Fit and well  President Mutharika returns to  Malawi on Sunday: Announcement downplays death report in Zimbabwe’s Newsday

Malawian President Peter Mutharika who has been subjected of speculation that he was gravely ill and had sought medical help following his extended stay in the United States after attending the UN General Assembly in New York will return home on Sunday, October 16, 2016, according to his spokesman.

Mutharika: Malawi government dismisses rumours about his health

Mutharika: Malawi government dismisses rumours about his health

Presidential Press Secretary at official Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe, Mgeme Kalilani said on Tuesday morning that the Malawi leader will touch down the home soil at 13:00 hours on Sunday through Kamuzu International Airport.

“His Excellency Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika will return home on Sunday, October 16, 2016 from the United States of America (USA) where he attended the 71st United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) and also attended to various government businesses,” Kalilani said in a statement made available to Nyasa Times.

The accouncement comes in the wake of a  circulating copy of Zimbabwean newspaper, Newsday,  published on Tuesday claiming Mutharika had died.

With a headline of ‘The President of Malawi confirmed dead’, the Newsday claims Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe has send condolences and that government of Malawi is hiding the death from Malawians “after doctors in the US confirmed his death.”

Several online media in Malawi have been sensationally reporting about Mutharika’s condition, albeit without any facts or credible sources.

Mutharika, 76 spoke at the UN on 25 September and has been out of Malawi since then sparking speculations about his health.

But government insists that the Head of State enjoys a clean bill of health and that there was no need for people to panic.

“The President is enjoying very robust health and is continuing to carry on his duties” government spokesman Malison Ndau said.

Ndau, who is also minister of information and communication, warned that people speculating on Mutharika’s health will be “brought to book”.

He said the rumours  that Mutharika was gravelly ill “were baseless, malicious and sickening”.

Government spokesman also reminded “all Malawians that whilst the laws of this country provide for freedom of expression, those rights ought to be exercised responsibly and within the law.

“Spreading false rumours about the health of the president is a criminal offence.”

Nonetheless, Mutharika will return back to the grim reality of rising public anger over an economic meltdown, power outages, widely blamed on corruption.

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37 thoughts on “Fit and well  President Mutharika returns to  Malawi on Sunday: Announcement downplays death report in Zimbabwe’s Newsday”

  1. santana says:

    You people should not debate whether the president will end the blackouts or not, no. Continue debating whether the president is dead or not. Those who said the president is dead have strong evidence on this and the ones who are refuting this rumour, govt inclusive are also saying with confidence. So wait till sunday to see who is a fool.

  2. Simon says:

    DPP the blackouts party in conjunction Escom working towards blackouts all day everyday DppWoyee blackouts Woyee

  3. Thinktank says:

    The man didnt surrender his residency in the run up to 2014 elections. ….watch him…this is not the last time he will do this…he has to re..enter USA and stay 30 days to avoid losing permanent. Residency. .Forget this nonsense. ..that he was doing peoples business. .It was about his personal business. .and we Malawians are footing the bill…..

  4. Nomaindia says:

    Ameneyoyo azingobwera azasove za midimayi

  5. David says:

    Tatopa ndi ma blackout bola jb magetsi nsama mtima.nsinga votaso Dpp I mpakana 20 hours a day ngati tili ku mudzi Escom rubbish

  6. Gule says:

    He went to America to give advice to Hilary Clinton on how to punch on Donald trump. He has succeeded. Staging a vigil that’s nosensense. Why are you worried yet vice president is here running the affairs. MCP is worried if Peter died they will not win by fighting against Mchilima because he is from Central
    Take my word Peter was attending presidential debate in USA and its justified his trip to be confidential

  7. patriot says:

    kupoila a Malawi

  8. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Can somebody tell me honestly, who arranges trips for the president between OPC, Ministry of foreign Affairs and State House press secretary because all along, I thought state house deals with State House issues. But coming up with the presidential itinerary is blows up my mind now

  9. Chikaiko says:

    Lets wait and see…musathe mawu. Anything can happen between today and Sunday…Will see what you will tell Malawians on Monday.

    1. Chipatso says:

      Malawians how can you wish your ow president death. First I pray to God that those that were speculating the news should lose their loved ones and see how it feels to lose a person. A Malawi munatani osafunilana zabwino. That is why you will remain in poverty.

      1. Central says:

        Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh, @ Chipatso where are you getting za kufunilana zoipa? Is the message you have tagged having what you are saying or you just want to show the World you are one of the overzealous defenders?

        Personally, what I am getting from Chikaiko, and per his name, all I am getting from the message is that the guy is pessimistic and doesn’t believe what he is getting, because last week before weekend there was a similar announcement and come Monday, we had different things!! Now za zofunilana zoipazi ndiye mwazitenga kuti amangwetuuuu!!

        These are acts of dunderheads and bootlickers at best……………………………………!!

      2. NJIRA YA MTANDA says:

        Chipatso which God will hear ur stupid prayers, u must be a concentrated fool I guess, anthu okonda kudya zakuba, always relying on favours ndi amene mukuopa, who are you to stop people from expressing their perceptions?

  10. Three Angels message says:

    If he will declare that from Sunday no more blackouts then he is welcome else we continue to be good without him. Koma on the other hand, imfa yake yayandikira

    1. Chipatso says:

      Yayandikila ndi yako. Iweyo you will not see Saturday while the president is coming on Sunday.

      1. NJIRA YA MTANDA says:

        vuto lokhala ana a azimayi omwe ntchito yawo ndikuvina mmisonkhano ya DPP, lazy fool!

