Mutharika ‘proud’ of Chilima: Malawi VP formally graduates at MIM after University of Bolton doctorate

State vice president Saulos Chilima on Friday attended a Masters Degree Congregation ceremony at Malawi Institute of Management (MIM) in Lilongwe where he was studying and achieved a PhD in Knowledge Management with University of Bolton in England.

Chilima receives flowers from Madam Chilima after the award of the Doctoral Degree at BICC - Pic by Stanley Makuti

Chilima receives flowers from Madam Chilima after the award of the Doctoral Degree at BICC – Pic by Stanley Makuti

Now Dr Chilima: VP at the University of Bolton after attaining his Ph

Chilima:  Graduates  at MIM after attaining PhD at University of Bolton

The University of Bolton has had a partnership with MIM in Lilongwe, Malawi, since 2007, offering a range of taught Masters programmes delivered between the university and local tutors.

MIM’s Doctoral Programme, led by Professor Danny Morton, began in 2011.

Dr Chilima is one of the first four PhD students to complete his studies.

The achievement prompted the President of Malawi Peter Mutharika to post a message of congratulations on social media, Instragram stating: “Today, October 2, 105 is a wonderful day both for government and the DPP as our very own Vice President, Right Honourable Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima, is graduating after attaining a PhD in Knowledge Management and through Malawi Institute of Management. Let me take this time to congratulate him in this achievement.”

Mutharika added: “I am proud of the Vice President as he as always shown the spirit of hard work and also as a model to young enterprising Malawians.”

The Head of State stated that he is “certain” that the knowledge Chilima acquired will be practical to the operations of his government particularly the Pubic Services Reforms the DPP-led government is implementing.

Dr Julian Coleman of the University of Bolton’s Flying Faculty, said: “The research that colleagues are undertaking as part of the doctoral programme is impacting at both a local and international level, and is also underpinning our taught provision. It’s a huge testament to the hard work of colleagues such as Dr Chilima, as well as University and MIM staff alike.”

 Board Chairperson for MIM, Rhoda Misomali said they partnered with the two Universities upon request from the Malawi Government to help in training out several Malawians willing to upgrade themselves.

“Our partnership dates back to 2007 with the University of Bolton and 2009 with the University of Leeds-Beckett and this is our first time that as MIM we are providing Doctorate Degrees,” explained Misomali.

Mutharika picked Chilima as his running-mate in the 2014 elections from private sector. He was CEO of leading mobile phone service provider Airtel and the University of Malawi graduate also worked on management level at Unilever, and Carlsberg of Malawi among other companies.

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57 thoughts on “Mutharika ‘proud’ of Chilima: Malawi VP formally graduates at MIM after University of Bolton doctorate”

  1. Sandram says:

    Wonderful Mr. VP, hard work pays, big up Dr!

  2. Chibanja tv says:

    The space is full of comments from mbuli and haters, shit!

  3. truevoter says:

    Zabwino zonse a VP. Ambuye akusungeni na kudalitseni.

  4. Dwambazi says:

    How do you manage knowledge when there is none?

  5. langsy says:

    If people are unable to follow up events then they need not to comment here since they expose their ignorance globally. What a shame? Right Honorable Chilima went to UK to defend his dissertation not for graduation. His graduation was at MIM not the trash u expose here due to your illiteracy. Dr Chilima is our pride. Congratulations abwana for inspiring us?

  6. Utali says:

    Congratulations bwana VP. You deserve it

  7. Chikopa says:

    His Right Honourable S Chilima went to UK for Viva Voce. Very few us can understand this and so give him a break please.

  8. Koma a mathanyula akumuona bwino mwanayu??? Paja njoka sawetatu.

  9. Phwado says:

    Just to concur with The only democrat left on 6,just take a Look at USA presidents,the worlds number one economy and super power;Mr George Washington,Mr Abraham Lincoln,Mr John Kennedy,Mr Ronald Reagan,Mr George Bush Snr,Mr Bill Clinton ,Mr George Bush jnr,Mr Barrack Obama..Go to fuckn hell with your useless doctorates!

  10. Thumbs Up! That’s another Landmark. We are following your footsteps.

  11. Atcheya says:

    So, what on earth was Saulosi doing in the UK if he is graduating again in Malawi? Was he, just like Peter,not just misusing our money?

  12. time mack says:

    Ndinangomva kuti banja la bwana Chilima limafuna kutha prior to general elections ndizoona?

