Open letter to Malawi Pres. Mutharika and diplomatic community on governance campaigner Ntata

I am writing this open letter to express a grave concern. I believe you need to be put on high alert on how the government is dealing with those that criticize its governance failures.

British envoy Michael Nevin

British envoy Michael Nevin

Z Allan Ntata, a London trained barrister, is a bonafide Malawian citizen. Of late, he has gathered courage to speak truth to power. The young man is a good governance activist who has rightly noted that Malawi’s biggest enemy is corruption which is basically practiced in the corridors of power.

You honorable donors pump in funds from your taxpayers’ money to help the poor in Malawi but this money ends up in the pockets of our leaders.

The cash-gate scandal during the Joyce Banda regime was just the tip of the iceberg as we have also learnt that your money, amounting to 577 billion Malawian Kwacha also went missing when this party which is now in power was ruling between 2009 to 2012 under the leadership of late President BinguWa Mutharika—elder brother to the current President Peter Mutharika.

This patriotic true son of Malawi—Ntata— who has expertise in dealing with corruption, money laundering and similar crimes has sent shivers to the current President as he (Mutharika) is highly suspected to have been the conduit of the plunder of state house coffers when his elder brother was in power.

Ntata had been in the country conducting high level investigations on the 577 billion Kwacha corruption report and as just as he did when he released the cashgate report under the Joyce Banda rule which he titledLicence to Loot, he has again finished preparing a new report of this cashgate scandal.


In the Licence to Loot report, Ntata made it clear that the plunder of public coffers was done by those who were in power and their cronies. He was lambasted left right and centre by the government machinery of holding vendetta against them until the government was pushed out of power by the Malawians in the 2014 elections when now truth started slowly coming out that the plunder was indeed coordinated as Ntata had put it in his report. Now those who were mentioned in that report which was attacked by Malawians are now convicted—the likes of Oswald Lutepos.

It is against this background that Malawi President Peter Mutharika has sued the activist in question for defamation when the online media was awash with story that Peter Mutharika himself was involved in cashgate during his brothers’ regime as he was used as the conduit. Mutharika believes that this article was authored by Ntata hence the lawsuit. I truly hope you have learnt this from the mainstream media.

As if this is not enough, the whole government machinery has of late descended on the activist as state house recently released a hostile press statement which lambasted and defamed Ntata. I hope you have also learnt about this from the mainstream media—both print and electronic.

As I indicated at the beginning of this letter, I believe you need to be on alert so you can closely observe the way this younger Mutharika is handling this close critic of his in case he continues with these mafia-like tactics he has started to deal with him.

I know that in your respective countries especially in USA, UK, Germany, etc; your democracy is mature and that people can criticise government without the fear of being killed. We know that you guys concentrate much on the power of arguments.

If someone is offering a criticism to government, what you do if you disagree with the person is not to arrest him or kill him but to prove him wrong by showing the public that your government is doing the right thing contrary to what the opposition is saying. You leave it to the public to make informed decisions.

This is contrary to Malawi democracy. Our history has it that our leaders believe in arresting small minded critics on trumped up charges but fierce critics—true freedom fighters— like this governance activist Z Allan Ntata are before they go any further,instantly eliminated by literally killing them.

We had popular musician Evison Matafale who mysteriously died during the Bakili Muluzi regime in the hands of the police after being severely beaten. His sin was writing an open letter to the president then, criticising his leadership style. Another Musician Billy Kaunda was on the verge of being eliminated. He was lucky enough that he was able to flee to the neighboring Zambia. His sin was composing a song which was attacking the leadership of the then President.

Fast forward to the late Mutharika regime; Malawi witnessed a horrible murder of a young political activist, Robert Chasowa, who was a fourth year student at the Polytechnic, a constituent college of the University of Malawi. His sin was to criticize the autocratic government of the late President.

The arrest of civil society activists and opposition political leaders was order of the day.

