Woman raped in presence of  her husband: Malawi court  jails rapist 14 years

The  Phalombe First Grade Magistrate Court has convicted and sentenced a 31-year-old man Patrick Kamoto to 168 months (14 years) imprisonment with hard labour for raping a 32-year-old woman in presence of her husband.

Sex crime in Phalombe

The incident occurred on the night of 8th January, 2017, court records indicate.

According to the records, on the material day, the victim was fast asleep with her husband when, at midnight, she felt someone was having sex with her. She thought it was her husband but as she woke up, she realized that the man on top of her was not her husband as he was smelling beer.

She then shouted for her husband to help; it was after he woke up when the rapist fled but left behind underwear belonging to his (rapist) wife.

The matter was reported to Nkhulambe Police Unit who managed to arrest Kamoto.

The victim was referred to Nkhulambe Health Center where it was confirmed that she had been raped.

Kamoto, during police interrogation, confessed to have  committed the crime, and he pleaded guilty to the rape charge when he appeared before the Phalombe First Grade Magistrate Court.

In his ruling, First Grade Magistrate, Damson Banda said the conduct of the convict was heartless and poses threat to the life of both the victim and her husband.

He therefore sentenced Kamoto to 14 years imprisonment to deter would be offenders.

The victim cannot be named for legal reasons but the convict  Kamoto comes from Mchenga village, T/A Nkhulambe in the district.

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16 thoughts on “Woman raped in presence of  her husband: Malawi court  jails rapist 14 years”

  1. Mgoloso says:

    Kodi Mkaziyo sanamve kukoma?

  2. Gule says:

    am also surprized, how did the doctor/clinician know that the sperms found in a raped woman were from the rapist? Should it be that the hubyy of the victim did not DO that night? Her in Malawi we need DNA test.

  3. Ngiringinde says:

    Inde inu izitu zimachitika kwambiri azimayi ambiri akugonedwa chonchotu : chenjezo mukamakagona muziyang’ana pansi pa ma bedi anu ndi paliponse pamene munthu atha kubisala, amalowatu inu mukasiya kotsegura mkumadikira mnyumbamo nthawi yoti inuyo mugone. Za pant wa chikaziyo azibambo ambirinso amangovala pant aliyense masiku ano ena samadziwanso kuti kaya ndi wachikazi kapena wa chimuna, Zikomo

  4. jones says:

    Iam very supprised how this puzzle has been solved! We realy do not need qualified medical doctors undergoing forensic medicine course.
    One thing u hear is that the man who raped escaped unrecognised. The other thing i hear is that he left her wifes underwear1, the last thing i hear is the rapist pleaded guilty.
    By the way the husband was not present since he was asleep.

  5. chimpeni says:

    This story doesn’t add up

  6. shangingo says:

    hey ma guy , what a story. I really don’t get it . This story leaves a lot of questions to be answered bcoz in my opinion , the wife knows something which is missing in the story. How could a another enter in house and up to the bed room and do things without the husband noticing. 2. How could a normal woman have sex with a stranger without noticing, people have different body odors and even sex styles differ. for sure this woman should have noticed kuti this is not my hubby.

  7. George says:

    This story leaves a lot of questions unanswered! A woman raped in the presence of the husband! How did the rapist come to the house at that material date at night? Was the woman and the husband also drunkard? The wife must be knowing something behind this. Anyway how did the Magistrete awarded only 14 years to the rapist … only 14 years! why not life sentence? Did the woman go to hospital to confirm that she was not left with HIV or pregnance? This is really laughable.

  8. kwati njeee! says:

    A mystery of traceable underwear sizinati hahahahahah!

  9. Namaliya N. G. says:

    The wife’s pant was chifukwa to protect him from being caught. that is one of the charms used.

  10. In the village people of same sex used to bath in rivers or places where water is found so they are able to know each one’s underwear moreover you are aking or queen have underwear in villages.

  11. Mwakipiki says:

    Ok…evil man! Mahule onsewo iwe basi busy ndi mkazi wa mwini?

    But how were the pants left behind came to be known as belonging to the wife of the rapist such that he was even traced on account of the pants? Was it the husband of the raped woman who identified the pants?

  12. The villager says:

    Really? Something is missing in the story. U mean a man can enter into a house up to the bedroom without the man of the house noticing? Or the woman? Maybe with the help of juju but without that, no way! Or the husband of the raped wife was also drunk? How could u recognise an underwear of someone, things that are put on inside? Hahahahahahahaha! Malawi sadzatheka. Ine dabwiiiiiii!

  13. mary maluwadi says:

    nchiyani kodi amalawi? End of times koma mamunayo nde ngwatulo mpaka kumudyera ali pomwepo

  14. Thinking says:

    I think the matter is concluded…and which legal ground are you hiding the name? You could as well thought of publishing this “fake” on same legal stance.

  15. guantanamo bay says:

    I think all the 3 know each other well. Raping woman in presence of husband? May b all were drunk. The convict must appeal against the 14 yrs sentence. Its too much

  16. Bridget says:

    Galu wa mwini mkaziyo anali ali kuti. Chimkazi chopusa chomangotsegula miyendo chili kutulo osafuna kuthandizira cho kugona kotani mpaka mumthu kuchikwera osafuna kuthandizira.

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