Who really knows Peter Mutharika’s name? …Letter from Sapitwa

The truth be told, every sane person wants to do away with the elections. The winner is clear and we at Sapitwa we can’t wait to write, we told you so. You see, early 23rd of May, 2014, God willing that we are all alive, we will be hearing of a swearing in ceremony. You guess is as good as mine, President Joyce Banda will win the elections.

Today we have decided to focus on why ABCD will fail and why Joyce Banda will win this election. If you are not in agreement with our assessment, wait for 20th May, 2014 that is when you will realise that we have eyes, very good eye sight than even Reverend Lazalo Chakwera, yes the man who dumped God’s calling for worldly riches.

You see, God, for those of us who believe is a God of order. He is not a confused man that he would call you first to bring his lost sheep to his kingdom, and later change his mind that you should be part of earthly kingdom. Jesus clearly stipulates, To Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser and to God what belongs to God. He adds on later, you cannot serve two masters at once. Reverend Chakwera abandoned his calling and oath to pursue the earthly calling. He stopped worshipping God and allow omen to praise and sing for him. In the book of Deuteronomy he clearly states, do not praise or worship anything on any, or create anything in likelihood of worship.

Mutharika : DPP leader
Mutharika : DPP leader

We would challenge anybody who has been to theological school, especially with a doctorate, if praise singing by fellow humans of a human being is not idolatry. Furthermore, Reverend Chakwera has promised Malawians to declare his assets, the same with United Democratic Front’s Atupele Muluzi. We are waiting for that promise to come early. We want equally the source of financing which is very critical in assessing what happens after elections if we vote for you.

Declaring that you have K1 billion does not mean anything, we want to see how you accrued the wealth and who is financing your campaign if you are committed to transparency. We look forward to the publication and this letter is available to be used to publish the sources.

Today we will not comment anything on empty promises everyone has been making. For MCP it is Universal Subsidy in an era where the 400,000 tonnes of fertiliser that we consume each farming season would cost Government anything between K200 to K300 billion. For reminder MRA
collects only around K450 billion annually or thereabout, meaning Government, if it implements subsidy there will be no salaries for anybody, save for us to grow tobacco or maize without stable markets.

This theory as examined is a lie. Malawians heard this before with John Tembo, they did not vote for him, its difficult for anyone to lie that they would spend K200 billion on Universal subsidy when every sectors is struggling. Before May 20, we would agree to an explanation of how the K17, 000 per 50kg bag would be subsidised for every one without killing off service delivery.

Apart for the chorus of Universal Subsidy and the rushed desperate promise that in five years we will do away with donors, we find the MCP short of any more new promises or tricks to win elections. There manifesto is vague on details and it fails to commit itself to basic things like freeing MBC, Human Rights and of course the economic aspects of the country, apart from Agriculture and new old faces faces from elsewhere, the party has no hope of making it. There are 36 constituencies it could not identify any Malawian to stand for it.

Reverend Chakwera, he can as well as start rehearsing his speech as a Leader of Opposition.
Then we come to the United Democratic Front. It theme Agenda for Change was very exciting. Everyone wants change, even in marital life nowadays it’s rare to find families who wedded in the 2000 plus years still together or not any of them having a side kick.

UDF, apart from putting money in pockets which his Daddy, the great Political Engineer did quite well handing out K50s into our pockets while pocketing K1.7 billion for himself. You see putting
money into pockets literally works for the UDF.

Of course the DPP, which pays lots of young men in offices across the cities to be writing on Facebook and insults here would not want to hear any more from us. To them we are evil, paid for by Oranges. Well, in life you could be anything you want that is why Malawians voted for
democracy in June, 1993. The holiday that was abolished by kambuku (he gave himself) chitsulo cha njani Daniel Phiri (the last one given by his loving Brother, Wife and Kids after he died) in favour of
celebrating a dictators birthday. How unique, we abolished the day to celebrate return to our freedom and opt for a dictator, We are not sure if decisions were made over whisky or something.

Let the dead lie, but before that out of curiosity, does anybody have he name Professor Tate Family Man Peter Mutharika was using before he changed his? I am interested, he was not surely born Peter Mutharika.

His brother was born Webster Ryson Thom, surely Peter must have been something like Peter Ryson Thom. You see, he wants to be the President of the Republic, to eat, enjoy and guzzle whisky paid by our taxes. Nothing wrong, but surely nobody can tell you they know the man, what he does stand for, or think or even how much of his late brother Daniel Phiri’s decisions he participated in.

Listening to the Law Professors at Chancellor College or even Dr. Cassim Chilumpha, they are articulate in any language, one would wonder why some American Professor, is not articulate at all even in English. Dr. Lazalo Chakwera, who only went to study for a number of years, actually sound more American than someone who had to abandon his green card in a hurry.

We know that MCP, DPP killed. We knew Daniel Phiri aka Bingu aka Webster had a fake PhD and a Chinese professorship granted overnight, that he liked flashy things and spending a lot that’s why he was booted from Comesa.

But seriously, if you asked anything what does this Professor stands for, nobody can tell you. All we know or we are told, he is the late Daniel Phiris brother, he was married at the age of 15 to someone
whose photo is scarce, has three children, all lawyers, he had a green card, he did not want to be DPP presidential candidate despite being caught on tape gossiping to lie to Malawians that it was the people, that he has been dating a woman he was supposed to marry in 2012, oops we mean in 2014 after elections.

Of course he dreams of flying into the helicopter once again when he wins and that he loves free things from Government. Imagine he bought an MHC house in Nyambadwe for a song and the Lilongwe Mayors house. We will not be surprised when he buys Sanjika or another Government
The man cannot tell you he had friends when he was growing up either Malawians or not, nobody simply does not remember him until he appeared on the brother’s side and was almost shoved into our throats by the handclappers.

Seriously we are looking for those who know who Peter Mutharika was before he became a Mutharika, where did he grow up, any peers, which primary schools did he go, remember Daniel Phiri showed us his teacher once and of course what does he really stand for on constitution after
the disdain to it shown by his brother, human rights and freedoms, gay rights, nepotism, and many isms that the DPP left every sane Malawian angry of himself for voting.

Does he go to church, or does he believe in God? Nobody can answer me these questions, if you can please start posting, we are trying to write the profile of this man. We have too many unanswered questions. You see, when we go to the ballot, these are questions we normally ask, then we decide who to vote for.

Between the four main contenders, President Joyce Banda’s record on the economy is clear, she took the reforms nobody, even a professed economic engineer could not dare, today the economy is growing. Today, we are not longer and international pariah, neither do we have to leave our families and look for fuel 48 years after independence. Today anybody can write anything without fear of intimidation, today people are not being killed during demonstrations nor are we being called tiankhwezule by our own leaders.

Today, we ask, among the four who has experienced to run Government. Whose record do we really know, whose identity do we really know, who really has a caring and giving heart, who really can – bridge the gap between the rich and the poor- the source of our huge population being
in poverty, who really can make non tribalistic appointments, who really can listen to our anger and joy like a servant not a ruler.

If you know the person, you can answer the question, if you are honest, we know only one honest person, you provide the answer………we will on final day of campaign………..

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