Wandale to launch ‘govt’ in Thyolo Oct 26: ‘Mugabe invited, no use of Malawi Kwacha but Shekel currency’

Self-styled  supreme leader, founder and trustee of People’s Land Organisation (PLO),   Vincent Wandale has said he has invited Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe and Vatican to witness a swearing-in ceremony of his “government” of Thyolo and Mulanje districts as an independent State set for October  26.

Wandale: President of Must ‘government’

Wandale said his ‘government’ will be  known as African Traditionalists Republic of the United States of Thyolo and Mulanje abbreviated as Must.

Speaking a handful of people who could be easily  counted not more than 100 at Khonjeni Turn-Off  in Thyolo on Thursday, Wandale said he the seat of his administration will be at at Malawi University of Science and Technologu (MUST) at Ndata in Thyolo.

Wandale said he has started inviting heads of governments to attend the swearing-ceremony for the President, his deputy, Cabinet ministers, head of Judiciary and head of legislature.

“We have already started writing letters to different countries to start recognising us as an independent country,” Wandale told his supporters.

Wandale said Malawi government and President Peter Mutharika has accepted the existence of a Must government and will recognise it from October 26.

He also said he will sue Malawi leader,  his government and Police for what he called war crimes, crimes against humanity and treason for ill-treating him and his followers over land dispute in tea growing areas which he claims is his country now.

He said under his ‘Must government’, people of Thyolo and Mulanje will grab the land from tea estates – hence the invitation to Mugabe to attend swearing-ceremony to inspire the citizens on that.

“We are determined to take this land so that the people can cultivate. We have been ignored by Malawi government, now time has come to get back the land which colonal masters stole from us,” he said.

During the meeting, Wandale said Must national flag  has been designed and it will have a national anthem.

Wandale said in Must, they will not use Malawi Kwacha but a currency will to be called Shekel which he claimed will be equivalent to US dollar.

“We are breaking away from Malawi. Thyolo and Mulanje independence is here now,” said Wandale.

Wandale has been advocating for the declaration of the two districts to become a sovereign State allegedly because government has failed to repossess idle land owned by settlers on tea estates and allot the same to indigenous Malawians.

In November 2016, Wandale was convicted and given an 18-month suspended sentence on three counts of conspiracy to commit a misdemeanour, unauthorised use of land and criminal trespass.

His arrest on September 3 in Lilongwe followed an incident that happened on September 1 at Conforzi Tea Estate where hundreds of villagers invaded the estate and started sharing land for permanent settlement and cultivation.

They claimed the land belonged to their forefathers.

He was released on November 8 after spending 10 months at Chichiri Prison in Blantyre on remand.

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nsanai kugwe

abale tamuthandizani munthuyi. ulendotu uyu. koma sayamba kuyenda malisece to flush his ugly willy and balls, kukamwa ndevu kunyasa ngati maganizo ake. tidikila pa 26 po ifetu. and iwe wandale, dont mess up mentioning the vatican. uzichula thyolo yako yomweyo azako nda napopa omweo ndi mbuzi yako ngongoliwayo wamva.

Hlabezulu Ngonoonda

Is Mr. Wandale in a right frame of mind? He may have been driven by events in an autonomous region of Catalunya in Spain. The declaration is wishful thinking. If it is true that Mr. Wandale may have been consuming too much “weed”, then it all point to a disorder in the mind that requires urgent medical attention. There is no genuine link between what is coming out of the mouth and the mind. May be the period he stayed in prison confused him with the contentious land issue. The citizen needs medical examination.


kkkkkk!!!!! iwe Wandale iwe ngati ali maloto then you must be dreaming in colors, koma ngati ali kachasu I would advise you to stop taking too much of it ……. you are showing us the true symtoms of munthu wamisala.

Peloma Pepe

I think the guy may have enjoyed Chichiri Prison and is seeking ways of going back there. This is treason; you don’t claim a government in another country. Izi akanakhala walankhula ndi wa chipani china chachikulu, unakwana womangidwa, koma poti it looks like Wandale is mentally disturbed, tiziona komwe zithere.


Madness aside, which is cleary visible in the conduct of Wandale, he is raising pertinent issues which the people of the affected areas want addressed. Ignore Wandale´s madness at your own peril.


He must be taken to a mental hospital not prison


Bunda college inangovutika kuphunzitsa munthu wosathandiza

nkhwiri inokwa

kkkkk tobacco, bale,,chingambwe muzisuta mwa saizi

Wamisala adaona nkhondo, this guy has lost trust in this Government, what do you expect from this guy Wandale? What he is doing just shows that we don’t have leadership that can help to solve the problems which some people are facing, if really this guy is planning of this, why the Government is mute on this? Ok ndimisala as you are saying but this guy is fighting for his people to have land kuti azilimapo ndikukhala ndi chakudya. Do you want to tell me that he is wrong and or he doesn’t have the right to have food? Do… Read more »
Duncan chizizi

Mufunsedi aixe,,people sometimes think one sidedly..kma I shud believe wandale is speaking for the grassroots of mulanje and thylo people who have been ignored by central gvnt for years.
Bravo wandale.


That land is not suitable for growing food crops. ..I know I come from there


Ukunama m’bale. Which land that is not suitable for food crops? Mumachokera kuti inuyo akulu?


kkkkkkkkk, musiyeni tione kuti atani. mugabe abwere tidzamuoneko ife

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