Inside xenophobia: Muckraking Extra

You must be a hard man not to feel for the hallowing tales spewed out by our compatriots who are fleeing xenophobia attacks in South Africa.

The writting on the placard is clear: Xenophobia is the new apartheid

The writting on the placard is clear: Xenophobia is the new apartheid

It is commendable that Vice President Saulos Chilima detailed two senior ministers – Atupele Muluzi and Kondwani Nankhumwa – to lead the sad welcoming party of the first batch of the returnees last Monday night. It demonstrated empathy on the part of government.

But government must realise that there is more to these young men trekking down south than meets the eye. If you were at Kamuzu Stadium that Monday night you would have noted that the majority of the returnees were young men south of the age of 30.

And the majority were barely educated, most of them recently married on the pilgrimage to the ‘promised economic land’ to launch themselves as men.

The kind of jobs these folks do down south are basic – house helps, shop or filling station attendants et cetera. These Malawians – like their Zambian, Mozambican, Congolese or Ethiopians counterparts – are preferred because they can accept almost anything dangled before them. They can work long hours without extra pay while South Africans can go on the picket lines once something as basic as bread price rises.

Chilima and Nankhumwa, who I must acknowledge showed exceptional leadership in this crisis, both know how they can address the problem. Because folks who trek down south are neither properly educated nor exceptionally skilled, both the Vice President and the Information Minister tout the community colleges President Mutharika launched the other day as a solution for this southward trek.

But, if truth be told, we had the Malawi Young Pioneers during the Kamuzu days but still young men trekked south for ‘Joweni’ or ‘THEBA’. So the community colleges may massage the symptoms but may not cure the problem.

Bringing our stranded countrymen back home is one thing, keeping them here is another.

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20 thoughts on “Inside xenophobia: Muckraking Extra”

  1. There is nothing the president or the goverent can do to curb this exodus. It’s goes way back time immemorial. What about all the African countries the likes of Egypt, Cameroon, Nigeria, Mozambique, DRC, Burundi, Tanzania, etc, etc. are they all failing? Then there will never be a country that will get it right. Not everybody can be employed by the government. Well if somebody puts one factor into consideration, a gardener gets an average of R4000/month & how much is it in our local currency, that dude didn’t go to school so can you expect one to come back & get a job where he can be paid K20,000.

  2. Saini says:

    How do we keek them home ,I wish we coulld but how ,community collage is not a solution but job creation with better paid

  3. mo says:

    Oooo!What a writer Your a Big Man indeed teach these youngsters who are calling themselves Journalist.Great

  4. Totolitotoli says:

    I repect Matokoso’s (13) observation but much has he think that ‘spew’ only means ‘vomiting’ [i guess] it may also mean ‘To send or flow out something in fast and forceful way’ This is Queens language one word may mean several things. Zimangofunika osati kupita ku sukulu koma kukakhalitsako KU SUKULUKO!

  5. watchdog says:

    waiting to hear more

  6. sukani says:

    The big problem is that we consider everything in politics,Other need good and long Malawi there is much resources but the problem is selfishness and corruption.if the government don’t put good measures,obviously,we Malawians we will cry for long time.

  7. xenophobia says:


  8. Matokoso says:

    With all due respect Mr Tenthani find a better word in place of ‘spew’ in the first paragraph

  9. Pumbwa says:

    Xonophobia is not different from the disasters/floods that happened in lower shire. There are greener pastures there that’s why they don’t move out despite the flood warnings. Its the same pple here who insearch of greener pastures go to South Africa, despite overlooking/overlooking the laws of Imigration they go still go there. Now just consider xenophobia as a natural disaster,,, they still need our comfort

  10. ndunde says:

    Mr Tenthani is not a president neither is he aspires to become one. addressing this problem is the job of the president and his cabinet

  11. kasparov says:

    This time around, the muckraker has left it to vast team of advisers to earn their keep. Dont think for once that he has no solutions. If you can read between the lines, you can actually see that he puts across suggestions. If you cannot read between the lines, then you are a pitful dimwit.

  12. Aaron mwansambo says:

    Ine ndikudya Rand kuno kumalawi ndizikatani ndilibe chochita ntchitonso kusowa bola ndipeze tindalama kuti ndikayambe ka small biziness basi zinazi za nkutu ,odi ndizimwa black lable wangayi

  13. ujeni says:

    I will disagree with the point Tenthani is saying that Malawians, Zambians, Congolese etc do the same jobs. If he can investigate he will find Congolese , Ethiopians dont go there primarily to do jobs like what Malawians do, Zambians too dont go to South Africa for those jobs. Investigate and you will find it is mostly Malawians who do those jobs, even there, among immigrants, Malawians are classified as the lowest class.

  14. Masoapatali adaongola Mtengo. says:

    Yes the returnees are here. What’s next to hold them at home(Malawi)? 2 problems: the majority of people are under-educated(MSCand below). 2 no job creations. I am baffled to see that many organizations are opening universitiesinstead of factories as if we have labour shortage in Malawi.Why not create a policy of balancing education and labour force output. We need more factories to create jobs. For over 50 years aid has been directed to charities (consumption) but has failed to alleviate poverty. For change, why not direct such aid to industry for economic productivity.

  15. zoona says:

    Oooooo! I like Pwiyapwiyas question. Constructive criticism should be accompanied by solutions. Dont just criticise because you have a big mouth. If you were the president what would you have done????

  16. Prophet Justice says:

    Pwiya pwiya, the article is urging on sustainable means of addressing the plight of these young men here in our country

  17. Mtumbuka says:

    musiyeni uyu munthu wopanda nzeruyu kumangolemba nkhani zopanda pake basi.

  18. Gas Machine Head says:

    So Mr.Tenthani what should be the solution then? You have just narrated the issue and we all know that but what is your suggestion? Probably you had run out of ideas for this weekend’s column.

  19. Malawiana says:

    What the writer is proposing is that government has to be quick at implementing plans that can make Malawi return to where we were in 2009. Only a stable economy with more jobs will be able to stop these treks and bring dignity to all Malawians.

    Malawi we can do it!

  20. pwiyapwiya says:

    So what…are u proposing ????

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