Our former colonial master, the United Kingdom, had also a fair share of how cruel and undemocratic our governments can be when the elder brother of this current President without any iota of decency declared the queen’s envoy persona non grata. The envoy’s sin was simply to rightly describe the late president—in a leaked diplomatic cable—as increasingly becoming a dictator.

All this was happening when the current President was serving in his elder brother’s administration.

Recently, you also heard that an ACB official, Isa Njauju, was brutally murdered.

It is likely the case that the murder was done on political reasons.

The interesting thing is that police investigations on such suspicious deaths do not lead to any tangible results. Up to now, we don’t know who killed Evison Matafale; we don’t know who killed Robert Chasowa and no one has ever been brought to book.

Against this background, I hope you will not be surprised to know who will be responsible in the event that activist Z Allan Ntata is attacked or worse still, mysteriously found dead just like we were shocked to learn of the ACB’s official death.

To President Peter Mutharika; Malawians have noted with alarm and dismay the step you have taken to wage the battle of attacking good governance activist Z Allan Ntata just like your late brother smoked out civil society activists with Petro bombs in their houses and offices, arrests and the heinous murder of Robert Chasowa.

If you or your agents are thinking of killing Ntata because of his criticism of your government, for you guys have a track record of not tolerating dissenting views; Malawians will look no further to find the murderer.

It will certainly be you President Mutharika and your overzealous DPP cadets who will be responsible for that and if Malawians—who are known for easily forgetting—will chose to just let it go as they did with the late Matafale and Robert Chasowa and soon as they are doing with the late ACB official; I promise you that justice will equally be served on you and your cronies for I will personally make sure that that happens. Whether you will still be in power by that time or you will be out of power, I will make sure that I hunt you down and your cronies up to the gates of hell.

Malawi is a democratic country and so, leave good governance activist Z Allan Ntata alone.


Views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not represent the editorial policy of this publication.

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38 thoughts on “Open letter to Malawi Pres. Mutharika and diplomatic community on governance campaigner Ntata”

  1. Denguzman says:

    Ntata has something gud to tell Malawians bt why is he free now while we kno that he once served in the Bingu admin and he never talked any bad thing against APM, Amalawi tiyeni tichenjere ndi anthu ngati amenewa and he is not alone, a big advise to APM…..allow him to write whatever he can write bt do not dare to answer anything ……..control ur youth cadets coz rumours are ciculating that some of them akuzunza anthu muzina la boma and tell them to set Ntata free……..if possible reshuffle ur cabinet coz some of ur ministers are pretending to be ur gud advisor while they are busy silently decampaining u…..Ntata, sometimes try to write contributions u offered Malawians while u were serving in Bingus admin rather than spending all ur energy on castigating the president.

  2. Chiperoni2 says:

    They fret, threaten, arrest and even murder so that they can continue abusing Malawians. It is a matter of time.

  3. bokosi says:


  4. ndugumvwinya says:

    ok. however,be patriotic and not all the plundered 577bn was from the diplomatic community.

  5. rrrr says:

    mature democracy…… foot…….talk of mafias …..chasing each other…….read about obamas responce to request for snowden pardon. google it out

  6. Mcbeth says:

    Even though u talk of this n that,wil the money laundered be released? Or is Ntata going to give Malawians the so called money although he is well trained? Hey,lets talk of constructive measures that wil help to deal wth this animal(corruption),as to have a better Malawi..

  7. Gud boy says:

    musiyeni ntata atiwuze zenizeni phuma ayi..vutolake mukakhara mu gvt mumafuna kukhara anzeru pameene nzeru simukutenga.ife mukazatiuza za 570bilion yathu bobo sitizavuta.

  8. Inu says:

    Just point of correction Chiipira. The MK577 billion was from 2009 to 2014 and close to MK400 billion is unaccounted for between 2012 and 2014, JB’s era. Thus I don’t how you could call that a tip of the ice berg. To me it seems the base of the ice berg.
    About Ntata the guy is yet to convince me that whatever he is doing is doing it for the benefit of ordinary Malawians. For instance why would addressing corruption require the he and he president engage themselves in s debate? Is is not that self centeredness? Would it not be helpful if he just provides the evidence in the media and give a copy to the ACB for everyone to see? After all, does he not have unlimited access to space on this website? For me he just wants to divert attention to himself to make himself very relevant.

