CSOs give Malawi govt ultimatum to explain on Information Bill

Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) are pressing President Peter Mutharika’s government to explain to Malawians on real reasons why the executive is failing to table, discuss and pass Access to Information Bill (ATI) in Parliament to enhance democratic principles which are some of its core values.

CSOs addressing a news conference on ATI Bill

CSOs addressing a news conference on ATI Bill

CSOs operating under the umbrella of Citizen Alliance have expressed surprise on why the DPP –led government is not taking it seriously to table the bill.

Citizen Alliance Executive Secretary, Wilson Asibu said CSOs have given the executive seven days to respond after noting that there is no movement on the bill.

“We demand that the executive should not politicize the bill because the bill is for Malawians and not for the journalists alone as some have thought it to be,” State of the Union(SOTU)Board chair, Martha Kwataine, said it is embarrassing to note that Government is contradicting itself on the matter.

Kwataine described the delay in passing the bill into law as childish and immature.

“As CSO we fill that we have been cheated on the matter and it is now clear that DPP Government is taking Malawians for granted,” said Kwataine.

Human Rights Consecutive Committee Chairperson, Robert Mkwezalamba urged Mutharika to exercise his powers and drive his cabinet to pass the bill for the good of Malawians.

“Enough is enough I think we have been too diplomatic,” said Mkwezalamba.

CSOs, including Media Institute of Southern Africa (Misa) Malawi Chapter, have been calling for the tabling of the Bill which will guarantee access to information.

The Peter Mutharika administration promised to table the Bill in Parliament during the current sitting of parliament, but the bill has been referred to cabinet committee on Legal affairs to iron out”incostisitencies”, prompting Misa Malawi to express disappointment.

Through its chairperson Thom Khanje, Misa Malawi observed that the Bill was ranked highly on Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) manifesto in the run up to May 20 Tripartite Elections and wondered why government is dallying it.

But NGOs and CSOs Presidential Advisor Mavuto Bamusi said in a democracy, every section of the society is given the right to be herd even on matters of policy in nature.

Bamusi said Cabinet too, is not exempted from this fundamental democratic principle.

“Therefore, CSOs should accept that cabinet has got its own views and opinion on matters of national interests since Cabinet is our custodians of our national interests,” said Bamusi.

Bamusi said it is unreasonable to give unnecessary ultimatums on Cabinet on such a matter that borders on constitutional right of the people.

“It’s unreasonable to expect cabinet to rush into issues without giving proper and thorough guidance.”

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24 thoughts on “CSOs give Malawi govt ultimatum to explain on Information Bill”

  1. Are malawians voted the csos or ngos into power or not?.there is no need to waste time intalking with an outer mambrane leaving the inner one,that is nonsence at its best.why seven days,who are you?.

  2. selfish decision says:

    Its sad that some of your arguments my fellow Malawians are headless.Understand carefully the arguments of CSO don’t just argue for the sake of arguments
    This bill is important for transparency sake we don’t need to put politics they are two different things.Be ashamed with your silly arguments.If you don’t understand you better keep quite you are losing nothing

  3. guarantor says:

    I thought this was explained already that there are inconsistencies and some errors……….what explanation do you need. CSOs you ate very stupid…..there are over 14 million asses in Malawi we can’t just be hearing your stupidity.

  4. Monile says:



    Boma olo !!

  6. Mwakipiki says:

    Go go go go good people! Access to Information Law will help to improve on accountability in this country which is too far away. Our leaders think we have to thank them for leading us.

  7. Mulakho says:

    Good move. After this we need an ultimatum on Kwacha fall and an ultimatum on ESCOM blackouts. Then we need ultimatum on unemployment. This chiphwisi professor dziko lamukanika kuyendetsa

  8. Tchena tchena says:

    CSO JUST SIMPLY “GET LOST” We are tired of you.

  9. choonadi says:


  10. john says:

    but peter promised to pass this bill once elected. the way the govt is behaving, it is clear they are playing games.

