Zuma tells Africa to take care of their citizens ‘so that they do not flee to South Africa’

South Africa President Jacob Zuma Monday lashed out at Africa governments who “criticise the South African government but their citizens are in our country”, even he took a firm stance against stance on the wave of xenophobic violence that has gripped the country.


Zuma: Why are citizens not in their coiuntries?

The  Malawi  government has hired buses to repatriate its nationals from South Africa.

Addressing the public on Freedom Day at  the Union Buildings South Lawn, Zuma chastised governments who have criticised the South African government for the violence that has claimed seven lives.

“As much as we can have a problem alleged to be xenophobic, our brother countries contributed to this,” he said.

“Why are the citizens not in their countries?”

He then asked African governments to take care of their citizens so that they do not flee to South Africa.

Zuma went on a counter-offensive, saying his government would strengthen measures to tackle illegal immigration.

“Some of them (immigrants) had very serious allegations against their own countries to explain why they are in South Africa,” Zuma said.

“In fact, some of them warned us that there is almost certainly another wave of refugees coming given the developments in their own countries.

“We have to address the underlying causes of the violence and tensions, which is the legacy of poverty, unemployment and inequality in our country and our continent and the competition for limited resources,” Zuma said.

Many South Africans have blamed the attacks on poverty and a severe jobs shortage in Africa’s second biggest economy. Undocumented immigrants are often accused of accepting work for less pay.

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tilape kuopajehena

Mr Zuma tsopano. nanga anenenso kuti chaniiiii.

Anzanga banda



Just look at his head,,a dunderhead,so useless


Untimely self defending speech,RSA is in Africa,I don’t think it can play think it can play American,impossible.

claytone chanika

zuma wil be charged as muhammad mous hav.

While I agree with Zuma, I would say he has uttered these words at the wrong time because everyone views him as being behind the attacks on foreigners especially with his son and King Zwethilini having given a lethal dose earlir to fellow Africans. Had he said this earlier before the attacks, we would have understood but his silence and then breaking the silence with such an offensive speech towards fellow Africans is too bad for Zuma who is behaving like a chameleon and changing colours while working behind the scenes against other Africans. Didn’t this same Zuma flee to… Read more »
Enock simunthuwamba Makomo

am here till Zuma and his pple will kill me


Zuma’s head is like a bicycle seat

Boyd Kilembey

South Africans are not lazy. They are hard working only that they dont want to work at Yusuf Shop for extended hours without compensation. This is the difference with Nyasa who would do anything , with their yes bwana mentality. Imagine a driver is told to go ku chigayo, kukatenga ana ku school during lunch hour, pick the bwana from the airport at 8pm and no extra compensation. This is slavery. It is not hard work. But even if South Africans are lazy, so what? They are lazy in their own country so whats the big beef?


Plz dont let us(youth)fight each other because wat Zuma said,we should know this is a senseless leader(ZUMA)we african youth need to think and use our brain,thats why in their era(ZUMA and zwethini d zulu king)when they were youth they ddnt do it right and they were enslaved by d whites.plz youth lets use our brain,zuma has little years to live anything anytin they do now we wl be the one to pay for it..LETs THINK..am an african and Notin can change that

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