Wandale drags in Mutharika, chief Ngolongoliwa in Malawi tea estates land grab case

The Blantyre senior magistrate court has moved to Thyolo again on the land grabbing case a day after leader of Peoples Land Organisation said he was influenced by President Peter Mutharika and chief Ngolongoliwa to take the tea estate land forcibly and distribute it to the landless.

Wandale: Mutharika is the one who told me to go on land grab

Wandale: Mutharika is the one who told me to go on land grab

This is the second time that the court has moved to Conforzi Tea Estate land in the case of Vincent Wandale and his co accused land grabbing case.

On Monday, Wandale told the court that he met Mutharika at Sanjika Palace, chief Ngolongoliwa and the Thyolo District Commissioner in 2015.

“Our discussions influenced me to grab the land and redistribute it to the landless whose ancestors owned it,” he said.

He said there are even graves of the people of the area. Wandale said he is ready to cease claims of the political independence of Mulanje and Thyolo if salaries for tea pluckers in the two districts are increased, people whose land was grabbed by tea estate owners were duly compensated and idle land is given to the landless in the two populated tea growing districts.

Chief Ngolongoliwa and the district commissioner of Thyolo said in their court evidence Wandale has no powers to distribute land under the laws of Malawi to which Wandale laughed as he said Mulanje and Thyolo districts is now one country, not part of Malawi and he is the leader.

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Three Angels message

On a serious note, if Mulanje and Thyolo plus Phalombe and Chirazulu can become an independent country, mwina titha kuwona kusintha. It will be like removing a cancerous tumor from ones body before it infects the whole body. I look forward to Malawi without Mulakho.

Douglas Ndindi

A very good fight indeed. Unfortunately, it is being led by a personality whose credentials in terms of sanity are clearly very questionable. In short, a very good cause left in wrong hands! Sorry abale aku Mulanje and Thyolo. Pepani ndithu.


Ignore Wandale’s assertions at your own peril.”Wamisala” anaona nkhondo.


Sincerely while some other quarters might think Wandale has gone insane, I strongly believe there are some sense in his nonsense: salaries for tea pluckers in the two districts need indeed to be increased, people whose land was grabbed by tea estate owners need indeed to be duly compensated and idle land need to be given to the landless in the two populated tea growing districts.

Landless man
DDP government please don’t victimize Wandale.This man is speaking for the millions of landless people of Mulanje and Thyolo whose land was unlawfully grabbed by colonialists.Sooner or latter the government will pay a heavy price for sweeping the land issue under the carpet. If you are a listening government (as you claim to be) why not heed to Wandale’s calls for a referendum on this issue? Most people in Mulanje and Thyolo are poor because of landlessness.If the DPP does not tread carefully on the land issue, it should not cry in the next general elections when its kicked out… Read more »

Now the lomwes are speaking like one of us. Let this topic be one that unites us all as one nation. For the first time people of Mulanje and Thyolo are showing that they are prepared to change a party if it doesn’t work in their interest just like the rest of us.

I like that spirit. Let us all rally behind Wandale to pressure this Mthiburo government that is in only for the interest of the few!


Tiye nazo wandale, teach them samangokhalira kutibera ndalama ku capital hill, iyi si cashgate, amvetse amenewa, koamanso tea palibe akupindulako mdziko lathu lino.


Wandale needs to be taken to box 28 za


He has a point, understand him, he is a real freedom fighter!

Fisi Dausi

I’m beginning to like Wandale. If the land has graves of landless’ ancestors then he has a logical point that we the think tank on this forum need to support!


But it has taken how long for the villagers to realise that the land is theirs? Musawapweteketsetu anthuwa.


I think Mr Wandale needs psychatric examination before proceeding with the case, am of strong opinion that he is sort of insane.


The guy is really mad. Before the court continues with his case it better first take this man to Zomba Mental Hospital. What is the colour of his new country’s flag?

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