Kamuzu Central Hospital suspends laboratory services: ‘Go to private clinics’

Malawi’s major central hospital, Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe has suspended its laboratory services just weeks after it closed down its x-ray operations, a sign that health services in this impoverished nation are collapsing.

Dr Jonathan Ngoma, director of Kamuzu Central Hospita: Crisis

Dr Jonathan Ngoma, director of Kamuzu Central Hospita: Crisis

A memo seen by Nyasa Times from Hospital director Jonathan Nkhoma to members of staff says all patients seeking lab services should be directed to private hospitals.

Nkhoma says the lab services will resume after the lab equipment has been maintained but has not indicated when.

Some patients found at the hospital expressed surprise and asked the government to intervene the soonest.

“We can’t afford services at private hospitals, it is expensive,” said a lady who looked confused after a clinician turned her away.

The x ray department has also closed down due to an equipment break down reducing KCH to a mere health centre.

The situation in other hospitals is not good either as the government funding to ministries, including that of health, is erratic and in most cases their budgets are cut massively following donor money freeze due to theft and mismanagement forcing the health sector to literally collapse.

There are also reports of acute shortages of medicine in some public health facilities with patients being turned away or told to buy the drugs even basic painkillers like panado.

In his state of the nation address on Friday in parliament, President Peter Mutharika doubted if donors will ever rerurn, urging Malawians to persevere in the harsh economic times.

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47 thoughts on “Kamuzu Central Hospital suspends laboratory services: ‘Go to private clinics’”

  1. Funso? Kodi a Malawi tizingoyang’ana zimenezizooo!

  2. ConcernedMalawiTurnedUSCitizen says:

    Sue the government!!!!!!!

  3. Mwana Mulanje says:

    Agalu inu, mufuna anthu azipita kwa asing’anga ndi azamba. Boma lakukanikani. The healthcare system has collapsed. Come 2019, most of the potential voters will have died from curable diseases!

  4. Blackson kita says:

    Ithink this Goverment of APM mmmmmmm

  5. chimwemwe says:

    Xray machine broken, no X ray films as well, no medicines or surgical items, KCH blame Central medical stores please, whoever is in charge have mercy for the patients they are forced to come there as there are no aletrnatives. Donors have left us they lost faith in Humanity and forget there moral obligations, why punish 16 million malawians for mistakes for cashgaters, Malawi govt needs to address these shortages NOW, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

  6. chatonda says:


  7. Girl says:

    Zavuta kumpanda apa ndiye zero pa ten sureeeeee!

  8. Pseudo code says:

    munya muona simudati a Malawi kupusa too much, kuvotera munthu chifukwa chakuipidwa mtima instead of giving it a deep thought and choose the right one, kaya zanu izo mukukuta mapwala simudati , ine ndili phe mu office ya ma air con uku secretary wanga akundisewretsa mapwala kunja kuno!

  9. Gunda Phiri Katsekaminga says:

    The Director of KCH kukonda kufusira kwambiri akazi including azimayi okolopa and some Nurses. He will have his own sex lab in his office.

  10. maleso says:

    let them take our money. God will see what to do with them.

  11. Kanyimbi says:

    Kodi mwati zipangizo zonse za ku Laboratory zawonongeka? Zinthu zina ndi zodabwitsa ndithu. Unduna wa za umoyo umalandira chithandizo chambiri kuchokera ku maiko a kunja. Kodi ma nurse athanso ku chipatala, tikumva kuti ma nurse sakupezeka ku ward 4B. Izi zikuwonetsa kuti pali sabotage basi.

  12. abraham says:

    Jah help this mother land.laboratory scientists are one of the most important people in the health sector.the backbone of diagnosis dwells on lab services.God help we.

  13. Palikanthu says:

    If we take the 92 billion wasted by the DPP and their select civil servants or home boys, how many lab tests could we have had?

    Now let us factor in the 577billion, how much more health care would our people have enjoyed. Then if we take all the money we have wasted on treating Mphwiyo in RSA how far could that have taken us.
    And then we calculate the amount of money that has gone into building houses by crooked accounts clerk in Government, NAC, CMT, MSB you name it!
    APM kindly do your job and stop this madness, improve efficiency within the judiciary, repossess all property and money from looters including from the Big Kahuna deceased estate ie from the exwife the brother now President, and the children of Bingu

  14. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    And he saw it okay to deliver the state of the nation address in 25 minutes. Hahaha! Bolanso ine pamene class rep ndimayesetsa utsogoleti.

