Zimbabwe deports 124 Malawians

About 124 Malawians have been deported from Zimbabwe over the weekend due to lack of proper documentation, Malawi Immigration officials have confirmed.

Deported Malawians from Zimbabwe

This follows their detention in Zimbabwe jails where they were reportedly being harshly treated.

Some spoke of spending three days without food in detention they were being kept.

Malawi Immigration spokesperson at Mwanza border Pasqually Zulu says   there is no any other Malawian national in custody as of now in Zimbabwe prison

“The deported include 23  women,  four are children  and 121 are  men.‎They are from different parts of the country but many of them are from  Mangochi district.” he said.

Zulu said the deported have now been  released upon verification of their  Malawian nationality.


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Sheee,zamanyazi ndithu. Inu ndine mkumangokhala osabweza? Inu aboma muchitepo kanthu.


lets make one Africa lets unite like the US and the other big countries they thout it wise to join and make one world, one currency no passports and moving all the areas freely where are these thouts

the most important aspect of this issue is how they got deported where they raided like they do in joza ,where they stopped searched or raided like in Botswana or they had improper travel documents.if its like so then proper protocols calls for them to deported to home country.if they get stranded cause some one doing trafficking s mission gets aborted then where can they be kept.its so unfortunate the Zim jails are no bed of roses .so its important for us to get proper facts or else the press can lead us astray. you think zim govt has such… Read more »

bwelani kulibe kanthu ku Zimbabwe


lots of Malawians are living safe in zim I’m one of them papers are needed everywhere sorry to the guys


thousands of Malawians are living in Zimbabwe freely I’m one of them papers are needed everywhere very story guys


akuphuzira asiyeni sakudziwa Kut dzikolo ndi landani?akuwona ngat LA Mugabe zot ndi lamulungu adayiwara kale kale.


Zamanyazi,we must pray that God to bless our poor country ,

Govt shud not just sit phwii. They shud also also start deporting illegal immigrants living in Malawi. We have Zambians, Pakistans, Tanzanians, Burundians, Rwandese, Lebanese etc living illegally. The abscence of IDs is not a reason not to identify a foreigner. We live with them in townships and surbubs. The problem with DPP govt is that it does not work, but only knows politicking. The police should move door to door in townships and surbubs to identify illegal immigrants. Journalists should ask minister of home affairs Grace Chiumia when this exercise will start. It is very unfortunate that Malawians are… Read more »
Fathi Alshehaab

well what has come about regarfing 3million ximbabwesns are indeed Malawianz and you are talking of 124…..amenewa anali illegall immigrants amakatani, poyi enafe abale anthu alipo konko phee kudy ma Dollar.. komA kaanthu.kuno slenfo anyanya at least lets chevh thrie identitie, komansi tione osmodzi nfi ma chima ena yamna kugulitds tanaousi ku chilombee/bt, nawondo achoke..have you gone to limbe lately chinese outnumber or inded matvh amwenyetu…

Zander mutiuze
The problem is not Jobs in Malawi. NO investors. In Zimbabwe despite economy there are more Jobs and investors. Look at people deported are Young and many men. Its sad. A young man need to work to get married and support family many can not do that in to days Malawi. And yet APM /DDP say they are developing Malawi. Development in what? Malawians are deported from everywhere. While there are full TZ, Zimbabwean, Kenyans,Zambians, in Malawi withiout legal documents and are doing businesses. They dont even pay Tax. Go to old town market there u will find what Iam… Read more »

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