Usi says Mutharika must admit failure: DPP ‘sleepwalking’ Malawi into turmoil

President Peter Mutharika and his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is sleepwalking Malawi into an economic turmoil for having no clue to end the hunger and how to come out of economic crisis, comedian-cum-activist Micheal Usi has claimed.

Manganya:  There is no strategy to revive the economy and avert hunger in Malawi

Manganya: There is no government strategy to revive the economy and avert hunger in Malawi

Usi, who is also deputy director of the Adventist church relief arm, the Adventist Relief Agency (ADRA) , told reporters that Mutharika must admit failure and  should bring on board technocrats in related fields to help solve  pressing issues

“There is no clear strategy on how this government wants to deal with hunger,” noted Usi, commonly known as Manganya in comedy circles,.

He advised the President to appoint professional think tanks not mere politicians to provide sound advice for the betterment of the nation.

Usi said Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe had said last year that Malawians will be clapping hands to government for economic revival this year but the situation is dire.

“Are Malawians clapping hands now?  Mutharika also said no Malawian will die of hunger, is this really true,” querried Usi.

Usi said its time Mutharika administration “admit failure and seek views of concerned stakeholders so that the country bounces back and recovers from the numerous problems we are into.”

He said: “ Even in the Bible when Pharaoh in Egypt knew that he could no longer handle the food situation, he reached out to Joseph who was a Jew and not an Arab to help. Pharaoh humbled himself and it worked.”

Usi said Mutharika should remain in power but allow competent leaders to run the rescue plan for the nation.

“We cannot sit and watch while Malawians suffer. DPP government could be a germ causing this sickness.” He said.

Usi  also urged the Mutharika government to work on tabling the Access to Information Bill (ATI)  in parliament saying that its passing into law will see it to it that Malawians are aware of what happens around them and that people will easily access information, to the good of the nation.

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Pure activist

behind every educated man lies an enstranged faillure…………………….at whose costs is the hunger loaming in…………………nd sb comes on de ppuet claiming dat no one will perish of hunger wen on the actual ground ppo ah dying…………ha? wina akut ayi we are going to clapp hands…..rilly 4 who?………..rubish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Who said presidents should be educated? Scrap this law.Educated people are the most corrupt and stubborn people. And I hate this Mulhako thing it deprives other tribes of basic necessities. People like Kaliati have been robbing us for more than 10 yrs and each president who comes they are there to continue robbing us shame.MAnganya is talking sense here. A chair amaba inde koma Chifundo anali nacho osati Bwampini uyu ai wanyanya.

Chilungamo Chimawawa

Malawi is now a dead country because the wise and dynamic leadership of His Excellency the State President Professor Peter Wamuthalika. No money, no food only politics and corruption. hahahahahahahaha Chakwera 2019 bomaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

mandu kogoya

Bravo Mr Usi ! Indeed you are a true Malawian keep it up educate these fucken idiots . Tell them that running government is a very serious business.

Patrick M'manga

Malawi the army is behind us if the police are being used by dpp we can overpower them lets wake and rise plz plz my country men

John Black

more presidential advisers? Usi has very strange ideas!

Ysterday on Times talk show an MP by the name Allan Ngumuya branded Usi as a mere drama actor who can not contribute anything to the nation. I want to say that the ascertion by Allan is misplaced, wrong, shallow, not well thought through and one coming from a puppet who wants to save a foolish master. My 9 year old daughter understands that Malwi is worse off than it was 2 years ago. Do not blame draught because your DPP does not think about irrigation. I am not talking about irrgation for planting dowe for sale. I am talking… Read more »

2019 will we still have an economy. Kwacha where will it be may be 2000MK to a dollar, goodall will write this is normal and it is better then other countries. Fotseki dont give us this rubbish. We are tired of failing to make ends meet, prices are going up everyday, with so much reserves why is the kwacha falling, the kwacha was more stable and strong when we had less reserves

The Partriot
APM does not have to admit failure of leadership, its so obvious that even a chiild can see! Malawians had it coming, APM’s track record as a minister tells it all. His inabilities to lead were there for all to see, even the blind could see how miserably he performed as a minister. Being an outstanding academic himself( i bet APM can make a better law dean than a President, obviously he must be good at something!!), he knows that a government where the economy is on a free fall and inflation is hitting sky high, no food for the… Read more »
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