Govt to repatriate over 2000 Malawians from South Africa: Facing deportation

Government has repatriated over 200 Malawians from South Africa and is expected to repatriate over 2000 as they are facing deportation from southern Africa’s economic powerhouse.

Mphande: Will bring back our citizens

Mphande: Will bring back our citizens

Spokesperson for the department of Disaster and Preparedness Jeremiah Mphande said in an interview the whole exercise is to cost government K50 million.

“All those we are repatriating are at Lindera camp and are facing deportation. Most of them are answering charges of lacking proper documentation to allow them stay in South Africa,” he said.

Mphande said the government of South Africa is deporting illegal immigrants from Zambia, Mozambique and Malawi.

He said the first group of 245 Malawians was repatriated on on November 1 and the second group will e repatriated on November 22 whilst the third group will arrive on December 3 and the last group on December 7.

Mphande said four buses have been hired for the exercise with the help of Ministry of Health, ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs, Malawi Redcross and Organisation on Migration.

He said upon arrival in Blantyre, those repatriated are given money for transport back to their respective districts.

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47 thoughts on “Govt to repatriate over 2000 Malawians from South Africa: Facing deportation”

  1. S'KONO M'KAMWA says:


  2. tan'gatan'ga says:

    Ndiye tonse tiyeni tingothawira ku SA,akakatigwila thalansipoti yobwererela ilipo!

  3. tan'gatan'ga says:

    Let us get an injunction to stop Govt to stop spending money on the law breakers.

  4. tan'gatan'ga says:

    Why should our hard earned tax money be used to repatriate the illegal migrants to South Africa. This will only encourage others to break South African immigration laws which are similar to ours. Let the South African government deal with them according to their laws. The money saved would be better used to buy drugs and food for our hospitals. Please let us have our priorities in order.

  5. ephrahim says:

    Our leaders should be ashamed failing to created a economic environment to keep our most productive youth on the job in the country.
    As long the wages level in South Africa is seven times higher for the same job done, even Peter would like to get Jacobs salary, we will have this problem of economic migrants.
    My question is any way: For what is SADC??? Is it not exactly a economic and political zone to create also work for job migrants inside the zone?
    To the Human Rights organisation and our government : Please look into the situation in the deportation camps like “Ndindera” @ Joburg, our brothers and sisters get killed there
    by scrupulous ganster wardens!

  6. Tengupenya says:

    Hard choices among competing priorities. These economic migrants or refugees should be allowed to go through the deportation exercise (which the deporting authorities pay) and save the money being used to transport them buses to give them starter packs when they arrive home. Did SADC NOT FREE movement of people across the internal borders of SADC.?

  7. kowike says:


  8. schisale says:

    Am I the only one who finds the headline misleading at first glance. Our government is “not repatriating” it is the South African government that is repatriating. Therefore something like “Government is providing transport for Malawians repatriated by the South African government.”

  9. Bandawe says:

    Stop the nonsense we have already paid for these nonsense we still have lots of problems to work on and not these nkhutukumves

  10. California King says:

    Tikanali pa Theba simutitha olo mutatani mungotaya nthawi yanu pachabe. Peter Mulakho Wamuthalika Walomwe Mind your Business Fotseck

  11. timothy says:

    Pantuuuuu…..ndu wa amalawi,mavuto ndiwonyanya koopya

  12. myao says:

    Min of health failing to employ nurses but spending money on these people who will go back to SA after a few weeks in DDP Malawi, do we have aleader in Malawi or…..?

  13. Chatola says:

    Atsogoleri ku Malawiko tilibe,bola kokuno ku hell,timantha kugula firigi mwezi umozi ma plasma,lcd nde sikhani,pomwe kwanthuko chilichonse ndi ndale,sankho,nde titani,makapani mukutsegula koma mmuti azizela ku Zambian

  14. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    Athandizeni anthuwa akayambe ulimi wothirira. Anthu timafuna ntchito zolembedwa basi. Economy kuti ikhale bwino pa Malawi anthu tonse tikhale ndi zochita. Pano ndikunenapa wina waledzera kale. Amenewa akumapita dala yet akudziwa kuti ukagwidwa ndi mulandu. A boma kapelekeni ndalamazo ku chipatala anthu alandire mankhwala ndi chakudya.

