Chakuamba says death rumours ‘not funny’

Veteran politician Gwanda Chakumba has  become the latest victim of a public figure  death hoax and he says “its not funny” as he is still very much alive but receiving treatment in India.

Chakuamba: Much alive

Chakuamba: Much alive

Speculation has been rife on social media and various Whatsapp  discussion chat groups, that Chakuamba was dead.

But Chakuamba speaking from India confirmed he  had checked into al hospital for  medical treatment,

The veteran controversial politician said he has got wind of the death rumours.

Chakuamba said he started receiving lots of phone calls from people asking if he was alright.

He laughed and said: ‘When did I die and where?'”

“I am receiving treatment and alive. It’s not funny and totally disrespectful to make up a story like this,” he said.

Foreign Affairs minister Francis Katsaira confirmed on Friday that Chakuamba is in India on government sponsorship on unspecified sickness.

It is alleged Chakuamba has cancer.

The veteran politican attributed the rumour of his death to haters who do not wish him well.

Chakuamba, in his late 80s, is the only remaining politician in Kamuzu Banda’s 1966 historic cabinet and remains a political force to reckon with in the Lower Shire.

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28 thoughts on “Chakuamba says death rumours ‘not funny’”

  1. abinte says:

    Ngati inu mwadana nawo achakuamba ndi angolongololiwa ndi ZANU.they also deserve assistance from govt.Nana uchire msanga tikukufuna Juno.tiyambepo kampeni.DPP woyeeee!!!!!!

  2. Dwambazi says:

    Gwanda Chakwambba should rot in hell for all the atrocities he committed during Kamuzu Banda’s error

  3. Vyantonda says:

    u and bakili deserve to die or else I die first agalu inu

  4. Sir Baxter Kittermaster says:

    May Gwanda Nguluwe Chakuamba get well soon bt avoid praising those filthy idiots during rallies. I didnt like it, u know.

  5. phox says:

    Mulungu achiritse dziko lathu la Malawi. Lets make comments on this forum that are constructuive. Kodi za imfa ya munthu should be taken as if its Manchester and Assernal playing? Za imfa zanu akukamba ndani? Let us not ignore our culture of being respectful to each other. Everyone was created by God Himself and He loves both sinners and the righteous. Those who wishes others bad samalani God can even take you before the one you think about.

  6. KARU UNITED says:

    Let us learn to respect our elders, yes he might have made serious mistakes here and there, but Honourable Gwandanguluwe Chakuamba Phiri, has spent most of his life serving his country tirelessly and patriotically. I salute him.

  7. tchingo says:

    chete at No. 11. i think u missed the point. y all this off track comment? did Chakuamba brag about that he will not die? wakuuza kuti akuyankha mwathamo? i think u r a man with bad attitude. At nchalo recently, Chakuamba even said that his days r numbered. how can he then claim now that he won’t die? Chakuamba was simply rubbishing (laughing off) those false reports that he is dead. in fact he said the truth that he is in India receiving treatment. anthu osaganiza bwino ngati iwe Chete ndi amene akubwezera dziko lino pansi. so get a life.

  8. paliani says:

    Santana @ 10 ….if you are an imbecile with hearing problem like your master APM please do not show it here. Those who are real people and follow events know that the prophecy passed at exactly the same dates TB Joshua mentioned. The problem with you and APM is that you both use your asses to listen instead of ears!!! The prophesy was about Jacob Zuma for your info and it was so accurate!!!! He never mentioned about death of president this time, he said and I quote ” I see trouble for a southern African president!”. I will not bother myself explaining to you in details for as said, u and your APM have only your asses to blame! Mnzako ndi uyo mpaka kukagona overnight kkkkkkk. He thinks death would have spared him there, shame!!!!

    1. koma abale inu eeh says:

      “Paliani”, full of nonsense, here anyway!!!!! Asa!!!!!
      So, Joshua’s prophesy was about Zuma? Did Joshua tell you that, personally, or that is your own personal interpretation?
      Man/Woman, you are so gullible! Unbelievable, especially in 2016.
      The problem with these so-called Prophets’ forecasts is that they are so general; never specific to pin down. That is how these prophets get hold of people like you by the short hairs (or mach…nde, in Chichewa.) You are really hooked, aren’t you?

  9. Nathan says:

    May Mphenzi mwana wolimba mtima Get Well Soon, in Jesus’ name.

  10. charles symon says:

    mphenzi mwana wolimba mtima sizocheza faka mpweya chuweeeeeeee


    Dear God:
    You are so wonderful;
    Forever God.
    We had mtengo wamingas
    Simbi yamotos
    Chitsulo chanjanjis

    All these are but fake !!!

