Mathanga earmarked for Governor of Reserve Bank of Malawi: To replace Chuka

Government has earmarked Henry Mathanga to replace Charles Chuka as Governor of the Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) who is leaving the Central Bank at the expiry of his contract at the end of this month.

Henry Mathanga: Tipped to be new Governor of Reserve Bank or Malaw

Mathanga who is RBM’s Director of Financial Markets is said to be the favourite because of his family connections to the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

“He is considered a blue eyed boy of the ruling elite because he comes from the Lhomwe belt and his wife is an influential figure in the DPP government, so most likely, he will get the job,” said a source privy to the process.

Insiders said Mathanga attended interviews for the post of Governor of the Central bank a few weeks ago alongside other revered economists and administrators namely former Governor Perks Ligoya who served as Governor between 2009 and 2012, Dr Wilson Banda, a long time and experienced senior manager at RBM now based in Washington DC, USA and Dr Grant Kabango, current Deputy Governor (Supervision).

“In all fairness, its either Dr Wilson Banda or Dr Grant Kabango who were supposed to be given this job according to qualifications and experience but because they come from ‘wrong places’ they will not get it, this job will be given to Mathanga because he has connections to the ruling elite,” said the source.

The Mathanga family connection to the ruling elite are evidenced by the double pay slips that Jean Mathanga, wife to Henry gets at Escom where she is a Board Chairperson and also at Electoral Commission where she is a Commissioner.

“If it was someone else, government would not have allowed Jean Mathanga to be receiving double pay from Escom and Electoral Commission but they are connected and I don’t see why the husband would fail to get the job of Governor,” added the source.

RBM Spokesman Mbane Ngwira could not immediately comment.

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Ralph Chienda

mwati kunali ma interviews? then this government must be applauded for conducting interviews to ensure that the best candidate wins, otherwise ,mbuyomu these were just appointments by the highest authority. Chuka who was appointed by Joice Banda is an example of such appointments. Sadly that only in Malawi we politicise and amplify nepotism if a qualified Malawian emerges victorius and also happens to come from the political base of a ruling party. Dr Kabango comes from the South too, but let the best candidate win, without undue influence from people who are so entrenched in pollicising everything.

ChiMunthu Chino

Iwe RBM Banker, Mathanga has risen through the ranks in the Bank on merit. Apart from being sharp and brilliant, he is a great leager.

RBM Banker

To those of us that have been in the Reserve Bank we know very, very well the route Mathanga has traveled. You can NOT compare him to Dr. Wilson Banda and Dr. Kabango. Ayi!!!! Ask him ( Mathanga) to tell you how he fares with these two.

With all fareness, given the sober minds, the good choice should have been on the two I have mentioned. If Dr. Wilson Banda has reached retirement age , then Dr. Grant Kabango is the next best.

Ngati mufuna mwana wakwathu then tangonenani OSAMANAMIZIRA INTERVIEWS, AYI!!!!!


i like this phrase because they come from Wrong Places, “



Nzeru Nkupangwa

Nkhani ili apa si ya mtundu ayi. A Nyasatimes musasokoneze anthu. Amene akhoze interview indi yemwe apatsidwe ntchito. Walakwa chiani Henry Mathanga?

ChiMunthu Chino

What wrong has Mathanga done? He is highly qualified and has vast experience with the central bank. Who said you need a PhD to be Governor of the central bank? Did John Tembo, Francis Pereka moyo, Victor Mbewe or Charles Chua have Phds?

At the moment, there is noone better qualified at the central bank than Henry Mathanga; a young, energetic and visionary manager.


What if Henry Mathanga had performed well during the interviews? Should they sideline him just because he is a Lomwe? Nyasatimes, tell us the results of the interviews rather than mere speculations here. Actually the way this story has been presented, it’s Nyasatimes that is promoting tribalism.


Amagwetu. Experience experience kodi tizitengera kubadwa kale? Akuchokayusotu anato khala nayo experience koma bad experience. Koma tingakhale ndi wachinyamata ngati governor maganizidwe amenewa? Mwandikumbusa gogo chalo Baddall ku min of finance nawosotu akalambira pompo mpaka ndodo chifukwa cha experience my foot. There is minimum experience required beyond which the playing ground is leveled. All of these mentioned have enough experience of senior management. Amene chimugwere ndiye kuti inflation yamusankha basi. Autenge udindo atisogolele pankhani ya za chuma isaaa.

Nkhani apa was supposed to review performance ya chidzete a Chuka. What were his successes? Devalued Kwacha from MK165.00 to USD to MK750.00 in Five years. In fact USD had reached MK890.00 at one point. Cash Gate ndiye ndi Bwana Chuka kaya titit Chule kaya. Good for nothing idiot who printed MK2,000.00 Bank Notes and not resigned. Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Atitukwanitsatu uyu. Now Dr Wilson Banda reached his retirement and why he was called for interview is another matter. Perks Ligoya received hefty compensation for being fired by Joyisi Mtila Banda. Now Mathanga is a director and what makes you think he… Read more »

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