  11. Chipiliro says:

    The President has been promising to have the bill tabled during the November. Why not finalising and push the views through the bill and Parliament? Respect the views of citizens. If we can fail to draft an acceptable bill in good time then what do we accomplish?

  12. molande says:

    Nachisale, you don’t know that “action to information bill” is very crucial issue? Yes it is very important, its worthy fighting for.

  13. Kenkkk says:

    Csos, sometimes you should be thinking. Why always give ultimatums? And how many of your ultimatums have been honoured? Very childish.

    You can pressurise the govt without ultimatums. That is what you should be doing. Ultimatums just make rightly so the govt more stubborn.

    Just talk in a civilised manner, we all want the bill passed.

  14. molande says:

    Why do we have to fight for every right. Let parliament pass this bill including that of industrial hemp.This country is backward because of our leaders are slow minded and resist anything good for the people like the creation of people’s bank.

  15. John Mbuziyatopa says:

    The only reason y most of the Malawians dont trust you guys is because you look at parties running the country and not issues at hand. Where were u in the previous govt when govt money was plunderered ruthlessly? U r an underground party being used by some greedy politicians… unless you change, otherwise most of the Malawians dont trust you anymore

  16. Msadane says:

    These CSP ultimatums are now becoming meaningless. Do the CSOS really have work to do? ??? I wonder

  17. Will poor man benefit says:

    The weakness of our CSO society is that they pursue what their donors command them to do. Of what importance is the information bill to the poor man. This bill is the equivalent equivalent of undressing in public on the part of government. So you guys you want to see government’s private parts in public?

  18. Malawian says:

    I remember there was a time the civil society was fighting hard for the the cconducting of elections for councillors. They impression they gave people was that councillors would bring immediate development to this country. Some months down the line, can we say that the loud noise about this issue was worthwhile. I do not think so, we still have uncollected garbage in our cities, most roads are still unpaved and the list is endless. If people would have information from a DHO freely for example will that bring food on people’s table or what? DHOs will still continue to operate as was the case before, because they went to school to do their job. CSOs tell Malawian that for this country to progress we need trade and investment and not access to information from government.

  19. The Analyst says:

    “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein (German Physicist)

    How many ultimatums have you dished out and hang on govt balls and fail to tear them apart, you CSOs? Countless! And how do you rate the effectiveness of the same? Useless! And you keep issuing ultimatums and expect that this time it will work? Are you non compos mentis as to fail to learn from your past experience? That you are dealing with lunatics? Who, when given an ultimatum, become even more adamant and challenge it? Is the ultimatum the only weapon at your disposal?

    . . . Know that ultimatums are useles when you are dealing with lunatic, chaotic and confused people who donot hesitate to shamelessly celebrate their dishonesty and deceit by consistently contradicting themselves, not in private but in public.
    . . . APM and his bunch of confused ministers and boys, are taking Malawians’ patience politeness or civility or respect or fear or stupidity, for granted and therefore need to be told in the face that enough is enough.
    . . . Lack of strategy and right focus by our opposition MPs is also regrettable. I cry for the days of old, sometimes; when parliament was old and mature; and the opposition was strong and strategic. “Section 65 no 1, budget no. 2” were the phrases for dealing with a deceitful and shameless governments as ours. Alas! They too are wondering what happened, yet they were there. Useless opposition!

  20. Benford says:

    A Bamusi, you will cry one day, after president said is not is Bamusi

  21. mapwevupwevu says:

    For this country to move forward we need to ban these stupid CSOs!

  22. Mkwapu says:


  23. ndata says:

    I guess access to information is crucial in national development. Do not forget some idiots plundered mk92b others mk13b by taking advantage of lack of access to information. So let us stop being shallow in our thinking. I applaud the CSOs for taking this fight into this direction

  24. nachisale says:

    Rubbish! Mwasowa chochita eti. This country needs to focus on crucial issues. CSOs you are trying to pick up this issue because there is nothing to give ultimatum on. Fotseki.

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