  11. Karrim says:

    Nyasatimes, did u see the story in the said Zimbabwean paper before publishing yours? Is that the only paper u read? did you have time to visit:

  12. santana says:

    Nachipanti what are you fearing? You say he should not address Malawians when he arrives to avoid insulting people who were insinuating he is dead? Have you not poured too many insults on him despite some corners assuring you the guy is live and kicking? So you can see that you will be the most stupid people on this soil? Though I don’t back insulting one another but on this particular issue I would support the move. I would even suggest the president to conduct a rally somewhere so that the insults should start from the regional governors and be finished by the secretary general of the party. PAC itself should not be spared from the insults. You are shivering with a one day insult yet you have done the same in more than a week. Akanakhala Atcheya akanachita kukutchulani za msalu. Vuto la a Malawi ndi loti whoever comes with a sensational issue you swallow it hook, line and sinker without any verification. So this Zimbabwe reporter has fooled all of you. He has proved for himself that Malawians are a rotten bunch. You did the same stupidity when TB Joshua talked nonsense about the same guy and you ended up being fooled and cheated. Ameneyu abweredi akusambwadzeni.

  13. mchisala says:

    This guy was servicing his American Green card for which he needed 30 days, all on our taxes!

  14. Maunits says:

    Well done Sunday is on the nose we want to see him.

  15. Lottie says:

    Lets wait and see. We welcome him back. The silence was too noisy.

  16. chimtek says:

    tikhulupilila tikamuona ameneyu

    1. Marri says:

      Inu Anthu awa akukunamizani Peter Adwala ndiye akuona ngati pofika loweruka atha kuyesa kuyenda Koma ndikuzitaeni kuti, zotelezi ziribe chisisi. A DPP an lephera kubisa imfa ya Bingu mpaka munthu wolemekezeka ngati amene uja kuola.

      Peter sa bwera Sunday. Lachisanu atinamiza zina. A Malawi chimene mungadzuwe ndi chakuti Peter is not deaf nor dumb as such ngati ali bwino sakana khala chete akana lankhulapo. Anthu amene akubisa za matenda akewa ndi a SATAN otheratu chifukwa akanatiuza zamatenda bwezi pano tilumpepherera President wathu.

      1. chimtek says:

        zoona boss

  17. HE the Life President Mfuti Kasinja? says:

    So the guys from Zimbabwe should be arrested, we beg our friendly president Robbie Mugabe to send journalist here so that we may hang them here using our laws.

  18. Marry Me says:

    Welcome back my president Peter Mutharika, son of the only most blessed family in Malawi.

  19. Nachipanti says:

    I wish our President could just address the nation kumene aliliko otherwise it will be baseless and sickening to have the President reacting on these issues when he touches down on Sunday. Mind you, Sunday is mother’s day and we dont want this day to be spoilt by a sludge of insults, accusations and counter accusations. We want to celebrate with our mothers on this day ngakhale tikudziwa kuti kudzakhala ma black out and dry taps.

  20. Dr Lozai Mbilizi says:

    Atipeza whether wakufa or wamoyo. Bola next president shudnt fire us from maudindo ononawa

    1. Kkkkkkkk says:

      Kkkkkkkk Dr. Mbilizi you really want to keep udindo onona umeneo kkkkkk. Ingopolamani you will keep it

  21. Mwene says:

    Risen from the dead! Welcome Mr President. Please remember to raise salaries by 30% for productivity in public university

  22. Kkkkkkkk says:

    We will believe when we see it. Za bodza basi. He’s not returning Sunday uyu. They just wanna buy time.

  23. Boma says:

    Welcome wakufa salankhura peter muntharika

  24. Boma says:

    Welcome our president wakufa salankhula peter muntharika.

  25. Point says:

    Iiii koma a Malawi kufunila mzanu kumanda….Inu osapitako first bwanji and start receiving others whilst there. Wa mbewu ndi ndani? Asakhale duuu relaxing, basi mwati wamwalira. The zimbabwe times anamvera kwa ife tomwe a Malawi. Iiiii koma ya. Kutsitsilana mu dzenje bwanji ngati tonse sitidzapitako? We should know God the more. Aliyense will die one day but its not good to create stories on others ngati stecelia wofunila anzake kulowa mmanda.

  26. Be Humane says:

    AND TODAY IS TUESDAY. Therefore this pretender will still be away for 6 more days. Utter stupidity

  27. NJIRA YA MTANDA says:

    Musatinamize munthu wamwalira uyu, chilungamo chikukusowa, ah! wait a minute! mukufuna mube kaye komaliza ngati mmene mudachitira nthawi ya Daniel Phiri eti, APM rest in peace!!

  28. mchisala says:

    The guy is servicing his American Green card, he will surface after 30 days!

    1. Kainfa says:

      If Peter would die today the majority of Malawians will be happy. Not because people are happy to see somebody dead. But because Peter has done more harm than good to the development needs of the majority of Malawians. A warning to Peter and DPP. The way you have run this country for the past three years is extremely bad even for the people who voted you. They would rather be happy to see yo dead thinking that the lives of ordinary Malawians would improve without you. This is a clarion call to you the president and DPP to reflect on your governance and the economy and improve. It surprises us that the president and your government are failing to find solutions to water and electricity challenges and also economic challenges facing the majority of Malawians. How can a sane government and president be away for a very long time without Malawians at a time the country is in a crisis and at a time when the country needs you most. We needed you here to bang our heads together and find solutions together for this country. Your absence Mr. President is a clear indication that you are reckless and no right thinking Malawian serve for bootlikers would wish you well. In addition, remember there is GOD in heaven. When he sees that enough is enough. He may decide to take away your life to save the lives of majority Malawians.I rest my case.

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