Malawi Queens coach takes ‘positives’ from England series

Malawi Queens coach Mary Waya has said her side endure a torrid examination of their development during their two –match series against England which they failed to win but she is  happy to take the positives out of the series .

Waya: I’ve got so many good things to take from it

Waya: I’ve got so many good things to take from it

England and Malawi Queens during their Saturday match

England and Malawi Queens during their Saturday match

Waya told Nyasa Times in an exclusive interview at White House Hotel in Worcester on Saturday night after Malawi Queens lost 65-44 to England at the University Arena in Worcester.

Malawi also lost to England during Wednesday’s match 36-68 at London’s Copper Box Arena.

Waya described her team as a “development squad”, saying it was severely examined during the series.

“Obviously it was disappointing because we lost both matches, but we’ve got to look at some of the positives as well and hopefully use them to move forwards and start a new chapter,” Waya said.

The coach said she used the test series to give some players game time and experience.

“We were also trying players in different roles like Lauren (Ngwira) who is played as goalkeeper was trained as a shooter and played in that role very well,” said Waya.

She said the squad missed senior players New Zealand based Mwai Kumwenda, Tina Kamzati and Beatrice Mpinganjira.

“We really missed their services but it has been useful for some players to learn,” she said.

Malawi played a much better side on Saturday in front of a capacity crowd showcasing their own awe inspiring athleticism and agility with Sindi Simutowe scoring more goals .

“There are positives to take from the games,” Waya pointed out.

The matches were part of the preparation for the 2015 Netball World Cup, which takes place in Australia in August.

Malawi starting 7: GS – Ngwira, GA – Simtowe, WA – Kumwenda, C – Lwazi, WD – Kachilika, GD – Mtukule, GK – Vikhumbo

England starting 7: GS – Harten, GA – Dunn, WA – Greenway, C – Clarke, WD – Francis, GD – Beckford-Chambers, GK – Mentor

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19 thoughts on “Malawi Queens coach takes ‘positives’ from England series”

  1. Mavi patako says:

    A waya kukula mtima bwanji ?

  2. chakwanuleka says:

    This is very stupid. Seven losses is a stretch because of arrogance. Even when in leadership positions, accept mistakes if you are being checked though by juniors. The contributions by the likes of Mwawi should not be underated. Mwawi may not be indispensable but until a suitable replacement is found and given enough time, you just need Mwawi for the sake of the ten and the nation

  3. Sports Guru says:

    Let the team carry on without people who think they are bigger than the team, this is an opportunity to expose others on the international scene. And, stop blaming my Mary Waya, you don’t expect her to perform miracles overnight? Keep up the good work Mary!

  4. Very Angry says:

    NAM mudzamva nkhwangwa ili m’mutu inu. Mary Waya is a player not a coach. Bring back THE COURCH Sir Sayenda who brought the team to where it is. The past games without him you were just nursing the skills he left behind and now we can rate you. How many consecutive loss. Losing a game or two is a misfortune but losing all the games from the last tornament and this one too is a carelessness. Resign Mary for the better of our Team.

  5. America says:

    waya pls just resign we r tired with ur story s u wnt the Queens to go down

  6. opportunist says:

    Women busy with jealousy otherwise swallow ur pride bring back Mwayi and her colleagues.

  7. wanted says:

    Mary Waya should resign 7 or 8 consecutive losses and she says we’re still learning what a shame

  8. walalawalala says:

    being a good player does not make you a good coach, its time saenda must come back others wise dont say I didn’t warn you!!!

  9. wapano says:

    Une ngati coach ndikunena kuti its better to lose with a disciplines team than to win with players that have put their interest first. I’ll take in a player who is not interested. Even ma players like mwai, adzandivomereza akadzakhala ma coach tsiku lina. They are where they are becoz they were given a Platform to shine in the national team

  10. Wawaman says:

    Nzeru za azimayi zopusa,kuzolowera mijedo pa mtondo,thats why you are destroying were a pride of the nation now you’ve turned yourselves into punching must know you are playing with tax payers money.sort out your problems with the players you left behind and stop cashgating with their money.

  11. The Truthful One from the West says:

    I am not surprised. I had said Queens cannot beat England. Let us not praise failure. Malawi has lagged behind because of the tendency to praise failure.

  12. phodogoma says:

    Kodi nanga England idzabwera liti ku malawiko?

  13. Mwiza says:

    Yes but may lose the opportunity of being rated a formidable team and risk losing the opportunity of future invitations to such tournaments. Zero total win is NOT welcome. Queens is the pride of Malawi sportswise

  14. aphiri says:

    Coach swallow ur pride. Moyo wosafuna kutchipa. Mwasiya anthu ofunikira just coz they are defending their rights. Swallow ur pride and call achina mwayi next time. Mwatiluzitsa ngati ma flames….kkkk Ena Amati ma frames malingana ndi momwe anaphunzilira ma

  15. Waya must go! Saenda must come back, you guys simply used this trip for Christmas shopping

  16. Think Tank says:

    iam one of those who criticise the ommission of the players mentioned by Mary. It is good to acknowledge their contributions and i hope sanity will come down to earth. Sort out all the problems and let the Queens be the Queens.

  17. Malunza says:

    We need Mwawi back please. Mary swallow your pride and talk to Mwai.

  18. Rodriguas Latata says:

    Women against women. Jelous is the name of the game.

  19. Alungwana says:

    I hope we are building a coorperative and a winning team

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