Nyondo’s body expected in Malawi Thursday: Burial Area 18 Lilongwe

The body of late James Mbowe Nyondo, president of National Salvation Front (NASAF) will arrive in the country on Thursday from South Africa where he died while receiving medical treatment.

James Nyondo:  To  be buried in Lilongwe

James Nyondo: To be buried in Lilongwe

According to family in a statement made available to Nyasa Times, the body of Nyondo will arrived at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) on Thursday, 23rd July, 2015 at 12:30 PM.

Upon arrival, the body will be taken to Area 47 where relatives, friends and well-wishers have been holding a funeral vigil since Saturday, last week.

“Burial of the body will take place the following day, Friday, 24 July 2015, at Area 18 Cemetery in Lilongwe. The burial ceremony will be preceded by a funeral service, which will be conducted from 10 A.M at Church of Christ, in Area 47, Lilongwe,” reads the statement in part.

Nyondo died of cancer in the evening of Friday, 17 July 2015, at Steve Biko Hospital in Pretoria, South Africa.

Personal Background

James Mbowe Nyondo was born on May 14, 1968 in Chitipa, Northern Malawi. He did his secondary school education at Dedza and Likuni Boys Secondary Schools.

He attended Chancellor College and later trekked to South Africa where he completed his degree in law from University of South Africa (UNISA) before proceeding to the United States of America
where he obtained a degree in Business Studies from the University of Texas, San Antonio.

While abroad, Mr. Nyondo made an intentional study of how prosperous nations work with the intention of using this knowledge to help Malawi develop itself. After 10 years abroad, he returned, from Texas, USA, to his native Malawi in 2006 with the conviction that one of Malawi’s deepest needs is for devoted, knowledgeable, service-minded leadership at every level of society.

To this end he launched an effort called Servants of the Nation (SON) with the goal of mentoring local leaders to address the problems of their own people using whatever resources they have wherever they may be.

Presidential bid 2009 and 2014

In 2009, Mr. Nyondo contested in the 2009 Presidential elections as an independent candidate. After the elections he proceeded to form the National Salvation Front (NASAF), a political party under which he contested as a presidential candidate in 2014.

Soon after the 2014 elections, Mr. Nyondo went to South Africa to complete his studies for a PhD in law, which he had suspended due to his political campaign. He was due to graduate in September 2015 and his plans were to return to Malawi to start rebuilding NASAF as soon as he had graduated.

Nyondo started feeling unwell a couple of months ago and underwent several medical tests and treatment but it was only on 14th July 2015 that doctors discovered that he had lung cancer. Sadly, he died in the evening of Friday 17th July, 2015, at Steve Biko Memorial Hospital in Pretoria, South Africa, just before he was due to start treatment.

He is survived by a wife, Lusani, and three children, – a daughter and two sons.

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34 thoughts on “Nyondo’s body expected in Malawi Thursday: Burial Area 18 Lilongwe”

  1. thoko chikomo says:

    Gone too soon, God why? He had a big vision to Malawi as a country. RIP J M Nyondo.

  2. Elton dzuwah says:

    May his soul R.I.P

  3. Smoko boy says:

    Why should briliant people go so soon? Why God why??

  4. Shekman says:

    Chefourpence If U Dont Hav Smething To Say Just Rmain Silence Chilichose Mungolowetsapo Za Mitundu Bwanji Mwatha Ma Plan Eti???, U Dont Hav Facts???? Palibe Amakondwa Ndi Nyasi Za Tsankho. ITS TIME 4 FUNERAL LETS RSPECT THIS PERIOD, kwa Achewa Timati Kulikose Kuli Manda, LET UNCLE JAMES (RIP) Ankabwela gboo ngakhale anali Mulakisa

  5. chivunde says:

    che fourpence …you are stupid, a dunderhead , good for nothing illiterate manda aku area 18 gha ta gha nyoko hayi kapena mbuyako.

  6. Basikolp says:

    rest in peace James Nyondo

  7. Don says:

    Rest In Peace James

  8. chefourpence says:

    Kodi ku Chitipa kulibe manda? Tikuonongerana ma resources tu apa! Choncho equitable sharing of resources ingatheke? Kaikeni malirowa kwanu abale. Chonchi mudzidandaula kuti other regions are developing mukaona tombstone ya terrazzo ku Area 18?

  9. Patrick says:

    Sad young leaders passing on. Mr James Nyonndo, you had brilliant ideas for leadership in Malawi. MYSRIEP.

  10. Dan Mpeleka says:

    May the Soul of Mr James Nyondo rest in eternal peace and we bind hands in Prayer for the reposal of his spirit. Lord have mercy on us now and at the hour of our death. Amen…

  11. Howard Kachipanda says:

    Jame, tidzakusowa kunyumba kwathu

  12. mtumbuka1 says:

    Samantha Lewis,don’t be stupid! When your people die in the north where they work as tobacco tenants they are buried there in the north and nobody bitches about it because in simple logic they are buried in Malawi. So get a life listen more and talk less that is why you have 2 ears attached to your stupid head and only one mouth so that you must do more listening and less talking. Go to school, travel to others countries meet amazing people with great sense of humour and that will help you going forward cos you seem stuck on atumbuka this atumbuka that I hope it brings some food on your table (if at all you have a table) bitch!

  13. bornchris says:

    its true that God has his own calendar no matter is the president, MP, mkaidi.but if God says yes no one will say no therefore let leave this in the hand of him the creater, maker, the beggining and the end to solve this for us A NYONDO REST IN PEACE dont fear about the judgement because the judgement is the hand of him no one has the idea here

  14. Samantha Lewis says:

    And why is the goverment meeting all costs? Kodi kwao kunali kuti- osakaika maliro kwao kommweko bwanji? Atumbuka mukuzazitsa manda ku South kuno!

  15. Ambuye muwapatse anthu akufa chiusiro chosatha ndipo kuyera kosathe kuwalitsa maso awo.Amen.

  16. Obster says:


  17. Robert chome says:


  18. Phodogoma says:

    Too soon. Too young.Too cruel world. Anyway, God has His own calendar. RIP.

  19. Emmanuel Mwanganda says:


  20. Pipolo says:

    he attended chancellor college, what does this mean?

  21. chatonda says:

    RIP Nyondo, You had bright ideas for the nation but death has robbed Malawi the most creative young man with guts and not mamina as we see today.

  22. tiwonge says:

    R.I.P. My President.

  23. Hitler says:

    May His Soul Rest In Peace

  24. kwende says:

    sad, so sad to Dr. James Nyondo. Death can be so cruel. RIEP that’s all we can say.

  25. wika says:

    we are all Malawians, we should forgate ferd gorvament. DO WE HAVE A18 IN NORTH?

  26. EDSON JOWELO says:

    rest in peace mr president . tidakukondani koma chauta wakukondetseni nanga tingatani

  27. mtumbuka1 says:

    Point of correction, it’s Luskani and not lusani. Anyway rest in peace young man.

  28. Gome Gondwe says:

    May his soul rest in peace

  29. Recco says:


  30. fyoshibubu says:

    may his soul rest in peace

  31. VIYAZI TEMBO says:


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