CAMA protest tariffs hike by Telecom Networks Malawi

Consumer Association of Malawi (Cama) has written the second mobile phone service company, TNM, to protest their 14 percent rise in its tariffs effective March 4.

TNM CEO Swart: TNM raises tariffs by 14 percent

TNM CEO Swart: TNM raises tariffs by 14 percent

Kapito:  TNM should suspend tarrifs hike to another day

Kapito: TNM should suspend tarrifs hike to another day

CAMA boss John Kapito has told TNM that the tariffs hike is “pretty unjustifiable” considering the recent developments in the country’s economy.

Kapito cited the prices o fuel being reduced by 20% and that the local currency Kwachas has appreciated against the US dollar.

Malawi Stock Exchange (MSE)-listed telecommunications firm said the tariff adjustment was arrived at since the national currency, the Malawi Kwacha, has depreciated by more than 120% in the past year, resulting in significant increases in the cost base of TNM.

“The expenditure for investment in infrastructure for telecommunication and the operational costs to support the network are mainly denominated in foreign currencies and TNM has effectively seen these costs double in,” TNM said.

The mobile company adds that the cost of utilities, goods and services has significantly increased in Malawi during the past year and thus eroded the returns for telecommunication operators.

But Kapito trashed TNM, saying the consumer body is “perturbed and wondering which costs.”

Reads Kapito’s letter to TNM: “It is true that Malawi is a free market economy but as CAMA we foresee this hike adding a further burden on Malawians.

Cama has asked TNM to “suspend” the hike of tariffs “to another day and not now.”

But TNM said as a major strategic business in the Malawi economy, it must retain its ability to invest and supply services to the people of Malawi and that it aims to ensure that the level of tariffs will guarantee sustainability of the business in the future and support the ability of the company to continue investing in telecommunication in infrastructure in Malawi.

Malawi Communication Regulatory Authority (Macra) is said to roll out its Consolidated ICT Regulatory Management Systems (CIRMS) famed as the “Spy Machine” which among other things is meant to check on phone tariffs.

According to Macra, the ‘spy machine’ will improve regulatory monitoring functions in four key areas of quality of service, revenue assurance, fraud management and spectrum allocation and management.

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27 thoughts on “CAMA protest tariffs hike by Telecom Networks Malawi”

  1. Senior Chief Timbiri says:

    Tingowamachira Amenewa pAmodzi ndi anzawo a Airtel onse ndi mbava zokhazokha.

  2. abwenzi says:

    kodi akapito simungangoyamika kuti a tnm abwera poyera kuneneratu anzawo aja a airtel samanena amangoti tchetcha mobisa so what! am proud 2 b a tnm customer!

  3. Here we go again says:

    leap where u did not saw. Being a poor country you expect to have reach people but cashgaters who does not bother about ordinary Malawian at the village, shame to the government that have no control measure of its services for the betterment of its pple APM your days are numbered.

  4. Libton Banda says:

    I wonder why increasing the tariffs and yet we already have high prices in communication sector.

  5. waakulu says:

    Airtel raised their tarrifs abeit silently..mwagundika kunyoza tnm apa..they are better off than Airtel..

  6. Nsena says:

    A kapito,mukamayakhula zinazi ndibwino kufufuza mokwanila osamangosusa zilizonse,bwanji pano madzi mwanthana nawo ku BT?

  7. mlomwe2 says:


  8. mulibwanji? says:

    I have been telling people on how expensive TNM is. Even before this hike, inali yodula kwambiri TNM. Kusamva a Malawi fe. Kupepera kwathu we just make nouse two days kenako ziii. Anatizolowera anthu amakweza zinthuwa. Amangoti “dzisiyeni dzisokose dzikatope dzikhala phee.” SHAME!!!

  9. sunderstar says:

    The main problem we have in the Telecom Industry is MACRA. This regulatory organisation is just a rubber stamp it cannot use its powers to reject these useless requests yet the services by TNM are not good. There is a lot of corruption at MACRA WHICH NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED. People have always complained about the unfair practices by MULTICHOICE for a long time and up to now nothing is being done because some of the Directors at MACRA gets free subscription all year round. In other countries you pay TV subs on usage and you choose the channels you want, but here its not the case .

  10. Keen Follower says:

    Komadi ndiye palibe justification. CAMA take them head on. The poorest country in the world and has the most exorbitant phone rates in the southern hemsphere imagine!!!!

  11. ine nde mwandililatu a tnm yanga ndi social-network zoti anthu amaimba 4n ndimangozionela mmisewumu

  12. George Lihoma. says:

    MACRA,kodi simungaitane ma service providers ena monga Vodacom,Cell C,Orange,Mascom,MTN,TelCel etc.Even aCAMA atha kupempha makampani ena,athuwa ajaila akuba.

  13. Chabecheker says:

    Tnm does not give annual dividends to its shareholders instead tnm spends more money on donations to football

  14. Chabecheker says:

    Tnm is stealing didendi from its shareholders by giving more donations to football teams who do not contribute to well being of tnm

  15. wosamba says:

    Mr kapito mwasowa zochita muyambe mwauza a Carlsberg atsitse mitengo ya mowa musanafike kuma foni

  16. Tiko says:

    Kapito my man. Keep on pushing them. The two have actually the highest tarrifs in Africa as noted by BBC. The govt is dosing and doing nothing on protecting its pple.

  17. edda mwalweni says:

    Mr Kapito don’t become political puppet . We have a number of better things for to lead us but you choose where you think of gaining political praises
    Failed Kapito !!!!

  18. Patriot says:

    Za zi.
    A airtel sunalembere bwanji? Ngati uli ndi Blackberry pa airtel ndi vala zilimbe.
    Tazingopangani ndale baba.
    Kapenanso mukufuna tikayike ma jumbo a manyi ku ofesi kwao?
    Mbuzi ya chilomwe iyi mxiew

  19. Chitseko says:

    A tnm anachita zamkhutu kumene.paja nd lero iyambe mitengo yatsopanoyi kugwira ntchito!zamkhutu!

  20. thoko says:

    Spy machine come in plz!!!!!!!

  21. Lifeyo says:

    phone is very important element tool in our daily life but if the phone is becoming so exbotitant then we stop using

  22. Denkhule says:

    Lets hope Airtel is not going to do the same. Otherwise Post Office has to juckup tibwererenso kuyolemba makalata ija mafoni asanabwere.

  23. Truth says:

    Why insist using a network that is stealing..just boycot them again MTL changed scratched card and they are no longer accepting any exchanges. This is theft organised by Chikawonda the chief thief looking after MTL and TNM.

  24. wayambanso Kapito. Always politically motivated

  25. Kadakwiza says:

    A Kapito munali kuti pamene fertilizer amakwela mutengo. Ask your government to creat jobs osati zimene mukunenazi. People want jobs. Hee jobs Mr Kapito.

  26. Tman says:

    This should act as a wake-up call for Malawian phone users who just sublimate their credit by the useless ‘Muli bwanji’ calls to friend and lovers no business at all. Let us first analyze the benefit the call will bring before we tap the green button. Otherwise, TNM and Airtel will still remain the champions of our economy.

    1. Mphongo Zidana says:

      Let me agree with Tman. Malawi lets be economical with our mobile phone usage. Just deliver the message in clear concise manner. Don’t waste time greeting all the children of the house, dogs, the, cats, etc. Otherwise, these mobile service providers will continue reaping us.

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