Malawi corruption on the rise – Transparency International

Malawi is among the most corrupt countries in the world, a report released by an anti-graft  global watchdog shows.

Malawi amed most graft-ridden nation

Malawi named most graft-ridden nation

The country has been ranked 110th among 175 countries in terms of the Corruption Perceptions in 2014 Global Corruption Barometer released by Transparency International (TI) on December 3 2014.

The Berlin-based group’s table is the most widely used gauge of corruption by governments, police, court systems, political parties and bureaucracies, highlighting a scourge it says undermines development and deepens poverty.

Transparency says that because corruption is illegal and secretive, it cannot be empirically measured. So instead it collates surveys from the World Bank, African Development Bank, Economist Intelligence Unit and other bodies.

It then ranks 175 countries on a scale of 0-100, where zero means very corrupt and 100 signifies very clean. This year the average score was 43, and two thirds of countries were below 50.

Malawi – currently rocked with the biggest corruption scandal in the country’s history with K20 billion was looted from public coffers by top government officials in a period of 6 months in 2013 and about K92 billion from 2005 dubbed cashgate – has fallen down on the ladder by 5 places on the index to record a score of 33 in the 2014 Corruption Perceptions index, from a score of 37 in 2013

TI ranked Sudan, North Korea and Somalia as the worst offenders and Denmark, New Zealand and Finland as the most squeaky clean.

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22 thoughts on “Malawi corruption on the rise – Transparency International”

  1. mr malawi says:

    masiku osiridza munthu azakonda ndalama mosalabada moyo wa mzake timasankha mwachikhulupiliro kuti mwina zinthu zikhala bwino koma zimanyanya kuonongekanso tapota nanu atsogoleli mukumangodyelera nokha anthu akulira muzayankha chani patsikulo think twice

  2. Mutu Umodzi says:

    Zofuna izi. Mulira simunati. Simunkaona ngati it will only affect those others? Lero dzanambnso kuthina dzapweteka. Ha ha ha, munasankha nokha.

  3. chechipapwiche says:

    Whenever there is a problem with a group or community,problem is the leadership. Just advise or ask our leaders to be transparent in everything and automatically corruption will go even without chasing it.

  4. Mbukavu says:

    1 is cleanest or least corrupt The worst are those farthest from 1 As a country we need to do more on corruption prevention We need to match words with actions

  5. Chuma chobisika says:

    it’s bad news to Malawians please take note

  6. Bazuka says:

    DPP & PP are babies born to a very corrupt mother UKUFUNA DEAL FULUMIRA- UDF. There4 expect worse corruption. The major problem is the high illiteracy levels of our country especially in the southern region. If all people were able to access social network sites & learn how these thieves are destroying their country they would have taken these robbers to task. Alas Malawi you are an orphan!

  7. buluzi says:

    The index is based on the past 12 months- about 6 months have been JBs time- in fact she started cashgate!! two OLG GEEZERS sorrounded by theier thieving friends!! Down with PP!! down with DPP!!

  8. chatonda says:

    Jpyce Banda and her cohorts are the ones that have made the corruption rate go very high. Deal with them

  9. me says:

    what you people really think?
    all the others who join him the others of the other parties what do they want?
    they dont win election but they want a big salary so they accept.
    people all of them they are not good people.
    those guys dont care about the people or the country only themselves.
    change govenment but dont allow to go there not even one of those who are there.
    thieves all over the place.protest against this gorvernment.protesting is a right all over the world.
    so now tell me if JB was bad or not?
    that women in a short time she start to do nice things to people and to the country.~
    the image that she give to outside worlwide was nice and people were startting to believe in country and i know that nice investiments were going there but now like this.
    the truth is that all of you know the election were fake and corrupt so.
    this is the prize.
    now only miss is cousin go there and they together steal the rest that misses.
    you know outside countries are tired of that and tired to see no results.
    people are going to soffer.unite yourselves and do something right at least one time of your lifes and change that.protest and put government down when still its possible.

  10. chatty man says:

    What do you expect from DPP? Nothing good will come out of this govt.

  11. Patriot says:


  12. Chitipa Wenya says:

    Zitsilu amalawi. Mbuli zotha ntchito. APM openly told you that he would follow his brother’s footsteps. And you knew what Bingu did to poor Malawi. And you opted to vote for him. Within 6 months you are crying. Then what are you going to do, poti ulendo sunayambike. Kwasala 4yrs and 6 months of mourning and toiling. Poor Malawi. When shall you make a right choice and achieve a true smile ?????????????????????

    1. vindere says:

      I for one am not stupid but blame people from Southern region. They are the ones who are most DUMB and STUPID.

  13. John says:

    Are we just going to win on everything?

    Kleptomaniacs= number 1
    Corruption = number 1
    Poorest = number 1
    Mortality = number 1
    Poor education = number 1
    Etc etc etc….

  14. gudgado says:

    my poor malawi………..this country cant survive without corruption…..i hate and regret for being born in malawi. right from the top, corruption corruption. come 2019, i will never waste my time voting for the big fishes……..rubbish

  15. Pastor says:

    Nothing new here, Verdict wholly accepted.

  16. dadaboma says:

    Those silly Malawians that voted for DPP brought all the hell onto Malawi soil. Corruption is such an aspect of the hell loosened onto Malawi. And it’s practiced from top (APM and his wife) to bottom in govt offices. Poor pay is the order of the day and you must know that a govt that poorly pays its workforce is not saving money but making its workforce think of finding ways to make ends meet, and this includes further corruption and stealing. A country that slides 5 steps in under 6 months on corruption index means that every one month sees that country increasing its corruption by unity. If we are now 110th out 175 countries it means we shall be the most corrupt of all countries in the world by 2017. This is ominous. And yet it is obvious, from the speed with which we’re becoming corrupt. This APM and his govt should be impeached. Malawi cannot continue on this path. We need to develop. But APM is not part of the development equation.

  17. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Malawi is topping on the list. In some place you get two and some places you get four , Malawi is placed as the top most.

  18. Bob says:

    Hahaha what a country?

  19. Ghost of Kamuzu says:

    Mutharika brothers and their Indian cousins have made Malawi CORRUPT. We will not survive as a nation if APM remains as President. Opposition parties and independents must move a motion to impeach APM without delay

    1. private says:

      I dont understand why you are saying Indians are corrupt, Malawi population is 15 million, there’s only 7000 Indians in malawi, that’s .0004% not even 1percent and you are saying Indians are corrupt and spoling the country . Think again

  20. jimbo says:

    Bad governance, corruption and tribalism are the chief enemies of progress in Africa. All three apply to Malawi under the leadership of APM. Either he doesn’t have a clue how to sort out the country’s problems, or he is not interested in doing so. Only six months into his Presidency and we find corruption again raising its ugly head. Also APM is vigorously promoting tribalism by favouring the Alomwe over all other tribes in Malawi. Until APM gets to grips with Cashgate, sorts out the government’s finances and pays government employees a decent salary, and develops the country’s infrastructure (water and electricity supply, roads and communications), there will be no progress under his watch. So far he does no look capable of doing any of these things.

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