University of Malawi to introduce ‘Umunthuology’ Program

The University of Malawi (UNIMA) has introduced a four year degree program aimed at shaping the integrity of scholars and decision makers known as Umunthuology.Unima

This development comes against the background of some government officers in the country being caught in fraudulent activities dubbed ‘cash gate’ where millions of taxpayers money was squandered.

UNIMA publicist Peter Mitunda said the concept was hatched after observing that there was a sense of irresponsibility and lack of integrity among scholars, students, technocrats and the general workforce.

“Escalating moral decay in our developing society is posing as an enormous threat to the country and we believe that if left unchecked for decades, the nation will lose direction and fail to register meaningful growth,” said Mitunda.

He pointed out that not all educated people have high levels of integrity and this has prompted other people to come up with terms such as, ‘educated fool or savage.’

Furthermore, apart from fostering for financial prudence, the Umunthuology Program is also said to help curb other social injustices and barbaric acts rocking the country such as those involving the killing of people with albinism in the country since the program will instill people with the spirit of responsibility and togetherness.

Umunthu is the African worldview or philosophy about living as one family and belonging to God”.

In Malawi, the philosophy of Umunthu has been passed on through proverbs such as Mwana wa mnzako ngwako yemwe, ukachenjera manja udya naye (your neighbor’s child is your own, his/her success is your success too).

Some notable Malawian Umunthu philosophers and intellectuals who have written about this worldview are Augustine Musopole, Gerard Chigona, Chiwoza Bandawe, Richard Tambulasi, Harvey Kwiyani and Happy Kayuni.

This includes Malawian philosopher and theologist Harvey Sindima’s treatment of UMunthu as an important African philosophy which is highlighted in his 1995 book ‘Africa’s Agenda: The legacy of liberalism and colonialism in the crisis of African values’.

According to Mitunda, Program that will be offered at Chancellor College and will be launched any time soon this year.



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5 years ago

mpakana 4 year program – this is ethics and part of philosophy. i can understand a masters program koma not a four year program. and the name uunthuology sucks . how is this different from humanism – what are the overlaps. and what is this african world view that you speak of, is there a single african world view?

Samsung Nokia
5 years ago
Reply to  krazy

kkkkkk 4 years is just too much and considering the fact that u r just offering it to a few indivuduals a given year…….. it would have been better if that umunthuology was just a generic course that can be applied to any discipline and make it compulsory……this means that every one who graduates regardless of the field or course has umunthuology in his umunthu

5 years ago

Recent World Bank Report recently indicated education in public universities in Malawi is full of useless degrees. I wonder how this new degree will change Malawi. For example let us look at Chanco – Bachelor of Arts Degree is good as ndowe. All arts people in Malawi are not educated because it is the environment in which we operate. Poly – Civil Engineering – ndani anamanga chinthu chooneka mMalawi? Ndalama zomangira zimachokera kunja. You just need a foreman without papers to complete the house. Akakhala ma lawyer ndiye tisakambe lidala wawo ndiye ali ku Maula yu. Doctors ndi ma nurse… Read more »

5 years ago

Honestly this is a way of appeasing the thieving government. It is shifting the blame from the real culprit to education and therefore a waist of time and money. When you finally come out with a programme you will notice that it will just be a section of the law programme. We have enough educational and legal structures to curb all the malaise around us. Our problem is tribalism. Especially among Yaos, Lomwes and Tumbukas. Our problems will end when we will start thinking as Malawians . That time we will elect genuine leaders based on merit. Take Peter for… Read more »

Piche Yakiti
5 years ago
Reply to  kanchenga

on the list of philosophers and intellectuals, please, add His eminent, Professor Matthew Mfutso-Bengo-He did Towards African Ubunthuology. Professor of Ethics !

5 years ago
Reply to  Piche Yakiti

No one can talk about u munthuology without mention Professor Matthew Mfutso-Bengo

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