‘Paranoid’ Mutharika told to behave like President – Malawi paper comments on Nigerian ‘prophet’, Bishops letter

Malawi President Peter Mutharika and his government have been advised not to dismiss matters  raised  in a pastoral letter  by  bishops of the influential Catholic Church in which they have talked tough against the prevailing socio-political and economic issues facing the country.

Paranoid: 'I'm not about to die' Malawi President Mutharika refutes prophecy that he would die soon

Paranoid: ‘I’m not about to die’ Malawi President Mutharika refutes prophecy that he would die soon

An editorial comment in the flagship newspaper, The Daily Times on Monday said the voices have been raised and the government must listen.

The paper noted that it has been the trend, the  DPP government is always defensive in responding to every criticism yet little is done to correct things.

In the editorial comment, the paper noted that one of the important issues that the  Catholic Church has raised in the epistle is the media trial  of suspects or individuals “which puts into question government’s non-interference in the justice system.”

Reads the comment: “We believe everyone who is suspected to be in the wrong is innocent until proven guilty but that has not been the case.”

The paper also  agrees with the bishops that “it is important to create an enabling environment for bodies such as Anti-Corruption Bureau and Director of Public Prosecutions to function properly. These are two of the most important bodies in Malawi if the promise made by the government to fight corruption should indeed become a reality.”

Just like the bishops, the daily “share the same view” that investigations of corrupt practices are not expedited which takes the efforts of fighting corruption into “a reverse gear.”

It states that: “ More often than not, the government loses winnable cases because there is no proper investigations before such cases are brought before the court. “

The paper highlights the bishops concerns on issues of insecurity, mob justice, killings of persons with albinism and health services standards.

“All these issues are not new. A number of concerned Malawians have expressed their worry in different fora but the government has done little to address these issues.

“The fact that the bishops have repeated this call should be a wake-up call to the government that important issues can no longer be swept under the carpet,” reads the editorial.

The paper asks the Mutharika government to be “ decisive and offer solutions rather than waiting for the donor community to exert pressure.”

The flagship daily cautions government that it will be “a huge mistake” if it decides to dismiss the pastoral letter in its entirety.

“For once, the government must lend its ear.”

And in its editorial comment on Sunday Times, a publication condemned by President Mutharika, it also commented on the  anger-filled speech of the Head of State at Dae Young Luke Hospital.

The paper said Mutharika who entered the political stage with presidential decorum is “steadily becoming one of those howling lot and is showing dictatorial tendencies.”

Mutharika must know, the paper said, that Malawi is not his country but “belongs to us all.”

The President is faulted for adamantly saying he will veto some laws that will be passed in parliament to reduce presidential powers.

The paper noted that President Mutharika is “losing direction” and showing signs of a potential dictator.

During his speech Mutharika also attacked a popular Nigerian television evangelist TB Joshua over an alleged prophecy that he would die soon.

“Let me tell you, Joshua… you will fail. What you did in 2012 will not happen again this year,” the President said

In 2012, Joshua reportedly predicted the death of a president of an unnamed southern African country. Mutharika’s brother, Bingu, who was president at the time, did die within the predicted timeframe, giving the prophesy strong currency in Malawi.

The paper  said Mutharika stooped so low to attack TB Joshua on “some phantom prophecies nobody knows about.”

It says Mutharika has fallen trap to the “congenital paranoia” which is dangerous for a leader.

Mutharika has since been asked to have a “soul-searching” exercise to see if his recent behaviour is presidential.

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56 thoughts on “‘Paranoid’ Mutharika told to behave like President – Malawi paper comments on Nigerian ‘prophet’, Bishops letter”

  1. Owen says:

    God did say in last days be very careful for there will be false prophets healing people, making miracles even fortelling the future in His name.Lets stay awake and be praying for we don’t know when He will come

  2. Chitsiru chiri ndi mwini says:

    Anyani inu otembereredwa osamasewera ndi munthu wa Mulungu iye samalosera za mmutu mwake amatsogoleredwa ndi mzimu wa Mulungu. Zivute zisavute Peter tiunda basi

