What is integrity and fuel as compared to life?

Petrol or diesel, both fuels, you can add paraffin to the list, do make the world go round. I have just been around Lilongwe’s City Centre only to see a beautiful array of all manner of vehicles parked strewn strings from gas stations (filling stations) snaking to wherever the last vehicle feels comfortable to join.

And someone told me the confusing information that the petroleum control body, whatever you call it, says these woos are far from over. Reminded me of one Grain Malunga, an ex-minister of energy in the government of late Bingu wa Mutharika.

Unlike his ferocious fallen leader, Malunga was straight talking when he asked Malawians to just get used to the queues and of course, gas run outs along the streets. And unlike new lady on the block, Malunga swayed discussion on the streets of Malawi, gravel or tarmac, that for
once someone was telling the naked truth.

Would Lady Awards JB do that? Nope. Nada, by any chance. She told Malawians she was the queen of no-queues, whatever kind, but just about eight months down the line here we are again. Talk about beating one’s own drum!

And that is where for me integrity and fuel must not be mixed. Whatever they are both capable of doing to an individual; I strongly feel my life deserves better than some woman trying to compete with some dead man. And yet  again, some old lass competing with some little
immature boy-ling.

Malawi is not about competition or outshining each other at the decision making level. It is not about JB’s lieutenants shouting whore at immature Austin Atupele Muluzi of the shoddy Change Agenda. Nope. It is not about JB working sweats against hard-at-talk Peter Mutharika and indeed over his departed brother (MHSRIP). Malawi is neither about globetrotting, hero-praising nor is it about making funny statements from the opposition galleries.

Malawi is about my life and poor Malawian’s lives.

Malawi is about a well fed people. We need all the basic needs we can, including subsidized fertilizer and seed. Malawi is about an educated citizenry, regardless of regions or whose child one is. Malawi is about readily attainable education services across the political, regional, religious and cultural divide. It is about that Rasta’s child getting an education just as that Sheiks and Bishops sister can get that equal opportunity.

Malawi is about freedom of speech, that which is responsible and does not tread over the other’s boundaries. So yes, Malawi is not about irresponsible journalism when it is the opposition nagging and professional media when it is the government press throwing stones.

Malawi is not about the give n few going or getting diplomatic posts as it is not for the majority poor missing on a singular tambala to get salt on their table.

As a woman, joining Rasta-woman Rita Marley who just made awards in the motherland, is about freedom and emancipation from the powers that govern us without regard for the most basic needs of our lives.

Integrity or not, I need my food on the table. I need my education on a roof that does not leak. I need a home where I can equally and comfortably contribute to national development.

I need water, clean water, that can save me from cholera and any other opportunistic diseases, I need electricity and power that does not abruptly stop in the middle of a delivery or that delicate medical operation in the theater – the ICU.

I need fuel, yes, I need movement and I need that power!

For all the ha ha ha’s I have chorused out this half of the year, I do not care who is president and who is minister and who is the influential chief. I don’t care about abbreviations such as JB, AA,
and all that you can bring on the political platform.

All I care about is my life – and that is a life any and every poor Malawian should enjoy.

We cast vote and our vote counts. Our vote must rule our lives, and our votes must not be used to violate the most basic of our needs.

So go ahead with that food distribution exercise – but remember, it is better to teach a leper to fish than to receive the fish all his life.

Yes, go ahead and abandon that ministerial position for being called names –Kenyan  but remember, even the true and fantastic Barak Obama has had his a… put on billboards and his Kenyan village ridiculed for all American democracy can handle. (Very childish AA – ditching the
boat for that sill reason) ha ha ha ha!

How in the world could they christen that tiny suckling kid Malawi’s Obama? Some serious growing up needed here. (Kunyanyala zimenezo ndiye zitakhala za Lake Malawi ndi Tanzania mungatani inu? Kikikikikikiki!)

And of course yes, remember you may be some oldest party’s longest serving leader, but please bear in mind you have caused only more suffering than any good with your selfish leadership style and ego.

Hey, I want a Malawi I can live without speaking about straight shortcomings from the leadership from all political parties in Malawi put together.

I am a simple woman laughing, ha ha ha ha! When really I should be crying for all the suffering that our politicians are causing the lot of us.

Its not about the integrity or the fuel that matters more to me. It is about my life, and there is no better political party pout there trying to make every Malawian’s face light up with a genuine smile. We are either following one political party or the other simply to get the minute bread crumbs falling off their tables just to make a our day, day after day, tick till God beckons us.

So dimwits stop the rubbish fighting and develop Mother Malawi! Am tired of this s…..!

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