10 men arrested for albino murder –Malawi Police

Malawi Police have confirmed the arrest of 10 men for murdering a 21-year-old albino woman as a United Nations team conducts a two-week assessment after a series of similar killings.

The men packed the body in a sack and buried it

The men packed the body in a sack and buried it

At least eight albinos have been murdered in the last two years, reportedly for their bones that are used in witchcraft rituals.

“They dragged the woman to a farm and killed her. They removed eight bones from her body, packed the body in a sack and buried it at the scene,” police spokesperson Kondwani Kandiado said.

Police said the lead suspect, Gerald Phiri, 38, was the victim’s uncle.

“They were motivated to kill the woman after hearing rumours that albino bones fetch a lot of money,” Kandiado said.

The suspects were alleged to have taken the bones to the administrative capital of Lilongwe but an arrangement to sell them fell through.

Albinos, who have white skin and yellow hair as a result of a genetic disorder, are regularly killed for their body parts in several African countries including Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania.

The latest killing on Saturday comes three weeks after a two-year-old girl with albinism was also murdered in Malawi.

Two people – including her father – have been arrested in connection with her death.

Independent expert Ikponwosa Ero is leading a UN team investigating how albinos are targeted in the country.

Her assessment will focus on “attacks of persons with albinism and the sale of their body parts,” said the UN.

In March, a mob in Malawi’s southern district of Nsanje burned seven people to death for allegedly possessing human bones for use in witchcraft.

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22 thoughts on “10 men arrested for albino murder –Malawi Police”

  1. Nabanda says:

    Mlungu muwalange anthu amenewa osakonda anzawo kuti akhale ndi moyo monga iwowo alinawo osayayamba adziyesa okha bwanji ndi kumachitira anzawo nkhanza zoterero kodi kulemera tikalemere chifukwa chokupha anzathu chonde amalawi tiyeni tiphemphe kwa mlungu ndilikambika tidzapeza zomwe timakhumba.

  2. geo wa Liford says:

    kutha kwa nthawi oweruza ali pafupi

  3. people dont fear ka 15 or muntati 20 years in Prison but bwanji nao aziphedwa kunyongedwa!

  4. Mpho says:

    Malawi where we’re you going

  5. amangwetu says:

    we need an open court on this one Malawians shld know what is real going one who are the buyers where are they who is sending them.

  6. LAW101 says:

    People torched to death 4 men for being found with human bones…… No arrests.

    People torch elderly people in Neno for being suspected of practicing witchcraft….. no arrests.

    Murder is murder. Don’t attach value to some murders just because UN is pressuring you.

    I forgot, this is Malawi, where we mediocrity is celebrated.

  7. MOG says:

    the prophesy is being fulfilled ….this is the beggining of pain

  8. Banda says:

    Good news to all those others who wish to kill a Albino for there bones,

    It is true you will be rewarded

    You will be provided free housing
    You will be provided free food
    You will be provided all necessities iof life including clothing even though you have taken a life including sexual companionship,
    You will be provided employment and kept busy daily,
    You will be provided with free health care when you are sick and cared for by others,

    Not a dream it could and will be provided to you,
    All these riches

    Once your trial is completed and you’re sent to prison,

    Oh glory days,

    Or you could work hard and realise Wealth is not a reward for killing someone,

  9. nyamata wa kwa Mayaka says:

    Mabvuto aku Malawi sazatha ndithu, Malawi where are you going?

  10. Tikondane says:

    Malawians please come to Jesus. Let Jesus give you true wealth and peace. There’s God Almighty who is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. You can’t hide from Him. Your lives are equally in His hands. The sin of murder clips into your blood and to all your descendants; you lure into yourselves a curse of premature deaths, and you shall also go into hell. Then who shall eat your dirty money? How sweet is that money, any way? Satan is a wrong being to choose for a friend; John 10: 10; no matter how much you serve Satan, he will still kill you, steal your things and destroy you. Come to Jesus and experience genuine riches; wealth that can serve you, and allow you to sleep. There’s no much or better wealth than a peaceful sleep. Jesus loves you and is ready to forgive you. Stop killing your brethren for money.

  11. Ze Roberto says:

    What is even more disheartening is the dead silence on the part of 1) the president, 2) the law makers, 3) the judiciary on this disturbing phenomenon. We needed as a country an expedited process to have a law in place to enable death sentence for those caught in the act or organizing the merciless killings. The perpetrators deserve nothing short of death sentence. That’s the only sure way to curb these heinous and diabolical acts.

  12. Jika says:

    God exists and He understands better than humans.

  13. kodi says:

    Malawi wakhala malo okhalamo ambanda ndi azifwamba chifukwa cha umphawi komanso kuchepa kwa chitetezo chadziko.
    Kuipa nmtima kunayambira ku utsogoleri nanga anthu angatani?Nanga mpaka Boma kukhala ndi achinyamata omwe akuphunzitsidwa uchigawenga in the name of Youth League are we really serious? zinachita ku Mzuzu zija mukuona ngati za nzeru zimene zija?pano zinathera pati?
    I have said this because the Gorvenment is doing nothing!!!!! anthuwa ayamba liti kuphedwa?
    This is another call for I.G to resign akulephera kuteteza mtundu wa a Malawi.

  14. Mustafa maulana says:

    Those people who r doing this kind of sin, once being caught shold be killed emidiatelly

  15. Honeycomb Chidyauzu says:

    There is much evil being done in our midst of late. These acts were not happening in Malawi before. The Bible in Proverbs 29 v16 says ”When the wicked are in authority transgression increases.” Things are not going on well in Malawi.

  16. Ayaya kumudzi says:

    Please in the name of God stop this. Albino ndi munthu ngati inu nomwe ndipo mafupa ake sangalemeretse wina. Satana ndi wabodza choonde anthuwa ndi ana athu tiyeni tiwamvere chisoni Mulungu akulangani. Akondeni momwe mumadzikondera inu komweko.

  17. Chakachaka says:

    God cannot protect these innocent people as he does not exist. the onus is on us Malawians to protect Albinos and also to understand that it is all rubbish to believe that Albino parts can make one rich. this is nonsense of the highest order.

  18. vicc says:

    kodi osamangogwira a mwenye alii mbwee mma town mwathu opanda ma pepalawa bwanji???

    Why kuzunzana a malawi tokhatokha??

    Asiyeni alubino ndi anthunso

  19. Rute says:

    This is sad. mukuwaphelanji anthuwa?? God should punish everyone doing this ndithu. anthu oyipa you dont deserve to live

  20. Josh says:

    So tragic for the poor lady and her family. Her rights to life snatched from her. Human Rights activists loudly mute until some man is caught fu!*cking another man and is MERELY arrested, then all hell will break loose. How 15 or so million people are so helpless to protect a few thousand albinos is something I don’t understand. Shame of us, shame of the law enforcers and shame on the judiciary system. The blood of these murdered innocent Malawians are on all of us.

  21. BANDASLINE says:

    This is inhumanity of the highest order. Every person was created in the image of God and nobody has got the right to take away their life. What is wrong with Malawians these days. During Kamuzu days such things never never happened. Oh no, cry my beloved Malawi!!!!!!

  22. Original Northerner says:

    No wonder this country is cursed

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