Who said black skin equals empty head?

In 2004, when the leadership of this country changed hands, hunger was a song throughout the country. In fact, we had just survived as a nation from the 2001/2002 hunger that severely struck the entire nation and had left a good number of Malawians dead. The sorry part of the story is that, while people had some money, there was no market where they could find our staple food, maize, or its products for sale. It really was disaster. There is one thing I will not forget from the memories of those days. Our last born sister, when she saw me, she always cried, “where is rice brother?” That was the only substitute, which was even rarer than diamond.

When President Dr. Bingu wa Muntharika got to the helm of Malawi’s leadership through UDF and then formed his party, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Malawians were in for surprises.

The inflation rate became single digit. An outline of several roads to be constructed was soon known (and we have seen the plan being implemented over time). The subsidy program was re introduced replacing the free agricultural input starter packs program of Dr.  Bakili Muluzi’s era, duty on IT machines got removed. Several grain storage silos have been built in Mangochi, Phalombe and in Mzuzu on top of those built by the first President, Dr. H. Kamuzu Banda.

In short, several major positive developments were seen. These were strides taken so bravely with an aim of achieving what people voted him for as the President of the Republic of Malawi.

When we came to 2009, nations elsewhere clapped hands for what Malawi had achieved under the leadership of President Bingu wa Muntarika. It was a song in almost all the important world meetings and the President received a lot of honors from different Schools and Organizations.

That was no mean achievement and I applaud the President for that. I know that one head cannot lift a roof and that means although the goal scorer is the one who receives much applause, the team, should equally feel that they are sharing the same.  To me, the team is the whole set of leaders which were elected by the electorate to represent them in parliament.

Elections period arrived and Malawians had no problems choosing who should lead them for another five years.  Bingu wa Muntharika won with a landslide victory.

In a country where people used to beg for yellow maize from USA, they finally had more than enough white maize which could be exported with comfort. On that Chief Mbelwa, saw no other honor that befitted Muntharika, than a heroic Ngoni Title, Ngwazi.

The re-elected President promised fireworks in as far as development was concerned and he usually preached in his Thank You for Your Vote rallies that in the term into which he was ushered, all development proposals that gets into parliament will be receiving an overwhelming YES!

Did that happen? Sure enough! But that’s where problems began to shoot up. That YES was going even towards what some local and international NGOs called the passing of Draconian Laws. Unfortunately for mere people like me, who only have access to what is exoteric in politics cannot understand why some battles are fought until our eyes are opened.

We really have problems which we are facing as a nation right now. The two major, are the Forex shortage and Fuel scarcity.  My friend James Mponela ascribed the intensive construction projects which we are having as being one of the causative agents of these two major problems. I tend to agree.

But what caught my attention is what our President said at Goliati in Thyolo where he was opening a newly constructed road there. He said he would not bow to pressure on things he knows are right but someone thinks he is not just because of his skin color.

Now, that’s a helluva issue to be tackled on one page like this one. I am a Cushite. Fact! No one will ever change that. This race of black skin has received all sorts of ridicule from our friends of other colors. This continent has been called the Dark Continent and the African just remained quiet.

Do I need to remind our friends that according to the oldest records of all time, the first leader to have built a city was Nimrod, the Cushite? Do I need to remind you that in the recent past, in the history of USA, the first person to get a distinction in Law Studies was a black who is now a leader fighting the economic crisis whose mess was facilitated by his precedent white President? Do I have to remind you of our old grandpa Mandela who knew what solves a crisis more than the whites knew? Do I have to mention Martin King Luther King Jr., a public figure who gave a speech that has been voted


Best Speech of the 19th Century?

Do I really have to exhaust all the lists of black political leaders, musicians, religious leaders, business magnets, and all those other categories to punch it in your head that there is nothing the skin achieves on its own. Who told you that white skin is superior? Who said that black skin equals empty head?

If indeed what Bingu said is what is really happening esoterically, then I can echo his blasts; to hell with your donations you whites. That does not mean that we won’t struggle economically. No! But I can assure every donor that Malawi will not disappear because some racist people just want to show that there is nothing good that can come out of a black person.

We have our little resources and we don’t deny that fact. But we, as a people, need the same respect every person has a right to. In this era of globalization, I thought we could regard each other as brothers and sisters, not at Blacks or Whites or Hispanics etc. Why is it that despite the claim that the west is the most civilized, the acts from that side pretty shows they are way back from being civilized? Helping each other should be done with good intentions, nothing more nothing less.

We suffered you in the Agrarian era. We forgave you. We know you take that for a weakness. You are wrong however. We are peace loving Africa but when we get hurt, reaction is inevitable. If you think you have nothing to do with Africa. Just say it loud and let’s see if you can survive another century. Respect me for what I can do not how I look.


*Medicine A. Dazilone (Bachelor of Science)

Central poultry 2000 Ltd

Trainee Manager

[email protected]

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