  15. maganizo says:

    Tithawiranso kuti abale- private sectors sakulemba job
    kulima no fertilizer, mzungu naye akupereka mitengo yopepera GOD HELP MALAWI

  16. mbuyankhoma says:

    I guess these people are from Mzimba and Mangochi.welcome back home guys.But don’t forget to go back after two weeks to try your luck again.Globally,there is an economic crisis,this is why Asians are migrating to Eu countries on daily basis…does this ring any bells in our leaders heads?

  17. Dolo weni weni says:

    We wasting a lot of money on things that have no impact to the country. Why not spend the money to employ the doctors or buy drugs in hospitals? These people are akabwerebwere a Joni. They will come back and tomorrow you will see them off. Why should be wasted government monies with that. The ones you repatriated during xenophobia, went back and they have been caught again. Should we continue wasting money like this? Let RSA sought out its own mess!

  18. Mukumaotcha nkhalango ndi anthu amacheka kuli kuthamangitsa makampani a wood processing oti akanakhazikisidwa anthu ambiri kumapeza ntchito.Boma livutika ndithu ifenso Raiply yikatha chifukwa chakusowa mitengo amacheka inu mupeze ndalama zokatitengera mumaiko aweni monga ku RSA.

  19. Ndachoka konko pompano ndikukalowaso whether somebody likes or not.nyasaland is not a country to live.dziko labwanji lokhala ngati mulibe president?

  20. Chenda says:

    next time they go there they should find their own means of coming back as this is at owner’s risk

  21. Not their fault but it’s our president who want this coz every time he don’t stand back malawians

  22. Moral Tiyeni says:

    The idea of Amai Joyce Banda of exporting labor was discarded but l think it’s high time we rescind our decision and implement it. We need to send our people to other countries where they will work legally and earn a decent income to support their families.

  23. peeping lizard says:


  24. mukharapwio says:

    these people are law breakers in N Korea such people are received and carted away straight to a concentration camp thats why N Korea is a developed country regardless of countless years of sanctions.they even imprisoned their football coach after 2010 world cup for losing a game in the presence of the leaders son thus embarrassing him.these people use unchartered ways to reach SA,sasanzika, why then higher luxurious buses as if they went there on gvt funded study tour.if i was President i would have sent tatas,and on arrival calculate the value of their goods from these goods first deduct tax,deduct transport to and fro,and finally revoke there passports for 18 months and have their names and photos at all immigration offices and posts with stern warning that they not be issued new passports.i would kp their passports in my wardrobe

  25. John Banda. says:

    Can someone school me on this one. Whose responsibity is it to repartiliate illegal immigrants? Is it the host country or the country where the rounded people came from?

    What I can see here Malawi, poor as it is, is being generous to South Africa by offering to do the later’s job. It is like Malawi ordered South Africa to round them up on its behalf so that they can go get them and bring them home. This money that will be wasted in this exercise could have been put to better use because even if you go get them they will go back to South Africa. Mark my words. These brothers and sisters are running away from the untold hardship that is biting hard on the lives of ordinary Malawians.

    Unless government does something to uplift Malawi from the poverty index, people will never stop trekking to South Africa. But daft as it is, Malawi government and its leadership can not see the difference between black and white. It is business as usual and the journey continues.

  26. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawians are all over the world not only South Africa but in many countries looking for jobs, education and food. It’s pity that for the past 52 years Malawians still run out of their country because of poverty. Many Malawians after graduation they can’t find jobs. Our government only offer its people travelling passport. Nothing else. People are trying to survive as in Malawi right now life is not easy especially people from the north who can’t be employed, and they can’t go to Government Universities because of nepotism. If you go to Britain, United States, Germany, South Africa. You find that many Malawians in those countries are from Northern Malawi.

  27. kondwani says:

    Kuononga ndalama kwaanthu ali ndi moyo kusiya anthu amene akufuna moyo ma nurse ndi kugula mankhwala zipatala govt think about these

  28. chiphadzuwa banda says:

    mukupulumutsa anthu amoyo kale kusiya anthu ofuna moyo ma nurse ndi mankhwala zipatala govt think about these

  29. Pats says:

    Vakale vi deport. Vilutiya waka munthazi. Tamuwe

  30. mtali says:

    Inu aboma mukusowa zochita ndi ndalama ngati anthuwo akufuna kuti abwere kunu homa la south Africa liwatumize ndi ndalama zawo ngati boma lili ndi ndalama zokwanila ligule mankhwala muzipatala mulberry.

