Zodiak hosts Mutharika in straight talk on issues affecting Malawi 

Privately-owned Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS) recently featured President Peter Mutharika in a special program which was aired on both radio and television seeking clarification on some issues affecting the country.

Zodiak’s Kazako interview President Mutharika

President Mutharika being interviewed on Zodiak

This was the first time for a private media organization to be given an opportunity to interact with the Head of State.

ZBS managing director Gospel Kazako said the media house, which runs a radio and television station, was pleased to be allowed to interview President Mutharika.

“We believe that there should be an interaction between the governors and the governed hence the initiative and we believe that all must be given space to be heard if we are to create an informed nation,” Kazako,  who conducted the interview, said.

Kazako also called for improved media-government relations.

“We also believe that journalism is not violence but a mechanism to obtain information that can assist to demand transparency and accountability from those in power”.

The ZBS boss made the program more of a chat and with meaning conversations as the President looked relaxed and comfortable despite probing questions fired at him.

Among others,  the program tackled issues to do with tthe Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) against a general low perception on the graft-busting body’s ability to fight corruption in the country with with the donor community and civil society organisations already expressing serious concerns..

The leadership at ACB  confessed that the bureau had lost public confidence and that the public mistrust in the bureau was well-deserved due to its shortcomings and weaknesses.

Several commentators have expressed concern suggesting that the graft-busting body “is morally compromised” and its operations were no longer relevant to the society.

Mutharika mainted his vow to fight corruption and ensure that there is no sacred cows.

In response to other questions, President Mutharika appealed for “patience” and understanding as his government is working towards finding solutions to problems bedevilling  the country.


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No questions only electricity and blackouts. Was that intentional


It does not take a space scientist to note that Mr. Kazako tried to share with President Mutharika on the areas he would tackle. Unfortunately , APM is the most incoherent speaker I have ever seen.

To Mr. Kazako: we know that the interview is for your own good. You and your Zodiak are becoming just like MBC. Fotseki wena!!!


What was the content of the interview? I am sure the president waffled throughout the interview. The gentleman is pathetic communicator, and hopeless leader


Bargirl uwiri ozizira ndimwe


A link on youtube please or should be aired on TV again because I missed it. Thumbs up Mr. Kazako.


Great to see ZBS interviewing Mutharika as our Head of State. He is our president for goodness sake. We need to hear him talk about our country and his plans. Thumbs up Zodiak and Kadzako.


Well done ZBS for featuring our President. It’s a great to hear him answer questions and outline his plans.

Fake Petros
This president does not inspire any hope at all. He says he needs more time for what? Does he want more time to loot and devour more or what? President Mutharika has the reputation of giving Malawians false manifesto, promises and high hopes for nothing. His recent narrative of asking Malawians for more patience and time is a clear indication and admission that things are JUST NOT working for him. He has failed to deliver/ struggling to accomplish And he looks at his watch and realises elections are just by the corner yet he has done basically nothing. And now… Read more »
Yahya Yahya Jammeh
I agree with Salatiyere. After all, it does not add up for a managing director to be involved in a technician job, when there are lots of journalists at Zodiak. he did it to look for political favours or else Kazako is looking for cheap popularity. he is behaving like MBC’s Sumbuleta who who is always given a credit for being the Executive Producer when he has literally done nothing. Whay does it have to be the CEO to be producer- this is a technician job, but it is his campaign to look for political favours. When one day things… Read more »
Quote me right, Am not against ZBS interviewing the president BUT, am of the opinion that ZBS has lost its vision and purpose for which it was established. ZBS has become partisan and if sides with DPP and seeks to promote the clean image of DPP as if DPP has anything clean in its DNA. Am saying all this first because of how it has been boring to watch ZBS TV lately after this interview. Every time you tune in to ZBS TV you see them putting that interview. It seems Gospel Kazako and his team still believes APM has… Read more »
Alfred Minjo

Stop airing why? come on, give me a break! you better stop watching the TV Station yourself and choose other stations of your choice dude!! ZBS, can you please add in a link following the interview or post it to youtube please!!!

Keen Observer

So who is clean in the DNA? MCP ? There is no Party in Malawi which is clean, cos it’s the same people just different names.

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