University of Malawi political analysts differ on UDF future: Thindwa says’problematic’ as Hussein brands Atupele ‘democratic’

Political analysts from Chancellor College of the University of Malawi have offered different opinions on the future of United Democratic Front (UDF) following misty relationship with the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) ahead of the 2019 Tripartite Elections.

Atupele Muluzi addressing the rally:Politics is full of changes

Muluzi, who is Minister of Health and Population Services in President Peter Mutharika’s Cabinet, said UDF being a sovereign party, a convention would soon be called for members to decide in terms of the direction to take and as a leader he could not dictate.

He argued that an electoral alliance was a process; hence, there were certain stages to take into account before a resolution is made on whether to contest the elections individually or go into partnership.

Muluzi’s stand on the matter is backed by  political professor at Chancellor College, Mustapha Hussein, saying the UDF leader is showing that he is following a democractic process of ensuring the decision to continue with the working relationship based on input of party members at the right forum as a convention.

Hussein said Muluzi is “trying to democratise” the party’s political future by ensuring that UDF party members have a say on the direction it would take.

He said the approach is “commendable”  and would strengthen infra-party democracy.

But in comments quoted in the local newspaper, a political science professor at Chancellor College, Ernest Thindwa says UDF has a “problematic future.’

Thindwa says the best Atupele can get in electoral alliance with DPP  would be a running mate which  would mean President Peter Mutharika dumping Vice President Saulos Chilima.

UDF and DPP became bedfellows soon after the May 20 2014 Tripartite Elections after Mutharika drafted Muluzi into his first Cabinet. Muluzi has been maintained since then.

Muluzi, whose father Bakili Muluzi ruled the country between 1994 and 2004 as the first post-independence multi-party Head of State, said the world was changing and it was high time Malawian politicians started practising civilised politics

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Ruben kacheche

Wait for time to field candidates. What it may mean is that where UDF is strong DPP will not field candidate..vice versatz or where there is a sitting candidate…ok that will not work in town where chances are 50 50 then chipasupasu chayambika ….. ….


Mabvuto akutumayo akuphwetekesa, tamuuzenei alembe yekha mukulephera kulemba chizungu apa.

Yusuf Jonas
Guys, zikungoonetsa ma comments anuwa—enanu ndi mbuli heavy; Mr. Hussein is in line with his duties and I agree with him, why? Political parties can establish collaboration agreements on a wide variety of issues, including; joint participation in elections, joint government formation after the elections, offering external support to an existing government joining forces with several parties to overturn another party, to modify elements of the political system or to jointly determine specific policies. In this framework, it is interesting to examine the features of political alliances in view of an electoral process. Alliances between parties can take very different… Read more »

Mabvuto sitikumvatu ife, tangoyankhulani chichewa samaletsatu pano kulemba chichewa, mwatumidwa kuti bwanji malume.

Kofi away mumati ma analysits, how special are they? Apart from saying their own personal opinions? I wonder we in many cases made to think in a way a particular singled analyst has said on his or her own just becoz iyeyo ndi lecturer somewher here most especially chanco. Anthuwa amalankhula zomwe Iwo akuganiza and its not reflecting the thinking of all the people. Now u see two respected analysts and intellectuals polarising on the same issue of ATUPELE and the UDF. If there is a cardinal theory governing this situation then these two intellectuals cudnt differ in any way.… Read more »

They are analysts because they give expatriate views on the subject matter, which falls within their field of expertise.


Kkkkkkkkk, eti DPP boma…. kkkkkkkk….. even if I am a std 1 drop out, I can never again vote for these thieves. Kkkkkkk……


I beg to differ, That’s not being democratic. Atupele is just but being scared of the approaching elections and wants to reposition himself and his father. He is not necessarily concerned with the larger UDF members, rather he is just trying to save his face.
If Atupele was democratic he would have done this before he even went into a marriage with DPP. All his feet are securely in the DPP/UDF marriage of convenience.
Why play the chameleon?

Mumpwa Mwitere

But why did PAC choose to meet MCP alone in hiding to discuss 2019 elections instead of inviting all parties? Kodi pa half-time, a referee amakalowa ku dressing room kwa team inayo? How can the other team react to such a biased referee? PAC must trade carefully as we advance towards general elections. PAC must not create false hopes to chakwera because it shall be difficult for him (Chakwera ) to accept defeat come 2019. Wamisalatu anawona nkhondo. PAC can do better on their role of being a referee.

However, DPP, 2019 BOOOOOMA!

Yussuf Sambo
Atupele has just demonstrated maturity in politics, we need such people to transform this country, ifetu sitidya ndale we need a lot of things in our day to day life so its bad for politicians to keep on fight all times, this is not campaign hence politicians should dwell the effort in building our nation not pulling it down. Atupele is not commenting anything to do with alliance with DPP because he’s a democrat, he’s not a sole decision maker in UDF so he’s letting the decision to come from NEC members after next convention and after proper consultation from… Read more »

This Hussein guy,though professor. but so dull ,how can be atupele Democratic to day while the time he joined DDP he didn’t consulted his supporters,Atupele knows that time is against him ,he wants to leave DPP through convention


“Trying to democratize” at this point/time is, to my analytical expertise, in support of a “problematic future” indeed: Thindwa’s analysis holds.

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