Blantyre City Council bans weddings, bridal showers in residential areas

Blantyre City Council has with immediate effect banned holding of wedding, engagement and bridal shower ceremonies in residential areas.

Kasunda:  Blantyre City Council bans noisy ceremonies in residential areas

Kasunda: Blantyre City Council bans noisy ceremonies in residential areas

The council says in a statement that the move “is aimed at curbing noise pollution in residential areas”.

This comes two years after Director of Leisure, Culture and Environmental Services for the Blantyre City Council Sylvester Mitini-Nkhoma told Nyasa Times that the council has been receiving complaints from some residents of various townships about noise that comes from bridal showers, birthday parties, kitchen top-ups and wedding ceremonies that are held within residential areas.

According to BCC Public Relation Manager, Anthony Kasunda, the Council has noted with great concern the increase in the number of houses being turned into arenas for public ceremonies such as weddings, engagements and bridal showers in residential areas contrary of zoning of the same as residential areas under the Urban Structure Plan of the City of Blantyre.

Blantyre City residents have been complaining against the increased noise pollution in the City and according to Kasunda, it is the mandate of the Council to ensure that all the residents live in a peaceful and orderly manner.

“It is further deplorable that this is happening without getting development permission to change use of the said premises from residential to commercial.

“The Council has the legal mandate to take action against those providing venues to such events which may include prosecution,” said Kasunda.

He therefore reminded the general public that the “City belongs to all of us and therefore it is important to maintain peace and avoid disturbing others”.

“The Council is, therefore, hereby banning holding of public ceremonies such as weddings, engagements, bridal showers and other public functions of a similar nature in residential areas with immediate effect.

“And further take notice that if any person fails to comply with this notice — the Council may confiscate from him the instruments being used to cause the said noise nuisance and, where the Council does so, it  may recover as a civil debt, in any court of competent jurisdiction, from that  person or persons , the expenses necessarily incurred by the Council in enforcing this Notice and he may be prosecuted by the Council,” said Kasunda in a statement addressed to Blantyre residents and copied to the Malawi Police Service.

But critics argued that the city authorities are likely to lose the battle on noise pollution as the bylaws do not specify sound level limits for various areas considering that the city council does not have equipment to measure sound levels.

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112 thoughts on “Blantyre City Council bans weddings, bridal showers in residential areas”

  1. Muchana says:

    This is how malawians do their business. Why don’t they just go to these places and tell them to close the places? If you attend a wedding meeting, you will gather all these places and their contact phone numbers. Their information is public and you do not need a newspaper to send this message for you. Ulesitu uwu. This shows that you will just talk and do nothing like the other fellas. Munali kuti zaka zonsezi takhala tikudandaula?

  2. Chagwa. says:

    Better for us,next shuld be bars in residential places,yu hardly sleep whole night. its hell on earth,lets have sanity. thumbs up city assembly

  3. tikhala says:

    Lets face facts – the noise is there- nobody is being jealous here! Sometimes one has a migraine headache nde choimbira chimakhala ngati chikulira mmutu momwemu. We really need to look at ways to respect the rights of the person next door!

    A city, I wish you luck- inenso zandikwana- si jealous ayi knoma I need my peace too!

  4. tikhala says:

    Lets face facts – the noise is there- nobody is being jealous here! Sometimes one has a mograine headache nde choimbira chimakhala ngati chikulira mmutu momwemu. We really need to look at ways to respect the rights of the person next door!

    A city, I wish you luck- inenso zandikwana- si jealous ayi knoma I need my peace too!

  5. Daniel Phiri says:

    What about religious singing and night of prayers in neighbourhoods? These too must be banned. Not all of us appreciate such noise

  6. nm says:

    Moslems should give their followers headphones so that they don’t wake everyone up as if their God is deaf.

  7. Padangotero Sigelege says:

    Bravo Chalamanda………ulesi thoo…mijedo thooooo……..phokoso thoooooooo mxiiiiw……easy money…learn to work hard

  8. Suarez Gaba says:

    Muyelekeze kubwera ku Bangwe tione ngati simuzachoka chothawa. Mwina muzabwere ndi ma Tata ozaza ndi asilikali ankhondo. Apo bii, muzaphesa ogwira ntchito anu.

