Wizards caution over Mulanje Park usage

Premier Bet Wizzard have expressed concern over usage of Mulanje Park by other teams following a ground crisis that has hit Southern Region. Wizards chairman George Kapachika said the team signed an agreement with Mulanje District Council and among others they invested in the ground.

Covered stand of Mulanje Park

“I would like to express my concern following the high demand of Mulanje Park ground by Super League teams. What they should know is that it was easy for us to be accepted after negotiations,” Kapachika said.

“We signed an agreement which required us to make a significant contribution to ensure that the ground is in good shape.”

His concern comes after the recommendations by Football Association of Malawi (FAM) to ban Kamuzu Stadium due to poor conditions of pitch. This has led to most Blantyre based teams rendered homeless including giants Nyasa Big Bullets, Might Be Forward Wanderers, Blantyre United and Azam Tigers scrambling for venues outside their base.

Red Lions are also destitutes after their home Zomba Community Centre Ground undergoing massive renovations.

Nyasa Big Bullets face Civil Sporting Club in the TNM Super League at Nchalo Stadium which is not also in good condition.

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5 thoughts on “Wizards caution over Mulanje Park usage”

  1. shibobo says:

    malume mukufunika mupite nokha kuboma mukafotokoze..chifukwa apa nde malo achepatu…ma stadium omwewa???

  2. youna says:

    Koma zoona tikulephera kukonza BAT ndi Chilomoni? Kodi aMalawi timaganiza bwanji?! We claim to love soccer but we fail to put our house in order. Tikudikira maChina atikongozenso stadium kumwera kuno? Shame!

  3. Anzijo says:

    Why not renovate BAT stadium as well

  4. Bibo says:

    Is that a balcony of a medieval house or a covered stand of a stadium constructed in the twenty first century? just asking.

    There has been a lot of pomp regarding stadium construction in some districts but I am yet to be impressed with the standard and appealing nature of the constructed stadiums. Looks like stadium construction,like city roads construction, has become an avenue of siphoning government’s money. Construction has to correlate with quality and that signifies seriousness on development endeavors on the part of government.

    Tax payers have been complaining of poor workmanship on road construction, and now I can smell some Cashgate in stadium construction. City roads need to show quality and attractiveness and that is an integral component of a modern city,likewise, stadiums have to be admired and enjoyed by those who patronize them; stadiums play a major role in reflecting a country’s sporting maturity and can be an attraction to tourists.

    The looks of stadiums that have been so far constructed in some districts, remind some of us that local construction firms haven’t graduated yet to be trusted with projects of high profile or magnitude. Companies entrusted with responsibilities to construct stadiums are owned by personalities connected to politicians. You wonder how a non-civil or structural engineering businessman with no expertise in engineering projects and no experience in engineering contracts coupled with non engineering qualifications, can own a construction firm that can construct a stadium, let alone a city road. Malawi deserves better and quality structures.We don’t need mediocrity in cities and districts.

    DPP has been touting itself as a party of development and this needs to be reflected in quality structures in cities and rural areas. We want foreigners to envy and appreciate our international standard structures.From roads to hotels, hospitals, stadiums, airports, schools/universities,and malls,everything has to be born out of quality workmanship.

    I will be one of the loudest trumpeters if the DPP leadership demonstrates its strongest will to change the looks of the country and and ensure that building/construction codes conform to international standards. Shortcuts in construction are not tolerated.Let us follow how the English constructed their stadiums and how the Germans constructed their highways or roads.

    This is a special message to our president Professor APM: Please get rid of corruption and lead Malawi to prosperity and transformation. The country needs to be the talk of other nations in a positive way. Please don’t waste time mocking opposition politicians, but instead show seriousness in combating corruption. You will be respected and leave a lasting legacy if you show true leadership and bring smiles on doubting Malawians. Malawians on the other isle don’t hate you but want you to be more responsible and demonstrate true leadership. Don’t behave like a Raccoon or a demented senior citizen and don’t discriminate. Did you know that those you discriminate against would be the movers and shakers of the country? Why does your government hate Bushiri? Isn’t he a true bonafide citizen of the country who could contribute to the development of our beautiful Malawi? Please Mr/Professor president, embrace all dissenting views and this will make you lead a better Malawi.Finally,we will pray for you if you show signs of a listening and caring president because we want you to succeed and make Malawi a better place to live. May God guide you in leading our country!

    1. i guess you need your own page for your own article!!!!!!!!

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