You see faeces, I see gold! Ha ha ha!

Of course you can go ahead and pinch close those nostrils at the mention of faeces. That is the way the majority of Malawians, say even Africans, lose out on billions. Gold!

I am not into practice, but those in the evergreen city of Mzuzu, that northern haven that is slowly losing its environmental touch due to
careless natural resources management of late, will agree with me how one man made his riches. Yes, that is the ‘award-winning’ Mr. Clean for you!

He did not need to go to and attend those great online or correspondent or whatever you call MIM (Malawi Institute of Management) Derby Varsity courses. Nor did he sweat himself toiling some tobacco farm on end on some barren land with exorbitant fertiliser and farm input costs to realise his little Abhi Dhabi.Masinga HA  HA HA

The man had to forget the little smell censors in his nostrils (nose if you like) and made those daring dives into pit-latrines around
Chiputula, Mchengautuwa, and other places dotted in Mzuzu. His mission – emptying filled up faeces-filled latrines.

Today that man has about seven human waste removal tankers, and his house smells much much better than the near-goo smell in most of the so-called smart and well to do homes dotted across Malawi.

With faeces, that man made his millions. He employs a team and walks to the bank smiling, every time adding on his human-waste fortunes.

How about you and me?

We can keep our white collar jobs, even blue collar jobs, and think it’s only our downside that should be concerned about our own waste.

In South Africa, there is a big plant that is churning out Urea fertiliser from the same old urine we love to spill along the streets
of our cities like he-dogs. Yes, the plant can further used to crystalize the urine residue to create Ammonium, and the other waste
from that also goes multiple ways, to make someone millions of Rands.

And you and me?

Yes, we can urinate against all the trees along Chipembere and Paul Kagame Highways and behind each and every other paying public toilet – we barely go into those stinky toilets to relieve ourselves, especially the male folk who believe their pipes are better exposed
anyhow at the call of nature.

How is our waste and sanitation and environmental management? Someone will say, are you seriously asking that question in Malawi? There is no such thing as managing such filth. The toilet, flush, thank you is what we all know. We do not stop to see how our very waste is affecting our sanitary lives. What we know best is “As long as it’s deposited, lest nature take care of it.” Too bad.

This is why we are yet to see how our Mayoral men and women, now that we have had the Councils back into town, will overturn our
environmental misfortunes. Will they pass by-laws that will help create a good environment, essentially? Will they provide the private
sector through the touted Private Public Partnership (PPP) opportunity to better our lives?

Will the Councillors add value to our health lives and perhaps push for enactment or creation of deliberate legal framework, including
what I would love to call the Polluter Pay Principle (another PPP)? Will they take advantage and showcase their skills by promoting the
three Rs (Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle) and ensure that we have designated bins for waste plastic bottles, papers, and all that we
have used and said good bye to?

Now that the First Lady Getrude Maseko-Mutharika also has her brand new child, Beautify Malawi Trust, the councillors and stakeholders (not skirt-holders) have a corridor to reach APM for sanitation support.

How about you and me?

Will we stand tall and raise finger every time your papa is passing urine against some tree or behind some wall? How about attracting the private sector, the business minded, to create special ‘urinate-in-here’ canteens where they can collect as much urine and
cleverly use it in some Kanengo Industrial area to churn out Urea? We need a lot of fertilizer.

And then there is human waste manure, so organic. But a lot of Malawians will say, “…me? Eat vegetables or food with my own shit as
manure? Forget it?” Well, you can go on buying Urine (Urea) and put in your veggies and other food and non-food plants as we enjoy saving our money and using FREE cultured manure. Compost and human waste manure, which does not in any way reflect any lack of hygiene, and is treated in proper waste management process, is the real deal these days.

So go ahead and ‘urinate’ in your veggies garden and realise potential. Hey, it never killed anyone! Not even the Chinese!

I only wonder. Why are we so happy with buying some Europeans’ urine packed in bags for use in our gardens as the exorbitant Urea when we can do just as fine directly – from our own goo? After all, we are the ones who ate and by biological process (digestion) produced the by-product.

My argument could be psychological. Unless we do understand the psyche or human mind and dynamics around that, then can we start to really transform our lives in all sectors of our lives, including education, health, agriculture, sanitation and environment, security, and

Politicians should also be taught to use psychology in their art. They are the first culprits that bring stupid mentalities in a people, only
for personal benefit. Things like hand-outs, subsidies in the likes of FISP, etc., are all but a lazy man’s way of thinking, living, and
doing things.

Time to open up. Conducive psycho-social environment can unleash expected potential in a people. Yes, management of emotions can help reduce failure to control the self. My argument is that we need to embrace psychology because it is everywhere.
Research must also be conducted by our universities which can help our people start to think outside the box. We need out own African research on the psyche, not the good old European one.

There are certain things that may not apply very well from the Europeans point of view into the African context. An African based
psychology research, yes a Malawian-based research into our psychology can reveal wonders. We can transform in less than a day this poverty struck nation.

Just imagine how much urine we could collect and lessen the burden on fertilizer subsidies?

Hell yeah, I see millions and you see faeces!

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