  9. nm says:

    Next Lilongwe City please

  10. jestone says:

    Thats true mumanyanyadi kusokosa azanu akugona more fire BT.

  11. MPHAKA says:


  12. Malunguza Martin says:

    What about these stupid drinking venues in our locations? When r u closing them.

  13. Teacher says:

    Ndimadabwatu ine ati mpaka ma MC kupanga association. Ma DJ association. eish. Zinkhoswe ndi ma bridal shower. Za ku Nigeria zokhazokha. Bravo BT city. Good move. Teach Malawians to learn to work hard and earn a living. Osati daily perekani perekani mma kwalala phokoso lokhalokha chifukwa cha ulesi

  14. DOBO says:

    Malawians are difficult to positive changes because illiterate level in Malawi is very high. In countries where good percentage of citizens are educated, we can not have such nonsense in residential areas. Most of our cities are full salvages so much that even the educated are assimilated.BT city council have just started a war against the salvage and it is unlikely to win.

  15. Mcherewatha says:

    Birthday party mpaka hire ku hall? A City nde mwamvera za nsanjezo? Ma neighbor akuphya amasirira anzawo akumenya blast mu location! Kodi mmaplot mulibe ma hall?
    Too much of anything is poisonous… People have hailed you for bringing lots in your town but don’t go overboard. This ban is nonsense, illegal and inconsiderate!

  16. nasimelo says:

    ichi chikhale chamba akuti tizikapangira kutiko? fotseke do they think we can all afford to pay for a venuw? what the hell are we paying that Noel Chalamanda for ? He better cut out this nonsense

  17. Vincent kammanya says:

    Nanga poti pa maliro pamakhalanso noise nde tizitani

  18. No tribalist lomwe. says:

    How will u enforce this? U are failing to remove vendors(contaners) surrounding bt flea mkt.instead u go to collect bribes from container owners. We are failing 2do bussnes inside the mkt bcz no customer would want to get in when he can eazly find the product outside. Stupit council.ntchito kulimbana ndiamalichero pamene mukulandila kenake kwa ama contaner.stop de day u wil find all of us outside de mkt kufikila mutawachotsa onse mbava inu.

  19. lesta says:

    So what about pubs?,and the noisy sex couples?

  20. godobaman says:

    Learn to understand some of these things b4 criticising. NSANJE FOR WHAT?

  21. Lilongwe nayonso ipange chimodzimodzi! Kwaine a Mgona, Chisapo Makatani, mchesi, phwetekere ndi area 18 anthu amalongolola zeeedi moti olo popanda mawayilesi phokoso lawo limaonjeza. Utakhala pa foni mmene wayambira munthu umangoti halowo halowo halowo paka maunits onse a eyatelo kuutha. Ayayayah onthu omalongolola.
    Tso imwe amalamulo myambe mwaletsa anthu kulomgolola musaletse zikwati and other events in our lacations, we are not Britons nor south africans, kapena imwe ndima gay or lesbians? Zikwati zanu mumapanga mobisa, mufuna tifanane lo.
    Maganizo achabee. Ine ndikuti no muletse galimoto zotulutsa utsi zisayende mtown ma factory achokemu town if not muwaumirize azibyala mitengo yambori (factory owners must be forced to plant more trees they are destroying our lives with bad smoke when producing these good and delicious biscuits and many more.
    Dzuka MW dzuka

  22. Mbukavu says:

    The intention is good but the Council has a duty to provide or facilitate provision of amenities where such functions can be held close to respective residential areas

  23. dreamteam says:

    It is not the job of the city council to build halls – it is the duty of the private sector. Most of these gardens are developed by the private sector. Let them go and develop the same in commercial areas of Blantyre. What many people forget is that the right to earn money is not a passport to impinge on other people’s rights. Every Saturday and Sunday I have to deal with a blocked road, drunks who patronize weddings/ chinkhose at a so called garden here in BCA Hills. Bravo indeed and i hope Chalamanda will stand firm on this.