  9. Kangaroo-Court says:

    Che Ntata akutuma?akupatsa zingati kuti uwawelembere mauwa?muti mufere za eni apa,ofcourse there will be nobody to kill you bt chikumbumtima chimapha osaiwala.Ndinu yani kuti muoneke anzeru lero?who sent you anyway?dont you knw kuti mbuzi ikakondwa amalonda ali pafupi?this fella Ntata seeems wakondwa and I tell you,if he dies it willl nt be DPP or APM who will killl him,its his deeds.and for your information,do you know tht mau oti uona!ndiopsa in the sense tht amakuonetsa si amene wanena kuti “Uona”No!bt ena amalowelerapo ndicholinga choti mau amenewo aphelezedwe.wht am tryng too say here is tht APM or DPP cant kil him{Ntata}but you!I mean you Fox or your friends so tht you shuld dash the image of this government.I tell you,if Ntata will be killed it is you who will be answerable in court,coz wayamba kulosera zoterezo its you!You journalists vuto lanu ndi chiani?kusowa ndalama or kusowa luntha loembera nkhani?Sukulu yomwe mumapitayo imakuphuzitsani zotani?thts why I refused to become a Journalist,ntchito iyi ndi ya kafere zaeni!becareful you and your Ntata.Cook well your tricks.

  10. Captain Romeo says:

    I thought you Ntata is clever and courage , but I have realised that you are just stupid and an empty tin , yes If you die it will be your relatives who will mourn you , as for the nation we will forge ahead . Shut up you hater , snake , selfish person , and what have you , just making noise simply because you haven’t been given a job , just warm the bench, 4 years to go , you friends have just finished one year , stupid dog , who just barking anyhow, even at flying birds

  11. Mabotcho says:

    It is just unfortunate Malawian politicts, kodi ndiye mupha angati? Once mukonza Ntata tilipo a 5 amene tikukuyang’anani ndi chidwi. Which is a killer party btwn MCP and DPP. wanzeru akuona. Its our sincere pray that any hand should not harm you Ntata, and u be protected in the mighty name or Jesus.

  12. chingolopiyo says:

    Fire on the mountain, when there is none. Chiipira Wachanje, APM is not harassing anyone, if anything, its you the media who is harassing him. To call a spade a spade. APM has the right as any citizen to sue who ever is levelling baseless accusation upon him. He is not God, and as a human being he cannot sit down and see Ntata calling him names, its unacceptable. Ntata being a barrister as you call him , he should be the best person to know this. There is a saying in our language ” Chitsamakomere mbuzi kugunda galu, koma galu ati abwerezere nkumati wachiwewe”. No no no no. I don’t think Ntata will be a happy person if people will call him names. There is no law or right that allows one person to insult others. There is a problem when there is chinkulirano chambuzi choti wamuna ndevu wakazinso ndevu. All the donor rep knows what defamation is , and knows what Ntata should have done. If there was corruption in time of Bingu, Ntata was part of it. Chiipira wachanje , remember this saying. Nsomab ikaola imodzi, ndiye kuti zonse zaola. This is the man who was advising the president and trained in law. He has been showing letters, can he show us one letters he had written to the president then to explain who was corrupt and what should be done. If he claims to be a saint, why did he not resign, which would be the evidence that he was doing right things. Even you chiipira Wachanje, remember when you were caught pants down cheating your wife with Linda Phiri, you are not a saint too. What ntata is doing we call it kulilira kuuma. No one has touched him, he is a barrister let him be in court and arm himself with the evidence of what he has be preaching on the media. Wakwata kwa mphezi saopa kung’anima, so Ntata should not be afraid, he has the evidence. Ukaziputa limba .amatero paja a Chiipira Wachanje. The bible says you shall know the truth it it shall set you free. Ntata knows the truth and it will set him free in court. He is the son of a pastor, he should know this better. He who cast a second stone……….. Crocodile tears from Ntata.

