MCP civil war intesifies: Detained ‘bomb’ suspect claims ‘there is external force’

Malawi Congress Party (MCP)   internal struggles continue,   Isaac Jere, who is in police custody in connection to arson attempts on party headquarters in  Lilongwe City Centre, has mentioned claimed several political big are sponsoring terror in the country.

Mkaka: There is external force beind the party squabbles

Mkaka: There is external force beind the party squabbles

Some of the petro bombers on the floor at MCP headquart

Some of the petro bombers on the floor at MCP headquart

MCP security detail on Sunay  afternoon detained seven men and three women suspected to have been on a mission to petrol bomb the party’s headquarters in Lilongwe who include Jere.

When officers at Lilongwe Police interrogated Jere on the arson plans, he said many politicians – even those who do not belong to the patrty –  are now involved in the MCP squabbles and would want to benefit from it.

The group was ferried to City Centre and given instructions to invade the premises and ransack it using petrol bombs and metal bars. They were allegedly found in possession of pangas, a petrol jerrycan and a bag of maize.

Some members have changed the storyline after their arrest saying they were going to the offices to hold a vigil calling for unity in the party.

According to police sources, Jere is  also being investigated as one of the people who were also sent by Chakwera camp to burn Kabwila’s car some weeks ago.

MCP deputy secretary-general Eisenhower Mkaka said the party received intelligence reports that there was a plot to petrol bomb its headquarters, saying political competitors are creating divisions and wants to attribute violence to internal squabbles.

He said within the rank and file of MCP, there was no problem but those being bribed to cause confusion.

“We know pretty well of  an external ‘invisible hand’ that is fuelling the squabbles in MCP,” said Mkaka.

MCP president and leader of opposition is being challenged by his detractors in the party  to call for a convetion to elect new leaders  and some have obtained court orders to  challenge  ‘unconstitutional’ appointments made by Chakwera in the national executive committee (NEC).

Meanwhile,  Central Region Police spokesperson Ramsy Mushani  has said the ‘petrol bombers’ have since been remanded at the Lilongwe Police Station in Area 3, where their statements, and those of senior party officials, were taken on Sunday night.

He said investigations were in progress.


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be humane
hahahahahahahah very laughable MCP members vuto lake anasiya kuganiza objectively thats why every chisankho amati amaberedwa. UDF inawabera, DPP inawaberanso? Then MCP should be a bunch of fools kumangoberedwa ndi aliyense? Accept that there are problems in the party. Instead of kunkhira vuto la mnyumba mwanu kwa ena that way you don’t correct your problem. If DPP is doing all that in the party come out in open and give evidence koma alibe evidence ngati Kamlepo on 7 Ministers so they will continue making unfounded allegations kuti DPP ikuwasokoneza mpaka afika 2019 nkumadzati DPP ndi imene inawapangitsa kuti aluze. I… Read more »

These are not adding up leave Chakwera alone please

Mika Kumbire

Mr Msowoya; In Southern Africa all Independence political parties are intact except in Zambia and Lesotho. In fact in the rest countries of the countries in Southern Africa it is the independence parties still ruling and their economies are doing much better than ours except Zimbabwe.

Bristone Mabichi

Indeed the President sacked some members, were they life members? Forget about disturbing MCP, may the souls of Orton Chirwa rest in peace. Go on Chakwera, get rid of those who think the party is for the Central Region. It is for all Malawians. MCP, Power!!

J. Chagoma
I understand that in incidences of this nature especially when party politics is involved, an “invisible hand” can not be completely ruled out. I hope history can testify to the above point. But wait a minute, should MCP waste its time talking about external pressure when evidence of real differences is apparent in the party? I further understand some party members are not happy with Chakwera’s appointment of NEC members which has left a lot of casualties. That’s why and how the idea of MCP Convention was hatched by the so-called MCP rebels. So that fact that we have had… Read more »
Any serious member of any party I believe can never petrol bomb his own party’s offices! Further, while Chakwera might be facing leadership challenges, I suggest any serious contenders can never petrol bomb their own office! Why? Because no MCP member, be it Chakwera or otherwise is more than the party itself such that petrol bombing the offices is not in itself bombing the leader and satanic thinking!! Personally I also strongly believe that it is indeed outsiders “fueling the MCP in-fight” and their mentality is “tifanane” mentality. Laslty, I stand to be corrected, while it is true that MCP… Read more »
alhomwe atilaula
The problems in MCP are being fueled by DPP. Ndani sakudziwa kuti DPP ndi chipani cha zikwanje komanso petrol bombing ndiyawo. this is just cheap propaganda from the DPP who are trying their best to distrubilise MCP coz akudziwa kuti come 2019 Chakwera will excel. kufuna kuotcha MCP Building ndi nsanje chabe coz iwo alibe any building after 12 years m’boma, shame! zoona momwe imamvetsera chisoni City Centre ndi thengo mukufuna muonongenso timabuilding tomwe tilipoti? chitani manyazi ndithu ndipo whoever planned this May the Almighty God amukanthe ndithu coz samalifunila zabwino dziko lathu. Ndale zoononga chitukuko chonchi nzosafunika. Zimandidabwitsa kuti… Read more »
Phiri Ned

Arson is one of the sins usually punished immediately by God. Destroying people’s property should not be entertained even under big political differences as a political tool and those using arson will face disastrous consequences before God soon. In this case I don’t think an MCP member would want to destroy their headquarters building. It is another party and guess what I prophesy a bad and quick end to their party or leaders.


MCP headquarters sakanayikwanitsa adayirepera a Malawi Army nthawi ya operation Bwezani ndi real bomb .Amanamizanatu amenewatu

be humane

MCP, All these happenings in your party you still maintain that there are problems? Dr. Chakwera if you are refusing to acknowlegde party problems, will you recognize Malawi problems once voted into power? Think of this. If you don’t care with party problems will you care with national problems? Malawians let’s be concerned with future leadership

Maso a mphaka

Mmmmm my friend is Peter any good. He is failing to acknowlegde stealing of funds by his own govt. officials. In fact he is shielding them. They are all the same and don’t look clever by pinpointing only Chabwera.

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