Who accused Peter of being Gay? Letter from Sapitwa

First things first, its strange that most of the angry reactions to this letter charge that we are supposedly are journalists, or well paid by Orange camp or something to close to “mbatata”, uneducated or worse we simply don’t exist.

To quote the famous philosopher Rene Descartes  Cogito ergo sum “I think, therefore I am”. So as to who we are, do not be worried, neither a journalist are we nor we are Orange inclined. We just view things from the top of the mountain. But we appreciate all feedback, you can suggest topic for us to write on if you want, we will write.

The challenge is that we have 4 letters to Orange camp, but every day, something comical happens in another camp which deserves greater attention than regurgitating things already said. Take last week for example, we wanted to talk of President Joyce Banda’s boycott of debate by looking at the quality of the debate, instead the debate (which The Nation analyst said it was not really a debate but repetition of one idea in a chorus such as universal subsidy without anything new) to us just added a new word in our bad mouthing political vocabulary “mbatata.”

Peter Mutharika: Comments on his sexual orientantion
Peter Mutharika: Comments on his sexual orientantion

If you checked on Facebook, mbatata became the most shared picture and the word was used close to 400,000 times. Seriously we had to look at this than talking of JB missing. In short the whole debate had become a “mbatata gathering.”

We are labouring to answer those who believe we focus on one group and leave the other. But look this week again, when we were finishing our write up, someone called us on Sapitwa and told us to read Malawi Voice, the faithful DPP mouthpiece, the heading was “Peter denies Gay rumours.”

We searched all news sites that claim to be Malawian, all tweet accounts and of course monitored FB, one question where was this Gay allegation made, and by whom and if it was there, when was it made and was it worth a response?

You see, the matter has now been debated in all forums, as if we are close to legalising homosexual relationships which our Muslim brothers want it banned and people executed for their sexual preference.

From Sapitwa, the announcement from Peter that he is not “GAY” has just fuelled the debate, and rightfully as many have observed, it will just overshadow the whole campaign, as cynics will just amplify it and the denial will be examined thoroughly as is being denied.

You see from the mountain top, our first question is, does the DPP media strategists really love Peter or they want to destroy the 74-year-old Tate by making him look like the other side of popular

In journalism and official statements there is saying “Nobody believes in a rumour until it is officially denied!” Now the problem with this denial was done on Malawi Voice an online publication, the debate will go wider just like the green card useless debate, that the old Professor will be compelled to address a presser just to refute this “malicious and unfounded allegation.”

As you can tell, the allegations are unfounded, they are just a rumour and attacks from his opponents. The Professor was married for 30 years, happily married, he fulfilled his conjugal rights and duties as the bible commanded “to fill the world” and he did his share of  children.
Like their brilliant Father, they all dutifully became lawyers, not only just lawyers like Ralph Kasambara’s, John Gift Mwakhwawa or some Noel Chalamanda’s who only know the Malawian law, but these are International Lawyers, and very successful.

“There is no reason to advertise when my Children visit me,” The Professor charges. And indeed who would want to subject his children to public scrutiny with Malawians new found freedoms where they will comment on everything or find fault in these successful barristers.

As a good, loving father, the Professor is not Madonna to show off children like trophy acquisitions and his utterly justified with such position. We at Sapitwa are in agreement with it, leave his children
out of politics, we know how John Tembo’s children or JB’s children were denied work because of their parents. But hey these are not looking for miserable kwacha’s they are International lawyers for heaven’s sake.

You see, the contradictions in the rebuttal are the ones we have a problem with, and we would really appreciate a press briefing with Zodiak, Nyasa Times, Capital Radio and Nation and Daily
Times in attendance for his to clarify some of the missing information, since he is keen to talk of sexual orientation, and assure Malawians that we are not going to have a “First Lady in trousers.”