    1. Eva says:

      world of our own

  13. Nkhombokombo says:

    Kodi walemba kalata imenei n’ndani? Mantha angakhalekodi koma umboni wa nkhani zonsezi ukuchepera. Ngati muli nao chonde tiulurine kuti tidziwe oipayo. Ma Boma onse apitao ndi amene alipo awa zotelezi dzikuwakhuza koma timasowa umboni weniweni. Amene ali nao abwele poyela, atsaope imfa.

  14. Sapitwa says:

    This is a case of finding a suspect of no any incident or any expected such incident. This is not good because all other enemies of so called Ntata can find an opportunity since there is someone obvious.
    Now Donors referred to stopped assisting on Budget funding.The effect would be different if they were helping. some are assisting on projects but the bigger chuck felt was the Budget Aid. Ntata has to be responsible for protecting himself. This warning will not be effective as no one will waste their time to protect an individual who has a personal vendetta against the President making it a national issue. We know that Ntata is not an activist but a confrontational person who has his personal issues with his former masters and want us to support his battles.

  15. innocent chanza says:

    So ntata you was in government when k577 billion was stolen,my question be like what you did that?know just because you not getting something from the government you want to open your mouth. We aint blind we olny poor we can see so stop waste wasting your energy concentrate on something new

  16. The Patriot says:

    This is a democratic country! We fought for multiparty democracy in 1994 to be able to express ourselves without fear or favor! Its a pity that some people who were not there when we fought Kamuzu want to bring us back to the days of fearing our own governments! To those and their die-hard cadets we say , tinathamangitsa ife Kamuzu amene inu munamuthawa, inu ndinunso kachani nonse mwachepa! Kamuzu amamanga mudzi onse inu ndi kachani!

  17. Okhrana says:

    Mtata wayamba kumafuna oti akuteteze. Tiye nazo. U were there kkkkk

  18. Amuna achenicheni says:

    Hahaha….why is it that more people are always not in support of the truth! z Mtata has to be seconded fully if we are really following whatever Malawi is going through!

  19. Telling the Truth says:

    For dictatorial regimes such as Peter Mutharika’s DPP there must be people who speak out. Whatever DPP and its agents may say Ntata is doing a good job for the majority of Malawians who are now suffering as a result of bad governance by DPP. We know DPP now hates Ntata.

  20. nophiya says:

    ntata remember u were legal advicer to Bingu and u were dining on those cashgate money so u think amalawi taiwala unathawila kunja atangomwalira bingu why were u running?? u were the one who planned to block JB to ascend into power

  21. john banda says:

    you choose a carer so do you must if you wronged someone. kaya

  22. Beast Msonda says:

    This article is a clear indication that Ntata is seriously panicking. I did not know Ntata could get panic like this. He has run out of ideas to save his own ass. Now he is begging donors to save his ass. Do not start a fight when you know you can’t finish it. Hehehehehe……can’t believe this.

  23. Mwana Mai says:

    This article lacks sincerity because what Ntata is implying is that governments murder people, that Matafale was murdered, Chasowa was murdered; all the blame goes to the current government. Is this right for a good governance activist to make sweeping statements like the ones he is making here. Don’t you think because Ntata Zalimba is sounding vague hence the alleged culprit has chosen to sue him in order to have him narrate his accusation before an instituted court of law and determine Muthatika’s guilty/innocence. Otherwise he shouldn’t be entertained unchallenged. We are told Mrs Banda is on the run, from who and why?

  24. Lottie says:

    ”Do not judge so that you will not be judged. For in the way you judge you will be judged; and by your standard of measure it will be measured to you” (Jesus Christ, Mathews 7:1,2).