  13. No Retreat No Surrender says:

    Chilima my future president… Nanji ukangogalukila boma la dpp nde kuti straight 2019 ukutenga boma

  14. i miss kamuzu says:

    barack alibe phd koma ndi shasha

  15. Dr. Ben Phiri (Cyprus International) says:

    Wait a moment. We heard that you went to UK for graduation. How many do you attend a graduation for the same papee

  16. Really, the whole President. How is this going to impact on governance issues. 98% of those specialising in KM do not even make use of their studies (MSc, Degrees, PhD etc). How do you manage KM for future use. Very few top global businesses have tried and failed. Good luck Mr President.

    A very great example is the president himself, a professor who can not even speak let alone teach. Highly qualified and educated but still a fool. Educated fool. Any more. NO.

  17. ken says:

    Congratulations VP! However, I would like to see more people graduating with phd in engineering, microbiology, accounting, ecology, ict, quantum physics, Linear algebra, electronics, biostatistics etc research yokhayo umachita kulira nayo kuti mayo!

  18. Mirella K says:

    Doctorate studies are very challenging. If this dude has really gotten this, not through dubious means, then I guess we have had a student for a vice-president! A Malawi ndi hope kuti Saulosi aku ‘wekha’ ali busy kupanga submit my reseche ku Bolton. Koma pa Malawi pano!

  19. gmak says:

    Chilichonse ndi chotheka bola interest. What we as malawians should do is to collectively use the knowledge we gain from school to be creative and innovative as one reason for education. zonse zimene zingatithandize to transform our malawi. It requires collective responsiblity. Those with certificate, diplomas and degrees tigwirane manja .

    Congrats bwana. be our model

  20. Prof says:

    Malawi has so many Doctors thus why we are so developed, educated and thinking beyond. Because all presidents we elect are doctors thus why no corruption is taking place in the country. I’m proud to be a Malawian our cities, towns are so clean because of our educated leaders.

  21. Msadane says:

    Koma amene alemba za ma doctorate pa mwambapa anayenela kusiyanitsa ma doctorate ongopatsidya moyelekeza chabe ndi okhetsela thukuta. A Muluzi ndi a Joyce Banda are not real doctorate holders … theirs are referred to as honorary doctorate degrees …
    People like Mandela had several of those but rightly so, he was never referred to as a Dr.

  22. professor goodwell says:

    It z my prayer that Malawi benefits a lot from dis degree.
    Prepare to lead Malawi as President coz no political seems stronger than DPP. CHILIMA Z OUR NEXT PRESIENT

  23. ALOSWEA says:

    Eeeeee sha Angoni dzuukhalani ,zaitwa

  24. Charombanthu says:

    Congratulations dala…

  25. chatha says:

    angoni makolokokoto

  26. Professor John P.C Mpeleka. says:

    Congrats our VP Dr. Saulos Chilima.

  27. clement says:

    Congrats to you Hon Dr Chilima for phd you have obtained. You are such a handsome Vice president and hard worker, lets the work of your hands witness itself. Proud to have you in DPP, keep fit.

  28. hippo says:

    Uyu ndiye mamuna osati mbuzi dzili mtauni muno kunyenga zilibe ndalama ndi maphunziro omwe.

  29. Tiwonenso bwino says:

    I did not know that he is working at PUBIC service Reforms. Is that what the DPP is doing? No wonder the economy is going down. You are busy thinking of the pubic region. Siyine ndikutero. That is a quote from what the president said.

  30. pacheco says:

    how do all these so called doctorates translate to economic growth and development of Malawi? Can someone do a thesis on that and also earn a doctorate.? We have so many doctoral holders (real, imagined and fake) but we are still the poorest, dumbest nation on the planet! Surely boggles the mind!

  31. Tac T says:

    Among the four is my Friend Paschal Banda, congrats to him together with the VP….

  32. Jimbo says:

    A PHD in ‘Knowledge Management’? Woweeee! Does that mean he will now set about using his knowledge to solve the country’s problems, or is he just going to join all the other Malawian doctors demanding ulemu and respect while doing nothing worthwhile? Number 6 above has put it succinctly and is deserving of all his supporters. Bravo! We are watching you very closely Dr Chilima.

  33. ade says:

    knowledge management???? what does that mean? useless area of study and it does not help anyone. These are sort of courses people from Africa take. What about knowledge creation?

  34. Peter Mathanyula wakuba says:


  35. Kambindingu says:

    pano mwakula musiye kubela ma vote. Dzipatseni ulemu.

  36. papa says:

    Enafe tinalinso komweko koma osatitchula zoona?