  24. eketi omora says:

    Aaaargh..wena, those people who complain about noise are just jealousy and selfish. We love the noise, the music and some of the jokes the MC’s crack, even when we are in our bedrooms. Our country lacks entertainment, so we enjoy that…the African way. Besides, we don’t have adequate venues that can accommodate all the weddings and zinkhoswe’s..anthu akukwatana. Paja nanu a city mulibe nzeru.

  25. Wawa says:

    Ma muezzin mmizokiti nanga?

  26. Yesaya Dziko says:

    This is unpopular & controvencial move and need to be defined properly. Which areas are we talking about? Are these the only activities that are polluting? How about smell in town? How many citizens are benefitting with this decision? Cant you think of getting revenue out of these functions? Oh poor city doesnt know what is missing.

  27. chejali says:

    Ohooooo ndiye mukufuna kuti azipita kuti???? Koma kumalawi sanje koma tizatukuka ife!!!!!!

  28. Vyanje says:

    But in some residential areas there always is perpetual noises anyway with or without vikwati or vinkhoswe…the difference is the same.There ought to be levels of noise to be set, means of measurement, manpower to execute measurement etc, etc…As it is, one can’t demarcate residential and areas where noise is acceptable. As I write there is no chinkhoswe or wedding in progress here but still, can dance in my bedroom to the music blarring from the surrounding commercial areas.

  29. Chenkumbi says:

    There are already designated places for those activities,in Blantyre, Lilongwe even Mzuzu. The city Assembly have done well. These do not happen in Harare, Joburg, even in London. Please be developed Malawians.Thats good, well done.

  30. Namu! says:

    Akonze ma bwalo ochitira zimenezi ndipo anthu azilipila kangachepe. Kale anthu zinkhoswe amachitira kumabwalo amafumu komanso kumudzi kwawo kwa mkazi. nde kuti anthu adaleka kukhala mkumudzi? Mmesa mmizindamu muli mafumu kodi, bwanji osabwereka mafumu amenewa ngaiti kwawo anthuwa sadziwako?

  31. zachisoni says:

    What about bottle stores that play loud disco music 24/7 like at Chisesele Groceries in Kanjedza, Pa No. 9 in Chinyonga and Kamba. close down these bottle stores first.

  32. ADE says:


  33. john says:

    its true kuti phokoso limakhalapo koma ma facilities alinawo woti aliyense atha kupita kukapanga celebrate bwinobwino? ma halls azikhala a ulere? ngati ndilibe ndalama ndiye ndisavine ndi amzanga?
    lamulo lokomera anthu andalamatu iyi.

  34. john says:

    its true kuti phokoso limakhalapo koma ma facilities alinawo woti aliyense atha kupita kukapanga celebrate bwinobwino? ma halls azikhala a ulere? ngati ndilibe ndalama ndiye ndisavine ndi amzanga?
    andalama zawo azika booka ma hall nanga ife?

  35. fomboni al hilal says:

    Inu kaya mukuti dzina lanu.a Kasuta kaya andani mukuyenera kudziwa kuti pa Malawi pano tili ndi mavuto ambili osati zopusa zomwe mukunena apazi. Tayambani mwakonza misewu kumanga zimbuzi mmatawunimu manyi amwenye akungophulitsa ma suweji mtawunimu. M’bangwemu, namiyango, BCA mukonze misewu.konzani ma street lights misika yawunkhondo mukamaliza kukonza tawuni ndiyeno mukatelo mubane mphokoso. Mwazini asalire, amatchalichi asapezeke, amabala, achipani asapangise misokhano yawo, mma lokeshonimu pasapezeke a information akukuwa pa zimagalimoto.

