Weekly Political Update; Chasowa did not die in vain

This document according to a court case is now seditious, but the truth cannot wait for dictators to sing the song for us. We will prevail and from 1ST FEBRUARY 2012, be on the look out for a new bulletin, weekly and online sharing the truth only.

It has been a painful five months since 23rd September 2011, when we last saw our great freind and comrade Late Robert Chasowa- May His Soul Rest in Eternal Peace, Vice President of the New Vision Youth Organisation (NVYO). We will still speak the truth, seek the truth and reveal the truth.

The Leadership of NVYO was arrested, threatened and many think the organisation is dead. We will rise again and those that fear the truth, WE SAY run, hide but we are now more organised and more capable than yesterday.

Chasowa's girl friend paying last respect during the funeral of the slain university students

We will not rest until those who murdered our friends simply account for every drop of his blood, as we fear no evil, hear no evil and will defeat evil with the truth.

In this last letter is dedicated to the struggle to find out who killed Robert Chasowa (MHRSIP) and to bring to the attention to the general public that one BLACK MOSES is not, and has never been part of the work of our fallen Freind. The facts are as follows:

1. Black MO was arrested for desition for being found with Weekly Political update, he is a President of Youth For Freedom and Democracy. The media has wrongly potrayed the late Chasowa as a Vice President of the grouping. He was a member of the New Vision Youth Organisation.

2. At no time, when members of the NVYO met the Malawi Police Service Inspector General Peter Mukhito in Lilongwe or his Commissioner Mr. Jose was BLACK MO available or a party to any discussions that came afterwards. We have been suprised of his many claims he has made potraying himself as in-charge of the whole operation.

3. Black MO, only came into limelight after he was re-arrested after his sedition charges. His only involvement with us, is that the update was attributed to the group, which is yet to be proved.

4. After his release Black Mo has never sort a permission from the Family or any group associated with the late Robert to speak on their behalf or make any negotiations. The group members are waiting out their court cases before making official statement.

5. It is appaling that Black MO has used the name of the deceased leader as a publicity stunt, moving from one Embassy in Lilongwe to another wishing to be given asylum, claiming threats and using his own confession talking to the Police whether formally or informally. How can we trust him on his alleged conservation with Mukhito, when he they call each other alone?

6. Our late freind and fighter Robert (MHRSIP) never had any criminal record unlike Black MO whose run ins with Police are numerous and cannot be a representative of the fighters like our departed hero.

7. Apart from Black MO, there are many NGOs who spoke when Robert was murdered but they only used the name to get attention to themselves. During the burial at HHI we saw many crying crocdile tears, many politicians wanted a cheap fame and we have been proved right, they have all gone quite and back to their work after using his death to get more funding. The family has been totally left alone to search for answers- shame on all of you.

We wish to sincerely thank the Malawi Human Rights Commission for its quest to find the truth, we wish to condemn those that used the Late Roberts name to make fame for themselves.

This is the last Weekly Political Update, get ready for real news every week without fear or favour.

John Chilembwe did not die in vain

Robert Chasowa did not die in vain

Stop using his name in vain BLACK MO and others.

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