Lilongwe residents panic as heavy rains pour overnight

Lilongwe Areas including 24, 25, 49, Senti, Mgona, and Area 18 were last Valentines night shook by heavy rains that started around 11pm.

Heavy down pour

Heavy down pour

Some left the comfort of their houses to seek shelter in outside kitchen. Others kept awake throughout, wondering what would happen next.

Residents kept communication through cellphone calls and social media, especially Facebook, as they expressed their fears.

A Gulliver resident pondered about running to hide at the new stadium construction site as an Area 25 man wrote on Facebook “its very scary”.

“Its another threatening combination of nature rainfall, windfall and thunder in Lilongwe. Lord have mercy,” posted an Area 36 man on his Facebook account.

Uncofirmed reports indicate seven houses have lost roofs and one has been completely destroyed

Early January a hailstorm ripped through the capital city falling houses and wall fences, removing entire rooftops, uprooting trees and in the process damaging property including cars.

Heavy rains have been recorded across Malawi wrecking havoc, damaging houses and crops in Mzimba’s Edingeni area, causing floods in Karonga and parts of Salima, washing away entire homes in Blantyre and Zomba, and extensively flooding the Lower Shire where an entire village except the chief was washed away in Fatima.

The meteorological office through Elina Kululanga has warned now and again that those people living in low areas should consider moving upland.

Forecasts show heavy rains will continue in many parts of the country.

At the meantime over 15 districts have been badly hit, with thousands displaced, others relocated, crops and livestock destroyed demanding for massive relief aid and threatening famine this year in the impoverished landlocked country.

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41 thoughts on “Lilongwe residents panic as heavy rains pour overnight”

  1. SAPITWA says:


  2. Dan says:

    Looks like calamities, children of God let’s pray hard, comfess our sins coz God knows da solution

  3. ujeni says:

    It rainned in area 18 but not area 47 or 15, is that what you are telling us?

    1. Wawa says:

      So you want the author to mention each and every area or location in Lilongwe? Anzako a komwe sikunatchulidwe anena okha pompa. Kumbwambwana eti? Shame.

  4. jonathan says:

    Izi ndi za chilengedwe.tisalozane dzala amalawi tinatani kodi.Mau amati in everything give thanks to the Lord.God knows better than everyone else.

  5. achopwiiî says:

    so sad

  6. Zayambika says:

    Kuno Ku area 49 kunavuta zedi. God have mercy on us malawians.

  7. Why didn’t the prophets prophesy this? I thought in Malawi we are flooded with prophets!

  8. John M says:

    Shame! My Country. Lord have Mercy!!!!!!!

  9. Agulupu says:

    It’s just a natural disaster, nothing to do wth APM as some pple think. Voting for wakwathu, that’s what u get at the end of it.

  10. Shimba says:

    it was realy heavy rainfall,thunderstorm here at Mtsiliza was also hit by heavy rainfall,nyumba 6 za police pa Piyasani along Kaunda road malata ali tsidya la mseu kukagwetsa mpanda wanyumba ku area 47

  11. Tunthumbwana tambewa says:

    Azangazokha inuyo ndiye dimukudziwa kanthu. Mungatiuze y all these in these thugs regime?

  12. Winford kayange says:

    Tagona panjatu

  13. fkr says:

    did anyone pray for rain again? if so please stop praying! stop intervening in nature.

  14. Here we go again says:

    here in area 25b it was more than danderous, as iam writing am at the funeral of one of the victims of this heavy down pours after the wall of their hous fall on them. May his soul rest in peace. Indeed it was horrible

  15. mwalafyale says:


  16. mdabwii says:

    I slept like a log…..peacefully and I thank God for it.

  17. Phwado says:

    My wife had to scream and wet her pants when that horrible lightening struck here in area23.she kept on crying and shivering for almost 30minutes and I had to make love to her to cool her down.True story.

    1. mbwaxe says:

      Iwe usaname ape!! I know you very much ndiwe munthu wokomda ku kwata!! Ndiwe wa nyere chabe!!! Choka go to hell ndikambolo kakoko!!!!