  36. charles says:


  37. TrueFact says:

    This is a commendable job BCC but not yet the apogee of addressing “noise pollution” to the level that we all aspire. The said social events/activities are not the only sources of “noise pollution”. I believe the panacea for all disturbance emanating from “noise pollution” should go beyond the said targets (in this article) and address the lacunas beyond the said events and look at other social activities too that interlace in our various abodes and disturb the peace of silence we all desire. This (to me) MUST include prohibitive efforts taken towards other mundane practices (like churches services, shebeens, noise by neighborhood gangs, drunkards who make noise in the odd hours as they come from sipping liquor etc)- tendances that have mushroomed in our residential areas over the past decade or so. The world is getting more and more civilized each passing day, and it is for our good that we embrace good social practices that do not impinge upon other people’s rights and freedom (e.g., a right for a peaceful residential area).

    Ndangodutsamo sindinatchole nkhwani!

  38. fkr says:

    please lilongwe city council take note.

  39. ujeni says:

    Good riddance, residential areas are supposed to be quiet private relaxing places. There is just too much chaos in Malawi. Someone has to start somewhere to control things.

  40. Nanga ntani says:

    Ndikatenga injunction ku high court.

  41. chikabudula says:

    The ban is a bit biased. what about. maize mills? mosques? churches? these also make a lot of noise?

    One also wonders if Blantyre City has enough halls in the none residential areas where such events can take place? if the city has done a survey to establish the number or weddings, bridal showers, engagements that take place per weekend vs the number of halls available vs the accessibility and affordability of the same.

    In this regard one can be coerced to believe that the city is just trying to test the waters. coz if it were serious it could have prepared for alternative venues to cater for the ever increasing demand of such services.

    My humble conclusion would be to ask the city to do its home work regarding demand and supply in the said area. provide alternatives. then and only after then enforce such a beautiful law.

  42. Levi Sitima says:

    Does the BCC think about those with no enough money? Halls are very expensive.

  43. The Ear and Eyes says:

    Go another step by banning bottle stores and church overnights in residential areas.

    Congrats BT City. I hope LL and Mzuzu cities will follow.

  44. Thyolo Thava says:

    DPP imeneyo……..Beautify Malawi……hrhehe……..Chalamanda ……….munawavotela nokha …..zanu izo………ma bill board thooooo……..

  45. babian says:

    wayambitsa nkhani iyi ndi ndani? jealous ma neighbor basi, phokoso kuti

  46. babian says:

    How about farming ya nkhumba and nkhuku, smell yakeyo. munthu khola kugundisa ku khoma la mpanda wochita share. lkoma zikwati yes koma shower muganize kawiri yipitilire kupangikira mu ma residential areas

  47. nana says:

    Good move no mercy for noise makers in residential areas

  48. dokiso wa dokiso says:

    Mwachita bwino a city.Zikhwose ndi ma shower osatha mu area 18.Nthawi zonse kumangomvera Davido ngati uli Ku Tavern.Let them find designated places to make noise than bursting eardrums with useless noise.Zinkhoswe zosatha from Jan to December.sima fundraising ongofuna kubera anthu ndalama?

  49. Aunt Pat wapatauni says:

    Nanu a city osayika ma bin mumanyumbamu ndikusiyana ndikulimbana ndi ma shower athu.Mayesa tikamapanga timawauziratu ma neighbour athu kuti kukhala ma activities?

  50. Sam says:

    This is a very good move. Bravo BCA

  51. Mjojo says:

    Ah Zilibe job zimenezo

  52. KING SOLOMON says:


  53. Eliam k says:

    Ma hall agwire nchito not mmakwalala, bravo BCC

  54. max says:

    kodi vutolanu nchiyani? njiru amalawi muzaleka liti?.kodi tikati kuchepetsa ulova ndiye kuntani?

  55. Skinner says:

    Muletse kusokosa kwa ku mashabini.Bwanji osayamba kumamanga ma public toilet kuti mzinda ukhale wawukhondo,mukulimbana ndi zamaukwati pamene muli ndi mavuto akulu-akulu wofunikira kwambiri.Bt City Assembly think twice!!!

