Malawi banks slammed over degrading treatment: Man wetted himself because staff wouldn’t let him use toilet

National Bank of Malawi (NBM) at the Henderson Street Branch in Blantyre has been slammed over their ‘cruel and degrading’ treatment of Blantyre-based entrepreneur William Sichinga when he wet himself in the middle of a the banking hall after he was refused use of the toilet.

Kapito:  Banks should serve customers well

Kapito: Resounding message

Man wetted himself

Man wetted himself

Sichinga said he was left ‘totally humiliated’ with the incident.

The story attracted wraths of commentators who accused NBM and other commercial banks over poor service delivery.

Consumer Association of Malawi ( CAMA) boss John Kapito said the recent saga involving businessman who peed in his trousers after waiting for three hours at a bank should send a resounding message of the urgent need to clear this mess. Otherwise, these are no laughing matters, he observed.

“Banks in Malawi love to see people suffering and standing on the queues for a long time. One wonders how on earth any supervisor would sit on her or his chair and watch a large group of consumers queuing over one teller when most bank employees are busy eating tangerines and groundnuts, and chatting on Whattsup,” Kapito said..

Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR), human rights advocate, Makhumbo Munthali said bank should treat customers with dignity and not only be interested in making profits.

Munthali said bank’s treatment to Sichinga was “appalling” and “degrading.”

And writing in his ‘Cut the Chaff’ column published in the Weekend Nation, Ephraim Munthali wrote:”Banks in this country have been allowed to get away with so much that they believe they can do anything with people’s money. And the regulator, Reserve Bank of Malawi, constantly snores on the job. Where will customers turn to? Malawians are really bitter with our banks. “

NBM’s account relationship manager Chimwemwe Mtima-Jere apologised for the incident and reiterated that the bank’ policy does not allow customers to use its washroom facilities “for security concerns.”

Bankers Association of Malawi executive director Lyness Nkungula said restrooms are not provided in the banking halls for security reasons and that if a person is pressed, he or she has the liberty to ask for a restroom.

Recently, senior media practitioner Charles Simango took it to his Facebook wall to post a stinging criticism of a CDH Investment Bank poor customer care services.

Simango—a highly-regarded journalist and editor—also tore apart one of the country’s largest banks for its arrogance towards existing and potential customers.

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National Bank ma Teller ake ali Lazy kwambiri and u stand for a long time on quee, i love Opportunity Bank ,they know how to save Customer,and they respect a Customer as a boss of that Bank unlike other Bank ,guys try Opportunity Bank you will never regret on Customer Service,this is so Sad


My dear you could have just produced real hard staff. It could have communicated the message of customer care throughout the bank.


nde ku bank kumeneku azimayi amaphoda ngati ziwanda,usiku utakumana nazo panjira,ukhoza kuthawa.mahule ndi mmbava ku bank imeneyi.


Musundu wanyoko iwe ukunena atumbuka , infact pathako pako & ndiwe chindele. There is no correlation with tumbuka & the issue been raised here . iweyo uzazinyera kapolo waziko wachabechabe


Malawi economy can not grow as we all hope for….we have alot of educated savages in Malawi especially in the banking sector. They lack innovation, just waiting for allowances and demand deposits. Why should we spend 2 hours in bank as the money is for the bank? If I drop my 5million bank account would National bank have made that 14billion profit? Mbewa zopanda nzeru Ku ma bank onse, firstly National Bank, NBS bank,komanso bank ya Zuma iyi Standard bank.

Jelbin mk

Mr nkhwazi you are a pathetic human being can’t you comment constructively? Without mentioning tribes? You recognise people by their surnames,we can’t live like that mr you must wise up pls. And more over umamwa tea ngati zilipo zogulira sugar otherwise umangokhala wonyoza aneba kuti amazikonda chifukwa cha tea wawo womwe.

mcdonald nkhoma
The banks have realy gone wild. There is no customer care at all. Some of us are just compelled to use the bank like national bank because kusintha panopa zambiri zisokonekera kwambiri. They just stopped issuing annual bank statements without notice and when you need one it is very expensive. They really have control of our money and we are just left helpless. Please mr Kapito press for our rights as customers in the banks. Ena omwe ali ndi vuto ndi a NICO aja amapanga za ma insurance policy. Akutiberanso ndalama and they delay payments nakonso kuli mavuto ambiri zedi.… Read more »

Concerned citizen galu wamkulu


Ine ndidzapita to fmb ndi nbs capital city branch zoposesazo

George phiri
What do you mean (1) when you say for the security of your money? Your comment clearly shows you work for national bank. Dont be silly my freind because you should know better that any bank robbery customers dont lose their money because banks are insured. When making these comments you should be aware that one day you will be on those crockdile ques waiting to cash your money. Three issues at hand here; long ques are unacceptable in the modern business environment, secondly Sichinga is a customer and not a robber as such he should have been assisted. This… Read more »

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