Zikhale returns to front-line politics, joins MCP

Former State House Chief of Staff and aide to former president late Bingu Wa Mutharika, Dr Ken Zikhale Ng’oma has said the regeneration of main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP)  thas given him a direct motivation to get more involved in the politics and has joined the party.

Zikhale: I am member of MCP

In an exclusive interview, with Nyasa Times , the  former People’s Party (PP) campaign director confirmed about joining of MCP.

“Yes its true that I have joined MCP,” said N’goma.

“Infact I have been in the party for a long time. Malawi needs a God fearing leader in the calibre of Dr Lazarus Chakwera, my task is simple and that is make sure that Chakwera takes over the hot seat through the ballot just like Bingu did and it will happen whether one likes it or not,” he said.

News of Zikhale joining MCP has been trending on social media with his business card showing he is MCP strategist going viral.

MCP Deputy Secretary General, Eisenhower Mkaka said the  is currently undergoing rebranding process which encourages open door policy but said the strategist title is not official position in the party.

”He will give advice to the party strategy team; thus it should not be misconstrued that he has taken any political party position,”said Mkaka.

Ng’oma is a renowned political rolling stone in Malawi.

He was in the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), rising to the position of secretary general. After he was sacked, he joined Gwanda Chakuamba and they formed the New Republican Party.

Thereafter, he rejoined the DPP as a mere member because the party then kept him at arm’s length, probably, for not taking his loyalty seriously.

When the DPP lost power due to the death of its founder and Head of State, Bingu wa Mutharika, he was one of those that deserted to the PP, which succeeded the DPP after its founder Joyce Banda became president.

He became the party’s campaign director and its unsuccessful parliamentary candidate in Nkhata Bay South during the May 20 polls.

Zikhale  has been quiet since the eviction of the PP from power when he dumped the party and wanted to rejoin DPP but was rebuffed by the party.


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Kent Y.G. Mphepo
Countrymen, much I understand why some MCP supporters are worried and apprehensive with KZN’s joining MCP, I personally don’t see the reason for them yo think like that knowing that a) MCP is a public entity that needs to serve all Malawians without considering their history, tribe, creed, gender, behaviour, etc. b) in the democratic dispensation personal freedoms are what any group (including political parties) worth its salt needs to embrace. It needs to champion personal freedoms of consience, association, expression, opinion, etc. c) MCP is in a rebranding drive right now. It wants to do things the “unusual” way… Read more »

MCP chonde. You need to scrutinize some these recruits. Some of them could be agents of DPP to come and destroy your party. Surely as you know better DPP is capable of doing that. They can talk all bad things about DPP yet he reports to his master every evening. I am suspicious that we learn somebody has just joined the party and he is already the strategist? Does that make sense? Well you know better than I do, but simply watch out..


Kodi iyi ndi forum ya MCP eti?


Wa usilu uyu dont trust him .. hes too corrupt. Mulandileni koma osamupatsa udindo.. adali UDF kukhala mzake ea chair..Then he has good friend wa BINGU kuchoka kale kale.. walotsa azibale ambiri ku PMF ali chief of staff .. kukondera uyu .. dont give chabce

Malawi Has Spoken phiri
Malawi Has Spoken phiri

UDF/DPP in MCP skin…..laughable


A santana musatinyase apa ndima comment anu opusa, munali kuti the past 2 weeks

Moyenda wa Mpoto

MCP Need People, but some should not be given positions. Watch them they know cash gate very much, so they watch out


He is one such kind of people who have nothing to offer to the country. Tested for long and failed miserably. Any political party serious to change the course of the country needs to sieve the people joining it. MCP has a chance to win from the fustration people have with DDP. However, the party has to give us some minimum hope. We need serious leadership not only desparation to win election.

Joe M

Ngati mmodzi mwa anthu amene tayisunga MCP from 1993 to now, these pple should not I am saying SHOULD NOT COME NEAR THE LEADERSHIP of our mighty party. Let them be ordinary members and dont let them contest for any party position at the convention – the reason being we have not vetted them enough to vie for a position in MCP let alone contest for 2019 parliamentary elections. I will use my connections to convey the message to the leadership. KWACHA wamphamvu!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kenny Zikhale Ngoma, (KZN)
There he goes again and he will push his way into the inner circle of MCP and then be a sell out. Be very carefullooo with KZN. He is dubious and sweet talker. KZN its time to retire into private life. yhoo yhoo CHINEKEOOOO

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