    You remain the same for ever and

  12. Cjborn says:

    He guy just wants favours from Peter. If Bingu was alive he could not have accepted this shit of spending tax payers money unreasonably and this why we say that no matter what comes the economy of this country will never change for the better in this SADC Region. You can see politicians in Malawi changing minds like tee shirt and all he talked during the recent meeting in the lower Shire was just seeking favours from Peter and that was very silly speech.

  13. chimbano says:

    why is it an acceptable norm in malawi that when renowned politicians, government officials get sick, they should be sent abroad for treatment leaving ordinally malawians to fend for themselves by using local hospitals. why not build good hospitals for everyone to use. i don’t understand

    1. Charlie Hebdo says:

      And the funny thing is, they are old people who have nothing more to offer to the country. Young energetic people with so much to offer to this country are dying in our hospitals and these bygones don’t care a bit. Imagine how much the government could benefit from taxes of a twenty or thirty year old should he live to the age of Mbuya. He/she has a good fifty or so years contributing immensely to the nation.

  14. boba fett says:

    if it’s not funny then why were you laughing?

  15. santana says:

    Before we comment on Chakwamba’s death rumours, can we please confirm the death of an African leader who TB Joshua prophesied? We know that the time frame has now passed, we are in May. The prophecy was from end February to before April,2016 but I hear no news of death of an African leader let alone APM and Mugabe. So APM was right to say the man is a cheat and he can not repeat what he did to late Bingu?

  16. chete says:



  17. santana says:

    Can someone comment on TB Joshua’s prophecy which said between end February and before April,2016 two or one African leader will die. This is May I hear nowhere that an African leader has died. So APM was right. All those who were making noise should now back themselves on their defence of the so called man of God. APM and Mugabe who people speculated were the target of the prophecy are both alive. Tell me any head of state in Africa who has fulfilled this prophecy. By making him to be in the dark about the collapse of his hotel God wanted you people to know that He is not His chosen one. Otherwise how can he prophesy death of a single life in a far country but fail to prophesy deaths of 116 lives in his own yard? God is not a thing to play with. All your fake prophets will one day be exposed by the living God. Time is ticking. APM is still waiting to be answered as to why did the prophet fail to prophesy the collapse of his hotel. Despite all the noise people made that time no one is answering him.

  18. chammadzi says:

    Why is he on Govt sponsorship? Koma boma ili kukondera! Couldn’t he go to Queens or KCH?

  19. sikusinja says:

    What do you mean remains a political force in the lower shire. If it wasnt for this death rumor noone still thinks of him,

  20. Chopwichopwi says:

    a Gwanda so you now see its unfair to talk about someones death. you remember you were talking and celebrating Ethel Mutharikas death. kumachita kunena kuti tili ndi information kuti Ethel Mutharika wamwalira… sizo lero ndi inu.

  21. the last sentence is false. he is not the only remaining politicians because, we still have around baba J.Z.U. Tembo.

  22. Tiyenitinene says:

    I remember Chakuamba for leading the savage beating of chiefs at the MCP Convention of 1973 held in Mzuzu. Chakuamba is one of the people who made Kamuzu the dictator. Chakuamba contributed to making MCP unpopular in the south and north up to now. He was one of the feared people during Kamuzu Banda’s dictatorship. That is why many Malawians who know the history of this country are disappointed that Chakuamba wants to present himself as a good person to win favours from Peter Mutharika. This is also why Malawians do not want Peter Mutharika to be intolerant to criticism which is what dictators do.

  23. Kadya N'kena says:

    I know that you may wish to make him feel good,but to say he is still the force to reckon with is misrepresentation of facts. Let us agree that Gwanda as a a politician has gone past his expiry date.His unnecessary party-hopping is there for all of us to see.He has aligned himself with DPP not that he subscribe to its(DPP’s) ideologies but he wants to make DPP government his medical aid.

  24. yobu 1413 says:

    Very much alive? ‘Sindikutsekula m’mimba, ndikungonyera pafupipafupi tamadzimadzi’

  25. Ze Roberto says:

    How I wish sitting presidents could use their personal money to sponsor individuals for medical treatment outside the country as a philanthropic gesture. Do not try to look good on tax payers money. Our local hospitals are in pathetic mess and no one seems to care. Stupid dimwit president .

  26. true patriot says:

    I think we are becoming very irresponsible on social media and honestly going too far by circulating false rumors about someone’s death. It is not funny and it is immoral. There are a million bad things we can say about those we hate but lying about their death should not be among them!

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