  37. pasimaro says:

    Congrats bwana VP. Ine sondinaone munthu ozichepetsa ngati bwana awa. Enanu mupezeko phinziro. This man is very humble and dedicated to church activities. Azibambo onse akanakhala ngati bambo uyu….iiiih dziko lamalawi likanatjkuka sure. Mulungu azikudalitsani bwana mukhale ndo moyo wautali.

  38. Harrison Ntapasya says:

    A prof Mutharika nanga bwanji simunamupange congratulate Dr. Ben Phiri.(Cyprus). Nanunso munaona kuti degree yake ndi ya fake. Apite kusukulu amene uja

  39. Chatty Man says:

    Doctors without a vision poor Malawi.

  40. charles says:

    anthu tinalowesa china chili chonse ndale. Mbuli singatsogolere dziko ngati itakhala yoona mtima, yokhulupirika ndiyopanda ziphuphu. Anthu ena akachitabwino tiziwayamikira osati kumangonyoza chilichonse. Pali chinthu choti munthu azinyoza apa. Umbuli basi. Congratulations Dr. Chilima. I am proud of you too as a Malawian.

  41. KK says:

    Chilima akanakhala wachitumbuka bwezi a mbwenu mbwenu onse akupanga phokoso. Congrasts bwana Chilima timakunyadilani.

  42. Vincent Sakala says:


  43. EDSON JOWELO says:


  44. His Excellency the Life President Wolemekezeka Mkango Lion Chivomorezi Chisokonezo Manthakanjenjemereza says:

    Beatiful Chilima, You have made us proud and we want you to help abwana to remove njokas within the party like……….you know

  45. That’s his own achievement and that has nothing to do with alleviating poverty and improving the standard of living. Bullshit

  46. Wake Up Malawians we are all sleeping says:

    Dr Bakili Muluzi as you yourself respected people with Doctorates like Dr Bingu, and Dr Peter Mutharika, as Dr Saulos Chilima is nor a Doctor, Malawians may follow your example and choose him in 2019, so better you buy a Doctorate for your son Atupele so that he too is Dr Atuple Muluzi. Bloody Doctors have brought us nothing but poverty.

  47. Andrew says:

    congratulations Dr. Saulosi Chilima. great achievement

  48. The Only Democrat Left says:

    Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda, Dr Bakili Muzi, Dr Bingu wa Mutharika, Dr.Joyce Banda, Dr Peter Arthur Mutharika, Dr Saulos Chilima – look at the poverty and suffering these Dr’s have inflicted on Malawi and its people!!!
    It is not Doctorates Malawi needs it is HONEST, HONORABLE, UNCORRUPTABLE LEADERS Malawi needs.

    1. Prison Warden says:

      Nyani iwe ndiye washoshatu ndi comment yakoyi. Mpaka 65 likes! Kuteroko ukungozimva kukoma

    2. i miss kamuzu says:

      chonde ‘the only democrat left #6’ kamuzu wanga yekhayo musamuyike nawo pa gulu limeneli. iye anali dokotala weniweni wanzeru ndipo chilichonse tili nacho kumalawi kuno anatipatsa ndi iyeyo, chabe tinawononga tokha. tingokumbutsana pang’ono mphatso za kamuzu zimene tazithyola.

      air malawi, malawi railways, malawi lake services, press agriculture, press poultry, press furniture, press transport, press foods, press mining, h&p steel and wire, packaging industries, ptc, kandodo, mulanje peak, hardware and general dealers, malawi development corporation, miscor, agrimal, brown and clapperton, david whitehead and sons, nzeru radio company, all the real universities, all the real secondary schools, all the real primary schools…..

      pano escom yachita kufika popepela poti mpakana office kuyaka moto, housing corporation ikumagulitsa nyumba za rent, water board ikumatolela ndalama olo madzi kulibe, ilala akumakankha, njanji tikumangila aku mozambique….

      i say again, can you please remove kamuzu from your list?

  49. Msiyeni Mzanu says:

    Ena akumva kuwawa. Congrats are inu order for our VP Dr Saulos Chilima

  50. njolomachipilingu says:

    Iyi ndiyo Doctarate yeni yeni osati za ku Cyprus zija.Congrants Sau.Koma osakonzera zidzaberanso 2019 chifukwa kudzakhala magazi

  51. Chilewani Pius says:

    Congrats Dr Chilima. Your a role model to us youth

  52. Biziwek Pakhala Nginere says:

    Congratulations are in order

  53. Kwazulu says:

    Congrants Angoni

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