  56. nchimba says:

    Manyi awa

  57. Gwede says:

    A Cinkhoswe is both a social and cultural event that has traditionally taken place at the residence of the parents of the bride. By banning this event in residential areas the Council is impinging on the rights of the citizens .
    What I would like to suggest to the council : build community halls in all populations centres that the people can hire for their various functions
    Otherwise Standing pa chula and shouting bans to social functions is the height of stupidity !

    1. johnM says:

      Chikhoswe should take place at the village not in the city.

  58. Shonayi says:

    Limeneli ndi bvuto lalikulu mmalawi yonse,moti alendo ofuna kudzapuma kwathu kuno akuti amakhumudwa kungolowa mdzikomuno ponseponse mapokoso.Moti mmbali mwa nyanja m’mene muli ma cottage onse ama bar adzikapezeka kutali.Tisankhe chimodzi.Ma bar kapena forex.

  59. Skinner says:

    Bwanji osakaletsa phokoso la mumashabini ndi mwina monse momwela mowa muma residential areas,mmene amasokosela mpaka mid9t.Kumalimbana ndi mavuto eni eni,bwanji osamanga ma public toilet ngati mukufuna mzinda wanu kukhala wabwino.

  60. This is Malawi not America nyamanu nonse ku cityko you wil not score any point zero mwa teni

  61. bratusha says:

    Some comments from Malawians would tell how people have become to be against civilization. This is good news and BT city assembly thumbs up! This is the beginning of decency. Now a weak mind brings in the argument of sound levels (decibel threshold) and funerals. Really? Kusayenda kapenda umbuli?

  62. Tim Masamba says:

    Stupidity at it’s highest level you are failing to collect rubbish,provide good roads and other related services yet you have your minds on people having a little fun in the confines of their private residences. Stating with that short boss of your(mayor) to you Kasunda you are all fools get a life that bar you have at Kamba should be closed poor ventilation and toilet area…

  63. kika says:

    I support the idea. This is becoming too much these days.

  64. eric says:

    A Kasunda mukutilowa nkati tsopano. With your poor services you want us pay bwanji? Sikale mwati muyamba kutolera kwa ma landlord lero mukufuna kuphela wena mabusiness dziko lovuta kale ili. Ndiye anzanu akadye kuti. Iwetu thawi yako itha posachedwa ingoyelekezani. The town was poorly planned arleady ndiye mutibowe apa. Ma red star muli nawo pati? Kumangolimbana ndi athu wosauka basi? Mulungu akulangeni nonse.

  65. balotelli says:

    Nanga uja amalawira mammawa around 4:00 am. uja amati allahu akbar ahaaaaaa aaaaah aaaaah akbar, asiyanso?

  66. Julie says:

    This is non starter! Bridal showerz, birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, kitchen/businesess topups, nyt of prayers takes place once in a while, what about tarvens, pubs and muslims bells {mwazin} whch are on daily basis? Soon you will ban crying at the funerals and later you will tell people not to die in their houses. Find somethng to say Mr Kasunda. Clean the city instead. Kenaka muletsa kuseka m’manyumba. Mubwere ku Maselema mudzaone zomwe ufa ochokera ku Rab Processors ukuonongera malata, mitengo, magalimoto , mawindo a maoffice

  67. zabwino says:

    this is none starter becoz the council has more pressing issues to think of doing like refuge collection in all townships in Blantyre, roads are in bad shape, they see people building houses in moumtains and pretend to be blind end result what we witnessed this year of flood flash that an over 55year person like me has not seen, drinking places are a nuisance too. Close all drinking joints in townships, build many halls in each location if u want to burn such places. Mr Mayor l thought u are wise enough as a lawyer to think and act for the majority than impress a few individuals. Put your house in order first. Otherwise dont penalise your own malawians to please a few. WAKE UP WE ARE NOT UNDER COLONIOR GOVT ANY LONG.

  68. Martha says:

    Before you stop this you shud see why pipo are doing that in residencial areas. Does BT city Council have a hall where pipo can pay reasonable prices? I thot you cud have bin busy removing thrashes in dust bins in the areas puting lights in the streets for security.

  69. Careful Banda says:

    Excellent decision. now we can sleep in our beds again.