  15. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Izitu zomasankha president poti ndi wakwathu koma alibe kuthekera tikukuta nazo mano a Malawi. Nanga ndi zinthu tikumvazi?

  16. mlanjira says:

    The problem is that all in power rush to SA when they get sick forgetting a poor malawian in the village.

  17. Kingster Bella says:


  18. kufakulipo thawi yakwana basi

  19. Alyc says:

    Please let us also know when the servives are back.

  20. Mahera says:

    God help Malawi.

  21. selfish decision says:

    I tell you more death at Kamuzu central hospital. Who will rescue us please the trusted govt is failing.
    Oh god come to our rescue
    My neighbour has just passed away no nurse to assist

  22. selfish decision says:

    Last night not even a single nurse at 4B.Its pathetic and sad development what’s wrong with Malawi ?
    Reporters come and ask guardians this is teal not political

  23. Eugene says:

    577 BILLION woyeeee mathanyula failed state

  24. Patriot weniweni says:

    India,China,Pakistan have been getting aid from the US and UK and you expect Malawi with the limping economy to wean itself suddenly from donors.Dont be cheated with people like Wamutharika,Goodall and other Dpp loyalists.These people have stolen alot and have fat bank balances to live comfortable lives in Malawi.There is untold poverty in Malawi at the moment.If nothing is going to change,alot of Malawians are going to die before their required time.No drugs in hospitals,hunger is looming,the economy is in shambles,high rate of unemployment,high rate of crime etc.They are very happy to lecture Malawians to tell them now and again about the boring statement of enduring harsh realities of the poor economy meted to them because of failing to conyrol corruption while themselves are swimming in ill gotten riches.The failed wamutharika has even the audacity of bragging of his ill gotten riches to downtrodden Malawians.This is total bullshit what is happening in Malawi at the moment.

  25. Owen odinga says:

    India has launched a satellite few months ago and still get grants from countries like UK and yet Malawi Mukuti tiyiwale chithandizo, Usawi chichi?

  26. jofwido says:

    APM can afford to have spare luxury vehicles on his convoy [next time his convoy passes by, look out for vehicles with the lion where the number plate is supposed to be – these can only be used by APM – you’ll see there are at least 3, meaning two just have the driver]. But we cannot afford to keep our hospital laboratories running? Are we serious as a nation?

    Ebola spread in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia principally because the health systems in those 3 countries had collapsed [mainly through civil war]. We have been at peace throughout but we are allowing our public health system to collapse. How will we cope when there is an epidemic?

    People talk of people like APM relying on medical evacuation to South Africa; but this assumes that there is time to carry out the evacuation. I thought the events of April 2012 would be a wake up call for politicians to revamp our medical facilities…

  27. Boma says:

    Simukudziwa ndalama zothandizira KCH ndizimene akukapangitsira ma interview pa 17thNovember chosecho posting yama nurse itatuluka kale.Si katangale umenewu?Quarter system ndi ntchito yomwe?

  28. mrs banda says:

    What is this? U mean government don’t have money for laboratory equipment? Or maintain an X-ray machine?
    Where is the minister of health? Seriously Mr President you don’t know about this? Saulos Chilima? Do you know how much laboratory cost is at private hospitals? Lets not blame cash gate on everything…

  29. darth sidious says:

    my god is a listening god. you people voted and god gave you what you wanted. why are you crying now? munya simunati. shatap!

  30. dadaboma says:

    These are the fruits of voting for DPP. It is not cashgate that is to blame. There is cashgate everywhere and in all countries. What matters is the people you elect into leadership positions. JB would have talked to the donors and correct the situation. She instituted an audit into financial fraud that took place during her time and had started putting in place mechanisms to stop repeat of cashgate. APM is failing to respect and operationalize the audit into cashgate done during Bingu’s regime. It is voting for APM that is killing this country.

