Woman arrested at Malawi airport after smuggling drugs vehicle head gasket

Days after Malawi Police launched an operation to deal with an ‘epidemic’ of  drug and substance trade across the country, officer at Chileka International Airport  arrested a 34-year-old woman who was found with illicit drugs hidden in a motor vehicle head gasket carried as  spare part.

The woman Velian Duwa was found in possession of Ephedrine, a suspected illicit drug.

The woman arrested at Chileka airport after hiding drugs inside vehicle head gasket

She was coming from India via Addis-Ababa (Ethiopia) to Chileka International Airport on Ethiopian Airlines

While searching the woman’s bags, police found motor vehicle head gaskets. Officers then broke the gaskets and found the drugs.

Duwa was immediately arrested and has since been charged with two counts of being found in possession of suspected illicit drug without permission from the Minister and illegal importation of the suspected dangerous drug.

She is in Police custody at Chileka Police station and will appear before court once police investigations are over.

Duwa comes from village Kankhani in the Area of Traditional Authority (T/A) Kamenyagwaza in Dedza District and holds a Malawian passport number MA849984.

This comes days after a 26-year-old Lilongwe based Malawian man, Riad Randeri, died in Brazil on a suspected drug mission.

Nigerian Ojukwu confessed to have bought the young Malawian an airy ticket to Brazil as his drug courier.

Police have launched a drive to eliminate drug dealing by foreign nationals – mostly Nigerians –  following reports that Malawian youth are being used by drug lords as peddlers of high-value illicit drugs.

Deprivation, peer pressure and lack of job opportunities are cited among factors contributing to the youth involvement in peddling and substance and drug abuse.

A police top detective warned drug dealers that officers were “coming after them”

“We will continue with this, and my message to those supplying these substances  is- we are coming after you. I urge members of the public to contact the police if they are aware of such activity so that we can work with them in an effort to target these dealers,” said the detective who asked not to be named.

Meanwhile, an appeal has been sounded for government and its partners to expedite the passing of laws to regulate drug use and trafficking before more youth are exploited and abused.

Youth should, instead, be given education and employment opportunities to realise their full; productive potential as human capital

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I am surprised that no one has commented on the tribe of this woman. if she was from that region tikanamva pano, paja ………………….pano poti uyu ndiwakumudzi kwanu lero mulichete

Elizabeth Banda

This is a losing battle. The Police and Immigration are complicit. Only one the small Fish are caught. The likes of Chisomo Sangala a allowed to rome freely peddling dangerous drugs on the streets.


The problem is India, they could have X-rayed the bags and found the inconsistencies on the x-ray image. Anyway, she lucky she was arrested on home soil. Asian Countries are very unforgiving when it comes to drugs and foreigners. Last time I heard a Malawian citizen was hanged in Indonesia for drug-related offences

Timothy Trapence Mayaya
Timothy Trapence Mayaya

Nde. Enanu muzitukwana a police. Kugwira kupose apa.?


Worldwide drug cartels are more common in countries where poor governance and corruption are also prevalent.
Everyone who used to listen to MBC radio in the 80s at least knows drug (generals) conmen of the 80s in Mexico, Columbia,
Choosing to look away, hoping the problem will disappear or solve itself is shear naivety. Of course Malawians have a reputation of BLIND royalty on tribal lines and pretending things are okay, whilst they are NOT.
SHAME on mediocrity!!!


1. White odorless powdered or crystalline alkaloid from plants of the genus Ephedra (especially Ephedra sinica) or made synthetically; used as a bronchodilator to treat bronchitis and asthma

Zikomo kumpando


I STOPPED playing games with
Women thesedays –Women can kill someone for money —
Kulimba chiwindi anga wanthu womuna mnzaotu niuja anazipha
Atitibera zathu zamisonkho ujaaa !
Eeeetu Eeeee


Malawians, you think ku India and Ethiopia are fools to let her pass through their airports???????? Please set her free sanaphe munthu

Joseph Banda

What? Customs control is at the airport of destination, not the departure of the intermediary.


ma drug dealer ali mu area 47 ndipo apolice akuwadziwa

Wanyazikhipi Kahamba

Pa Malawi tnchito kusowa, m’mati mzimayi atani? Kodi mankhwalawo vuto lake ndichani? Ngati alibe vuto m’masuleni. Kamangeni Chaponda anaba ndalama zambirimbiri ndi ena amacashgate angoyendayenda m’townmu.


Nyasa Times what’s the point the list u were talking about of asian customers that police have …the police officers have been paid off to not publish the list and not to go after the people involved…ask the so called detective who’s name u don’t wana mention

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