is the one who called him.But all in all thanks God to Jesus for his mercies upon our brother Undule, he was the talk of the day in that office of his.


I can not trust this dude. He is fake. Which God is he talking about? If anything he should come in the open and denounce what ever ungodly things he has been propagating all along before he became the so called man of God as he claims now. Things like same sex marriages. What is his take now concerning such issues? Otherwise he should just keep quiet.


The bible says in 2 Corth 5 verse 17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold all things are become new. So you are justified for doubting this man. Even Saul in the bible was doubted but he became the most remarkable servant of God the father. Be reminded that where there is truth there is order.


Chitsilu cha munthu chi Mwakasungula. Chinadya chibanzi cha DPP.


Paja undule writes no sense nowadays eti wants to eat za magazi za dpp


Glory to God!!! he has called you with a purpose, tell Malawians what was that you had behind the same sex marriage, was it just to a work which you were given?and who was sending you? failing to testify this, am praying that God should completely change you so that he can use you to his glory because he has called you and he is faithful.
God be with you.


Fake man


When has Mwakasungula known that there is a living God who knows and sees everything? Is he not the same person who campaigned for same sex marriages? Just a month ago he was saying MCP should pay the striking ex-MYP……….was he not looking for favours from DPP? Useless man kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk……..


Man of God wa mathanyula campaign

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