  31. Chidzukulu says:

    Why wasting money with repatriations? How long will you do that? They went there on their own let them come alone. Please use the money in our hospitals. People are dying. Keep enough money to support victims of natural disasters, we are in the rain season and see how we have started it already.

  32. Asyene lyosi says:

    The gorverment is lying,the people are paying themselves R1000 to be allowed in the bus,I was in Lindela myself on wednsday to give my relative that amount so he can travel.Plenty malawians were there to give money their relatives to pay.So plz dont lie here that 150million is Lindela cashgate

  33. Choonadi says:

    Zabodza boma la malawi sanalipire expenses aliyense amulipilitsa R1000 kuti akwere busiyo

  34. gori says:

    Kodi tikhalira zomwezi kumangotaya ndalama kuwabweresa anthu kuno kuti mawa azibwereranso konko? Kumangotaya ndalama ndi zinthu zomwezomwezo chikukusangalasani chani mwina mmapezapo nanunso cholowa mkati simukuonapo bvuto. repatriation yanji yoti boma lizitaya ndalama osaleka a South Africa wo abweresa okha anthuwo bwanji, zandidabwisa wina akupezapo cholowa chachikulu pamenepa.

  35. Sapitwa says:

    We sometimes fail to reason and always quick to blame others for our individual failures. Most of these illegals are school drop outs up to std 7. The South African government is fed up wasting money hiring planes for these gate crashers. They catch them and damp them in the already overcrowded prisons with unhygienic conditions. In the old days under Kamuzu, if you got deported after spending prison stint outside, your welcome home was Maula prison for 1 year or more. Staying in other peoples countries without valid permit is illegal and criminal and you can’t blame the host government or your own government if you are caught.It is even more criminal travelling without a passport.
    People need to be alert now especially because of this global terrorism, it will be dangerous to travel and if you have been found on the wrong side of the law you might be mistaken as a Terrorist. Sometimes it is better to stay in peace though poor financially.

  36. Khwethemu says:

    That is the responsibility of the South African government mbuzi za anthu a DPP. Alipo wanzeru mu boma ili. Ndalama mulibe koma kukawonongera za zii. Koma president Ben Phiri ndi Degree yake yobera iyi. Malawians wants jobs. Osati njira zanu zobera ndalama. Mukufuna mudyepo. Mukawatenga and 2 days they will b back ku South Africa.

  37. polofesa says:

    Kodi mwasowa kowonongera ndalama eti.. repatriating useless guys just to see parents on a free ticket and go back after one month. I think this department is full of dull but money hungry people who are refusing to think rationally.

  38. Katakwe says:

    Malawi is very poor,we have Ben Phiri as president what do you expect. Amalawi mbuzi ice. Mutharika is the worst President Malawi has ever seen now our citizens are being deported back to hell.

  39. Koma ????? says:

    why waste taxpayers money when south africa itself can repatriate them>

  40. Zovuta kusowa pogwira anzanu kuyesa mwai koma tsoka likalimba, pepani abale anthu next time will do

  41. mluya says:

    we’ll never give up.Its survival of the fittest

  42. aleken says:

    Vuto ndilot kwathu kuno boma limalimbana ndi anthu osauka.mungoona mmene akwezela passpot kufuna kupha osauka chifukwa ena mwa ife tikatuluka kupita kutmaiko tomwe tandikanao moo umasitha pang’ono.zikumandimvesa chison kut njinga yakapalasa mpaka ikumakhomeledwa msomkho

  43. Baddall Gonthi says:

    What next. So govt supports illegal migration. Slave servant akati mumuwonjezere ndalama mukuti apite mprivate. Wothawira mmaboarder athandizidwe. Sungani ndalama zambiri chifukwa mukakawatenga apitansooo!

  44. Boxer says:

    Please God have mecy in malawi we have tryd so much but South Africa their don’t like us’ b4 mk was 1to 1 today is 1 to 40 only God can make back really.

  45. mapwevupwevu says:

    And they will all go back!

    Don’t use my tax to repatriate them! Be smart, wait for South Africa to deport them at its own expense.

  46. Not their fault,they are looking for greener pasture. I guarantee you if the economy gets right and people can get jobs people will not be migrating. Fuck msce empower technical schools.

  47. Suzen says:

    Ngakhale mukawatenge adzapitanso Nanga Ku Malawi kuno adzagwira mtengo wanji

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