It will take a miracle to transform Malawi to the level of Rwanda

During his recent budget consultation meeting in Blantyre, the Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe was quoted as saying the Malawi economy is recovering.

President Oeter Mutharika and Rwanda’s Paul Kagame

But he blamed the media for negative reporting about the economy and the success of the Peter Mutharika administration. Obviously, what the minister said is wrong perception.

It does not necessarily mean that the success of neighbouring countries such as Zambia and Tanzania is due to positive reporting by their media. It does not need a genius to know that the media reports what everyone can see and experience.

There is no country in the world which has or can develop simply by the media positive reporting. In fact, it is the other way round. The country has to show progress first, then the media reports or talks about it.

Meanwhile , the blame game continues between the Mutharika administration and the media. This has also been extended to social/ political researchers in the country.

These researchers have lately come up with results which show that politicians, including President Mutharika, are the least trusted. The President has trashed the results.

However, before the dust had settled, the researchers had also found out that the much talked about public reforms lack innovation and government is faulted on this. As if this is not bad enough, the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has come up with a statement, saying President Mutharika has failed.

Among other things, they say poverty is simply getting worse, corruption is being institutionalised and government seems to have no vision or capacity to save Malawi.

Obviously, the President has blamed PAC for being political and saying things which are not correct. While the President has the right to his opinion, as a leader, there is need for him to assess the real situation that the country is in at the moment.

The so-called improved economy should tally with reality on the ground, who does not know that Malawians are still suffering?

The cost of basic needs is escalating all the time, jobs are still scarce, and the gap between the rich and the poor is widening and so is the inequality in various sectors, and the list goes on.

Above everything else, corruption has been left scot-free that even government elites, who are supposed to stop it, have joined the corruption gangs.

Therefore, is there a sign of an improved economy in Malawi? At some African Union discussion with the theme ‘The Africa we want’, president Kagame talked about how he transformed his country Rwanda from the genocide of 1994 to be one of the most developed in Africa.

At that meeting, the former president of Tanzania, Benjamin Mkapa pointed out that most countries are failing to develop because of selfish leaders who just think about themselves on the seat they are in, here and now. Leaders at the meeting agreed that there is need for selfassessment.

The above situation is very true even here in Malawi. People know very well about what type of Malawi they want.

But if they continue to have leaders who deliberately have no time to do selfassessment of their poor performance and change, the successful Malawi that everyone wants will never be achieved.

It is well known that leaders like praises for imaginary successes. With such immature habits, it will take a miracle to transform Malawi to the level of Rwanda.

If the leaders are too comfortable from the spoils of government and find no reason for selfassessment, they should at least listen to the voice of reason from the other quarters.

Being in denial of a failed leadership is not helpful at all to the country.

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7 thoughts on “It will take a miracle to transform Malawi to the level of Rwanda”

  1. winston msowoya says:

    Mr Gonapamuhanya,are you normal in your head? Do you know the meaning of DEMOCRACY? Do you realise that people died in order to establish democratic norms in our country and yet you encourage the present regime to follow Malawians of integrity who are outside and get rid of them,why? Iam made to believe that you are from a different world person I have ever heard of.Let you be informed that,come what may,democracy is in Malawi to stay,you fool.

  2. Mgonapamuhanya says:

    Malawi does not need a miracle to develop to the level of Rwanda. All it needs is a dictator like Kagame who does not tolerate mediocre journalism and voice of dissent. Kagame pursues enemies of the state to their countries of asylum. That should be introduced in Malawi you will see the speed at which development will take place.