We are confused on the following:

  1. Since he does not have to advertise his children which we would agree, why would he release photos of Moyenda and a very old family photo which has unclear faces? Did he not consider it exposing the children to these enemies of his would be very bad as the irresponsible press might want to track and speak to them?
  2. 2.      Some mathematics are not adding up, you see this year the Professor will be 75 years of age. You were married for 30 years, and then you have been a widower for 30 years, meaning 60 years. Then you are remaining with 15 years of your life. We are not mathematical geniuses but for sure, the maths is not adding up, either you were married at
    15, but from your own mouth in the past you were in Tanzania in the 1960’s around 25 years of age and you met your dear wife (May the Lord Bless her soul) in the USA not somewhere at Karioko market in Dar es salaam? No?
  3. 3.      In an interview with the Daily Times of 2011, soon after your brother’s wedding to Callitsa, you indicated that you had found someone and the wedding was slated for December that year, because you had found someone after long time, now you have repeated the same? Is it the same one that has taken you three years or this one is the
    “new” one and you have decided to wed later again after campaigning?
  4. 4.      Finally, what is your position on homosexuality? Clearly Malawians, like many Africans, many Americans (yes there is a huge protest movement that saw the overturning of California legalisation of gay marriage) and even in UK where the church is still fighting. You see you can’t just deny the rumour, but you should make your position clear.

As indicated, we really did not want to ask these questions, but you have opened the debate with that denial and we would like to help in clearing some of this misinformation that your enemies or perceived enemies always try to throw at you.

You see, the problem is that Malawians will be horrified at the thought of electing a GAY President into State House, so sometimes just “impregnating a woman” than engaging in denials will help fight
these allegations away.

Comrade Robert Mugabe had a child in his late sixties, Daniel Phiri, your loving brother married someone 40 years younger than him. You see it works, age aint nothing but a number. Otherwise, it is our wish that our campaign is issue based and these rumours, from uncultured youth on Facebook should just be ignored.

Perhaps, you could release another “FAMILY PICTURE” with the Children visiting you in Malawi, a selfie would be convincing. The ones you gave Malawi Voice are quite old and unclear, they have some white people who we are not sure if they are part of your “dear family.”

Finally, the Old Professor was caught on tape (according to these unruly rumour mongers) gossiping with a “good friend” Charles Mchacha, and at times was seen to have loved “Billy Kaunda music so much that he invited him to his house and Cabinet” and he is extremely close to his trusted and loyal aide “Ben Phiri.”

You see, you don’t have to answer these smear campaigns, but it could help, as you have voluntarily and wilfully (according to our two tambala knowledge of legal language) started explaining or rejecting these “evil rumours.”

The problem is that nobody accused Professor Tate Peter Mutharika of being GAY, he rejected something Malawians have no idea what he was talking about. After all he is happily, almost engaged to Balaka North former MP Ex-Honourable Getrude Maseko, we have seen the kisses at
airport, dance at Mulhako wa Lhomwe and we are convinced, that she will make a good First Lady not some invisible man we don’t know yet.

You see the denial reminded us of an old story of someone who was travelling with his father in law and his two naughty sons in a car. Near Kamuzu Central in Lilongwe or Naperi river in Blantyre a sceptic tank had been broken for years, and every time one drove past it, the smell filled the car. Unfortunately the father-in-law breathed a quite one, but filled with eggs, bacon, beans and potatoes he had had for breakfast. You guess is as good as ours, it was thick cloud in the

The father-in-law looked sternly at the kids, and then at his son in law and charged, “next time don’t feed Jonny too much eggs, he is polluting the car!”, the son-in-law nodded in agreement, but Jonny
protested, “Daddy it’s the sceptic tank here, its broken” the angry Father-in-Law busted, how dare you call me a “Sceptic tank!” he slapped the poor boy to the protest of his daddy.

By the time they reached home and explained to his wife what had happened, that we passed through that smelly broken sceptic tank and the apongozi did not understand, the Father-In-Law was embarrassed, he had revealed that he was the one who had breathed the thick not-so-refreshing clouds.

The moral of the story, sometimes smelling it quietly, or hearing it without responding helps matters that opening a can of worms which only damages your relationship with the very same people you are trying to convince otherwise.

Rumours, for the poor DPP media strategists remain rumours until denied. Now our question again, who said Peter was GAY? If you can find one, we will be happy to hear the answers, otherwise “chule anadabwa mmadzi muli mwake” we now are totally are confused, more questions raised than answers.

….Nothing personal, hopefully we can get them quickly, voluntarily and wilfully……

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