  70. sayin it like it is says:

    another stupid move by the city assembly…without offering any altenative…kasunda and your people sre truelly stupid…there are worse problems in the city than noise about the smell of the mudi river…how about the junk in the city markets and toilets how about street lights how about street vending…kodi mukakhala ndi meeting mumakhala mwaledzela bwanji?zitsilu za ma bwana ngati inu ndinazionako ku water board ndi escom kokha…how will this help the city..nde muwauzenso asilamu asiye kuliza mwazini coz its also noise especially the morning hours one..all am saying is this is stupid as u are

  71. Rojers says:

    Mr Mayor and Mr Anthony Kasunda i believe you could have done better on this one. As much as we understand that these are laws that malawians did not know, you could have set up a date to stop these functions. For example some have already arranged everything, cards etc they’ve paid money and you come in and say “with immediate effect you have banned all residential functions” i believe you could have done better on this one by giving out at least notice. Apa mavoti nee atsikatu. Ironically you haven’t banned parties, funerals…are these not noisy? A mayor spa nee mwagwa nayotu.

  72. Eeish says:

    Aaah, who is complaining. Whites or Indians. This is our culture. This is not England. Engagements and house parties are done where people live called HOUSES. May be restrict to day times.By the way this is one of your least problems. Better ban bars that play unnecessary loud music. All nightclubs should be soundproofed. There is too much noise at night in locations due to competing bottlestores.

  73. ondira says:

    nde you should also ban ma church angoti mbweee mma line coz nawonso amatisokotsera sitimangona.

  74. mary says:

    Pastor Favour in Nkolokosa is another nuisance to the public!!!!

  75. ngozo says:

    That’s rubbish instead of putting street lights and good sanitation in Blantyre. You are busy discussing useless issues.

  76. kaphirintiwa says:

    ndiye mubanenso stereo, bwandilo, zingwangwa tavern, kings park ndi zina zotelo. ma pub amenewa m’makomo mwa anthu apo ayi sitilola

  77. chosatheka says:

    muzasiya liti msanje a Malawi. Mwaona kuti anzanu akulemera nazo, mwati ayi koma tikawanenere, mudzafa imfa yowawa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! inu a Blantyre City, do you people have common sense, which halls are you talking about, do you have enough halls in blantyre to accommodate all the events????

  78. Tiye Tiye says:

    Stereo, Pasikwese, Abigail, Pakasunda………….Mukalandenso zida. Noise too much. Tiyeni nazoni!

  79. Issa Kabudula says:

    Blanytre City in the hands of boys and girls – zikuyenda, this is the way the city must run, no litering, noise, clean min buses, drivers and oitanila must be clean clothed, wear nice perfume – timazipangitsa tokha kununkha mkamva when there is water and brushes.

  80. wisick chigawa says:

    There is hidden agenda before u think of such kind of noise why can’t you deal with so many Bars oporating in Ndirande, chilomoni, mbayani so many townships?

  81. Boyd Kilembey says:

    Bravo BT City Council. Noise pollution is becoming a pandemic. Last December I could not sleep, my neighbour next door was on night or prayer blasting his piano and songs through out the night. This is unfair. Then there is the issue of fire crakers in residential areas. Some people are of high blood pressure. Bravo BT City Council..keep it up. In fact in some countries I have travelled even if it is a partry, people are not allowed to BLAST their music the way we do in Malawi. People have to respect otyher peoples space.; Once again, Bravo BT City Council.

  82. Mr.Bambo says:

    Bravo our beloved City Fathers.Indeed the noise pollution was becoming way way out of control,very sickening indeed especially from the houses of the Kalekes and Kautsires.

  83. mwamusanga says:

    Sured tipume abale

  84. Badwill Zwelithini says:

    You No 11 Do you understand english?if yes,read again the passage

  85. The Gate Keeper says:

    Some wrote about Churches in residential areas…also Mosques….they shouldn’t make noise mb’anda kucha with their microfones…lets do that…Also ama LANDLOVER AMA SENSETISATION FROM GOVERNMENT IN NEIGHBOURHOODS SHOULD BE BANNED..ALSO MA FUNERAL IN MMA LOCATION SHOULD BE BANNED…A blantyre city council should construct enough places for these events to be held.