  3. winston msowoya says:

    It is extremely unthinkable that Malawi under such incompetent and tribalistic leadership will catchup on Rwanda’s economic marvelous trend.Who would think five years ago,that the tiny African nation with limited resources,would wakeup economically and politically after horrendous tribal war triggered by the majority Hutu uneducated thugs like others in Africa needless to mention their names.Mind you,there is no difference between tribalism and racism in the sense that,both are evil and destructive.In Rwanda,when the majority HUTUS provoked tribal war against the minority Tutsi,but highly educated and hard-working thought that the Tutsis will be wipedout from our planet,but the ramifications astonished the entire world the way the minority Tutsis stood their ground with fearlessness and and trust to God.The ratio of fighters was one Tutsi Soldier-four Hutu Soldiers,but the Rwandese fighters controlled the conflict bravely and competently.Mind you,Tutsis-Hutus speak the same language (dialect) CHINYARWANDA.The conflict lasted almost 9 months and inflicted heavy casualties almost 800.000 innocent people perished on both sides and the economies of both countries were completely destroyed beyond repairs.As of now,the Rwandese economy is one of the best in the Continent that you can not compare with the Malawian rotten economy whose country has never fought any war since independence 53 years ago.Apparently,the cause of the deadly conflict was that the HUTUS accused the RWANDESE OF LOVING THEMSELVES ( AMADZIKONDA)and that they occupy strategic positions in the Government and Parastatal Institutions.The fact of the matter is that,Tutsis are intelligent and hardworking while the Hutus are womanisers,heavy drinkers,jealousy and less educated.It is indeed shameful to witness Malawi’s economy destroying itself and the leaders concentrate heavily in supressing and segregating the Northerners from the rest of the regions.How would the country run its economy efficiently and nationally?There are tons of Malawians of Northern origin in diaspora who are highly educated in different fields,but disinclined to return home due to unfairly treated in their places of work because of their tribal and ethnical affiliations.This sort of miscalculation by leaders from the South and Central Regions,contribute largely on the downfall of the country’s economy which affects not only the Northerners,but also our brothers and sisters in the two Regions.WE MUST WAKEUP AND WASH OUR FACES WITH COLD WATER!!!!!!

    1. Hlabezulu Ngonoonda says:

      Thanks for the comment Mr. Msowoya. It is historical. There are lessons for politicians and parents alike to learn. Hutus introduced hate ideology in Rwanda. Their children were told at an early age to hate Tutsis. Even today hatred still lingers on. Liquidation of Tutsis occurred in 1959; between 1962 and 1967. It displaced many. By the end of the 1980s some 480,000 Rwandans had become refugees, primarily in Burundi, Uganda, Zaire and Tanzania. They continued to call for the fulfillment of their international legal right to return to Rwanda. However, Juvenal Habyarimana, then president of Rwanda, took the position that population pressures were already too great, and economic opportunities too few to accommodate large numbers of Tutsi refugees. The genocide of 1994 decimated 75% of theTutsi population. More than 6 men, women and children were murdered every minute of every hour of every day.

      My contribution Mr. Msowoya is that, firstly, in Africa, multi–ethnic societies are less charitable and less able to cooperate to develop public infrastructure. Besides, ethnically diverse groupings spend a smaller portion of their budgets and less on public services than do the more homogenous groupings. Secondly, people have a genetic tendency to easily learn at a very tender age ethnic attitudes and psychological mechanisms that lead to prejudice, nepotism and discrimination as illustrated by acts of the Hutus. Although that these exist in any society, they start from families and is fuelled by peer pressure. Instead of politicians strongly condemning these practices through civic education and passing pieces of legislation to eliminate their propagation, they just nurture them. Rwanda is making progress to remove psychological mechanisms that lead to prejudice, nepotism and discrimination among children at a very tender age.

  4. M Makala says:

    Ndikudabwa ngati mayi mkamanga ndinu mmalawidi. Mukukayika bwanji popeza inu nsi mzika yadziko lino? Nsiusindo wanu kuwonetsetsa kuti zimene anena anduna zitheke. Ndale mupangabe mtsogolo tikayansikira chitsankho cha 2019.

  5. MANYI says:

    When jb took over from BINGU THINGS STARTED


  6. Mulopwana says:

    Mayi timakuziwani simungayamikire DPP kwanu mkunyoza basi .if you say government should listen the voice of reason you mean listening from losers of the 2014 elections? Amayi , Malawians said no to these Nyakula party and the tribalistic politicians like u Mum who always see nothing good about DPP . Wait 2019 with your GOOD ADVICE and then you ll implement them if you are voted into power.THIS IS THE TIME FOR DPP okay!

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