    2. titus Scoti says:

      Inu a Phwado, zoona mungamanyadire zoti akazi anu anakodzedwa chifukwa cha mantha? Can you for one time be humane. Mkazi wako unayenera kumpatsa ulemu wonse. Even if it were true that she wetted her pants, which I doubt anyway, it cannot be for public consumption. Confess to her and repent. Tiyeni tipatsane ulemu! Our wives deserve it more than anybody else after our parents. I rest my case!

  18. it was more than horrific & scary esp here in area 23

  19. wosamba says:

    Chilango cha cashgate apa zangoyamba

  20. Dr Mtumbo wapsa says:

    Punishment to Malawians who let in boma lobera ma voti. Things won’t tick for Pitara. Strikes all over, floods, hailstorms, zingozi pa nsewu , roaming hunger, magetsi zero , madzi zero. Zinazi ndichilango cha Mulungu. Kuba ma vote and kuyikapo anthu satanic pamipando ndikumati Malawi dziko lowopa Mulungu zowona? Akuti new world order? Kkkkkkkkkk. A Pitara kkkkkkkk mukutiyikilanji pa mkwiyo WA Mulungu?

    1. zangazokha says:

      Dr ntumbo watha , choyamba ndingopempha mulungu akukhululukileni simukuziwa chomwe mukuyankhula and ur the an empty tins dat makes a lot of noise. Zikusonyeza kuti mutu mwanumo mulibe kanthu, Sorry for dat.

      1. Dr Mtumbo wapsa says:

        A zangazokha inuyo nde a empty tin big tym. Why all the sudden all these calamities? One would think in either way just as Dr Mtumbo in his/her wisdom has thought. Its a fact that God has different avenues of showing his anger to his people. Read the bible, there are so many examples God used to punish nations which did displease him. Its a fact that this government is a forced one upon to the people and the majority don’t like this government. Too much oppression through nepotism, tribalism and regionalism

    2. Boto says:

      Kodi “roaming hunger” imaoneka bwanji?

      1. Wawa says:

        You are just a fucking idiot. The editor was writing looming and roaming is just the typo. Mukuyesa ka grammar kanu ka tima comment apa mwati mutchuke? Grow up.

  21. Wawa says:

    Sapitwa is a real shit. When they say Malawi hit by floods is the entire country under water? Go back to Std 1 iwe Sapitwa. Ufiti eti?

  22. chims says:

    it was scary indeed.

  23. chimutu says:

    iwe sapitwa ndi wa MCP eti kumangosutsa zilizonse and why castigating the author? I personally experienced the shock and was really a cyclone

  24. freespch says:

    The idea of legalizing sinful acts branding them human rights evokes Gods wrath on a nation America is no longer what it was, A super power? No. If God is not with a nation the land is cursed. Lets stop copying every bad thing in the name of democracy. Don’t be surprised when we have Cashgate, floods miliri. Unless we repent Gods wrath has come to stay..

  25. Andrew tandwe says:


  26. Machimo ngambiri mugwadireni yehova for forgivines

  27. Dedza Guy says:

    It was really scary. We give praise to the almighty, especilally for area 25 residence.o

  28. Sapitwa kakulanye says:

    Not all Lilongwe residents panicked. That is generalization, it was you the reporter and your friends. Your article is not worth any news. News could be the impact or any occurrence as a result of the rain. But this story is what you were chatting with your friends and is by far not representing the feelings of Lilongwe residents as you allege.

    1. special advisor says:

      We don’t call it generalization. Its an acceptable use of hyperbole in artistic writing. This guy has written well. A good writer should make your senses come to like. You must hear it, smell it, touch it, taste it and…the rest is common sense, which sadly, is not as common. We thank God for lives and property saved. We pray for his mercy on people that endure loss and suffering. God’s thoughts are not man’s thoughts, his ways are not man’s ways. He remains God. “Be still and know that I am God”.

  29. Recall Mwayi if you want to back to winnining ways says:

    It was horific here in Area 25.imagine iwas unable to see adistance of 2m away. The storm was dangerous and scary.We prayed for some 5minutes to God.

  30. kambondoma says:

    izi nzovu ze talakwa chani a Malawi Zambia kuli ziii of cos andzathu chilengedwe alinacho Olo mphepo itaomba imathela mmitengo koma ife makala kaya! !

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