  86. Malawiana says:

    Good move! also ban birthday parties, discos, funeral night vigils, raising live animals like chicken on residential plots, etc. We need sanity in our cities. You need also to strengthen city patrols to enforce the ban. Long Live Malawi Cities!

  87. Wizeman Paul says:


  88. Pacharo says:

    Kasunda, this is very good. Can Lilongwe please emulate

  89. MIKE says:

    concetrate on other issues inu not this one…
    these people are also tax payers,, and they pay for whatever functions they have..
    my poor malawi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Bhingu Mashaba says:

    Are you also banning funerals?

  91. Nawalya says:

    Sould dat be the same to Lilongwe & Mzuzu plz.

  92. Akatswiri says:

    What about birthday parties, and other activities that are held in residents and use powerful music equipments?

  93. Paul Vida says:

    Do you have a City Hall where people will do their functions for free? You must be stupid, noise noise chani apa fuck off.

  94. shaaaa! says:


  95. bwampini nyapapi says:

    This should also extend to churches opened/ operating within residential areas. Night of Prayers are becoming more noise polluting especially when neighbors are tired and want to sleep

  96. Sabiti says:

    CRemove heaps of trash in locations , tamarc all the roads, bring bin collection services , proper swewerage system ,street lights ,roborts , efficient fire brigade the list goes on in this village ,is when u can say we are banning noise in resdential arears first remove drinking joint which are everywhere thats our major concern not wedings and the like .

  97. Observer says:

    I’m interested to see how the council will stop people from mourning their loved ones during funerals mostly conducted within residential areas. “because mourning too is noise”

    1. demolisher says:

      @5 be specific so dat action is taken

  98. Dr Moo Tha Leeker says:

    Shabeen ndikunenayo is operating in a One bedroomed house

  99. Malawianmom says:

    I’ve been wondering for many years, great job. Now you need to work on afordable places where all of us citizen can hold our special occasions.

  100. Dr Moo Tha Leeker says:

    What about noise coming from churches located in the same residential areas? Komanso ku Nkolokosa kuli mzimayi wina doing a shabeen business. Kumakhala phokoso and filthy. Guide us plz

    1. Malawiana says:

      Ban these churches as well. We know credible churches have allocated areas where they are constructed not these so called churches driven by Ulova and greed for quick money. Abwerere kukalotika onsewo asatitopetse ife.

      1. Wa City says:

        Amenewo angolowa chisilamu chifukwa ndichipembezo choonadi pamaso amulungu Quran 3:19 = Mark 3:35

    2. Wa City says:

      Kumeneko tibwera tiagwire ntchito amayi amenewo

  101. Mtonga wa pa phata says:

    Kale zikwati zimapangikila mma hotels, school halls etc. Nde akuti ziyambikenso? Ok tamva

  102. nabiyeni says:

    Thank u BCC. Some churches too have this tendency of having these enormous speakers blaring throughout the day. Some begin as early as 6am. It is so annoying n disturbing. Please do implement these laws it will be of great assistance. These people hv no consideration for anybody. They assume residents are enjoying this noise. Thanks once again BCC.

  103. Inhumane Rights Activist says:

    Have you come up with a deadline? Some have already booked us at Ma Nkosi’s. And we are so many who have structured our residences into wedding platforms. Nyambadwe by Magalasi turn-of and Ella’s Garden. So many and in the townships its all over. Come to Bangwe, Ndix and try stop an engagement ceremony. I do not know you will be able to police this.

  104. sure says:

    A a aah, are we in Malawi or azunguland. Where else would a traditional engagement be held if not in the community. I think there is a clash of cultures here. Just tell them to hold them in the day time and pre warn neighbours, especially whites and men yes who do not appreciate the African way of zinKhoswe.

  105. mgawadere says:

    Ivyo yayi

  106. Munju waku Embangweni says:

    Bravo Blantyre city Council. This Is good.

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