  25. chimwemwe says:

    malawis economy is sinking the kwacha depreciating everyday

  26. Nyama Banda says:


  27. Dikisan says:

    Mtata, tauulani zeni zeni. Iwe ukuopa chiyani? Ukachedwa kuulura akuphadi? Joice anaulura za cashgate iye ndi ku sowa. Iwe sukunene mwa mvemve kuti DPP ndi Peter alakwanji?
    Akuphani. SIyani mau. Ife tidzakhala okondwa ngati mutatisiyila uthenga weniweni. Chifukwa nkhani yakubayi ndi ya nonse. Iwe unali momo. Mafutaokha unatafuna nawo.

  28. Mzuzu Massacre says:

    We also need to remind ourselves that Mzuzu lost 12 of its sons on that fateful day. We are still grieving this barbaric act and the victims of the “We shall Smoke You Out” madness by the late brother’s government.

  29. sir bentby says:

    Donors watch out, be vigilant, I Have never seen a farmer taking his time by feeding snakes and fierce lions that devours his free Lange chickens..

  30. chipwete chalunda says:

    Useless post. Threats do not work u fool. Kagwere uko am happy my vote helped put this government in power while defeating u losers. Thanks to the concept of democracy.only the majority rule and the rest are damned

  31. kaya says:

    It becomes very extra-ordinarily suspicious and dangerous when one becomes an opponent of a party he or she once supported belonged to and greatly and grossly benefitted from. There must be something behind Ntata’s frustration. One wonders why he is so possessed with the demon spirit of vengeance against APM and Ben Phiri. We are tired of this conflict which is rather personal and now portrayed as a national agenda

  32. Peter Mathanyux says:

    The worst regime under Malawi’s democratic dispensation is the DPP!

  33. Omex70 says:

    We know what the DPP led government does to silence those perceived to be critics of the president. This party is full of evil people. I pray that anyone planning to do any harm to Ntata should have him or her self harmed. Proverbs 26:27 the Bibles says “If a man dig a pit,he will fall into it; if a man rolls a stone, it will roll back on him.” So those who are trying to dig a pit for Ntata let them fall into it and they will fall into it sooner or later. You better discard your evil plans.

  34. kaya says:

    The article is too long for my reading Koma lets learn to write short accurate articles we do n’t have all the time for long articles olo diplomatic community yo can it read all the contents of this article? On matafale the guy died of natural causes in the hands of the police upon arrest on writing defamatory and seditious material that’s why nobody including relatives did nt take action and to call Mr Ntata a governance campaigner is out of context. I think a proper description would be a frustrated critique of the ruling DPP after he has not been given a juicy job by the DPP this is my judgement

  35. Dr. Nissiel Morgan says:

    Well, as much as I understand the message, I still stand to be schooled on who the author of this letter is between Ntata and Chiipila wachaje.

    This letter’s importance can’t be ruled out, yet the motive remains a mystery to me. Is it aiming at completely barring donors from bailing out Malawi from economical crisis or serving the life of Ntata from DPP regime? Am still figuring to understang the jigsaw.

  36. mtumbuka1 says:

    It’s a pity that lots of souls have been condemned to death by these greedy politicians who are so drunk and possessed with power and nobody seems to give a fuck! We can only take so much as a country and one day people will get tired of you peter and you will have to deal with the consequences. While we are a peace loving people,we can’t entertain peace without justice and the logic is simple, no mercy for the merciless. These mutharikas and their dpp people have a big problem with critics they just don’t need one. Joyce Banda is on the run as we speak fearing for her dear life. Allan ntata don’t fear this moron they call peter mutharika cos he has not enough cadets to kill everyone in this country cos you are not alone on this. We love it when you expose him to the world.

  37. chigumula says:

    Nawonso azafa ngati a galu. There is no peace for a wicked man! you will always have sleepless nights for the deaths of the innocent people you have killed!
    God is not sleeping. He is ever present in the secret and dark meetings you are holding. Repent from your wicked ways!
    Gaddafi died like a dog!
    Saddam died like a dog!
    Jonas Savimbi died like a dog………watch out!

Comments are closed.

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