  31. napwili says:

    Kodi tidayesanji a Malawi kusankha anthu olephela ngati a DPP? Anthu akuti zafika pa mwana wakana phala koma ife tikuti zapitilila ndipo zafika pa MWANA WAKANDA PHWALA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Saiziyakana says:

    you see. Professor President. You can castigate Joyce the opposition and everyone – there is no gain. I have said it again and again. Donor know who initiated the cashgate ..joice participated… however DPP is the main culprit – heaping all cashgate on Joice will not help Malawians may be it will help you politically – i doubt because it will always come back. No matter how hard you hide the MK570 billion – its ugly face will always haunt you.
    You do not have the charisma and the brains to run this country and right we will sink into very deep shit yet
    Please atone the DPP sins – speed the cashgate prosecutions, Njaunju Death, stop nepotism and get people that can roll their shirts and work to get things done, let us have a national identity through a nationally agreed agenda – you propose the agenda and let everyone sit down and agree and buy into it – if we are going to be inward looking.
    Apo bii we will see you fire fighting up to 2019 – being a president is not a big joke of stealing tax payers money. Atleast your brother got donors money to steal – you are milking an already dying cow. You are busy lying to each other – people of one tribe osauzana zoona mpaka liti.
    We need donors in the short term so that we can get weaned slowly. At that time the civil service should be such that it can manage resources without big leakages that are there right now. Donors and all of us should work on our ethics before we can say yes lets go on our own.

  33. wanya nayo says:

    musamangoti cashgate ayi ……ndindalama zingati zomwe akuononga pomakamba nkhani za cash gate abale?…..akanangozisiya bwezi piano boma lilipena koma chifukwa chofuna kuchuka mukuononga nazo ndalama….mukuwamanga koma ndalamazo osatengaso ayi …..za cash gate zisiyeni ndalama zomangolipila ma loyazo kaguleni zina mwazipangizo za mchipatala …

  34. Hansou says:

    Let’s negotiate with Mozambique, Zambia and Tanzania to share amongst themselves this land called Malawi

  35. Concerned says:

    Shame. We need serious prayers. Poor Malawi. No hope for the needy. Eish !

  36. all those who are involved in the cashgate scandal must know that our God have seen what you guys have done to this country,its a shame that you still live in country you plundered mercilessly,i don’t know why ,it would’ve been better if you had left this country for another country coz you guys don’t belong to this country for sure.

  37. Peter Ibu Lhomwe says:

    That’s the price poor Malawians have to pay for ushering a cash gate-tainted party into office. Mr Ibu Mutharika cannot complain because when he is sick he goes oversees with his ministers and party loyalists including the ruthless cadets. He told us we have to forget about donors. Really? If rich counties like Israel and Egypt rely on donors, how can we survive without them? The centre cannot hold and things are falling apart.

  38. The Professor says:

    This is what happens when you rely on handouts from Azungu to run your economy and then you put habitual thieves into power. We all know that some families have an history of prostitution and you can’t allow your son to marry into that family. Likewise, some tribes thieving is in their blood, it’s hereditary and you choose them to lead you kkkkkk where will they take you to? And you expect the Mzungu to give you Aid? Hahahaha my fellow countrymen, you will continue grinding your teeth until MCP Comes into power! Vote wisely in 2019, Vote MCP, The black cock!

  39. Deputy says:

    Disaster in Malawi.A hospital without lab services?It is first time am witnessing ths kind of failure in leadershp.Peter is very useless

  40. conversion says:

    Kumpalume mwana wa grace maseko apanga chani, we need to save this country from this Professor otherwise more hospitals will completely close down. Pitani mu ma DHO mukaone mmene akusakazila chuma cha boma ma 10nights kulandira ma DHMT kuyiwala poor pple

  41. KALULU says:

    Cashgate let our country down, we need help here please God forgive our nation Malawi

  42. buzi says:

    Just sell the country……

  43. Achimidzimidzi says:

    The way forward is for this government to be transparent. Thus, it should publish/declare how has been collected in a month and how this has been spent. This information can be verified by the public. After all its our money.

    We need to know how much departments share the money.

    Our leaders are simply childish.

  44. kudya says:

    Where is Malawi going??

  45. King Jaffe Joffer says:

    My question to the government of the professor is: Now that you have prophesied that donors will never come back, what plans and programmes have you and your aging cabinet put in place to prop up economic growth for self sustenance and survival? Mr president this country is in a crisis never seen before and while your docility and bankruptcy in leadership credentials are well documented, you can afford to continue dosing and snoring now that you are at the driving seat. You fought for the presidential seat through crook or hook and the lives of the entire nation are in your hands. The nation is awaiting revolutionary plans from you no natter how imaginary and remote this is, knowing how terrible a leader you are your excellency the professor. If you are not able to save this country, then perhaps Malawians will have to save this country from you

  46. sangomaaa says:

    A joice a oswald a paul etc Ndi zomwe munkayembekezera kuti zikhoza kuzatero??,

  47. Malawian!!! says:

    Dr Kumpalume are you asleep?

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