  3. Denis Ngwira says:

    Peter Why are you fighting against Men of God you started with Prophet Liyabunya, Bushiri and now TB Joshua and Livingstonia synod and catholic bishops but maybe wa satanic ndi Peter and this is like the prayers offered by men of God affect. Him

  4. tchingo says:

    let me simply put this: if someone’s prophecy is all about which team will win, who will die when etc of what benefit is it towards our salvation? Do we need always prophets of doom? a true prophet will prophesy good things and bad things as well and gives a solution to tha later ie advising the person to repent.

    mind you these so called “prophets” use threats so that they con u of your money out of fear for your life.

    my point is, sit down, relax and meditate: was mutharika wrong to assume that this prophet TB JOsua is fake looking at how he fails to live up to his spiritual heights including failure to foresee death of his 90 congregants? yeah Mutharika’s timing might have been wrong but he had and still has a point.

    only if the many gullible people who follow prophets blindly could see this. unfortunately they are too blind to see devil’s advocates at play. Ask Boko Haram..they will testify to you who TB Josua really is…..sorry my poor easily swayed fellow black malawians. too religious without reasoning/questioning

  5. sparrow says:

    He ix not from god

  6. Edingeni says:


  7. he will accept after he is dead

  8. bb says:

    Malawi needs a President, of which. APM or whatever u call him is far short of that. Leave him lik

  9. Winston Msowoya says:

    Really,at times we must blame ourselves when we elect our leaders.I think Banda’s leadership could have tought us a lucid lesson and yet,we still elect our leaders motivated by tribal leanings,we have no reason to blame them.The first multiparty elections,wise people warned voters not to vote for Bakili Muluzi as he was once convicted of stealing public property.The response was that,” TIdza mvotela wakuba yomweyo”.On Bingu elections.Bakili campaigned for fellow Southerner and the last elections,Peter was voted into power overwhelmingly by Southerners,however,it is not astonishing that even these voters are now suffering as those from the Central and North.If we can leave the trend to perpetuate like this,we are bound to live under this quagmire for a longtime.The present confusions are therefore,the creations of our own.

  10. ninkuuzeni says:

    WHO IS DEFENDING WHO,MR PRESIDENT? nkhondoyi siyathu poti sitilimbana nalo thupi but maukulu ndi ulamuliro wa satana mdyelekezi.
    mr APM!!
    Cant you take an example of HEZEKIAH? when isaiah asked him to put his house inorder; he went into the inner room,faced to the wall and cried in prayer to GOD,,, do u think that verse was written in vain?? its for unrully pple like you….take it or leave it….GOD HAS HEARD UR INSULTS & U’LL BE AN EXAMPLE TO MANY LEADERS

  11. nyoni says:

    kodi Peter adzilephera kuyankha kamba ndi mtsogoleri? This is how to go mr president fire them back amadzolowera. To hell with their satanic TB.God would deal with him this time

  12. VYOTO says:



  13. Pido White says:

    Is he really a man of God? Does it mean a man of God always fortells bad things? Wasatanic ameneyo, akagwere nanu limodzi amene mumamukhulupilira.Anthu opanda nzeru onse komanso asatanic amakondwera ndi imfa ya ena.Tell them the truth mr President.

  14. ojereo says:

    This time we need to thinks of God’s mercy. A Peter repent

  15. Mr ibu uyu is not presidential material.

  16. benn says:

    Kodi a langizi a President pa za Mulungu akumva nawo izi? Paja Brother wakenso anayamba ndi kunyoza atumiki a Mulungu momuno kanaka tinamva kuti basi anthuwa ndi mtundu wawo kunyozaa anthu a Mulungu koma ndi ngozi zimenezi.

  17. Son of Major 1 says:

    God Open the eyes of Malawians……And See what will happen next after our Nation has insulted God…..Lord have mercy and forgive & heal our Land.

  18. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!! says:

    can not imagine this

  19. From Capetown South Africa says:

    avoid speaking bad against men of God ,it only indicate that ,you have war in your heart and have jealous upon them, ifeel much pain with ignorant speeches, kumalawi kuli anthu ambili andalama zawo munawaonapo atatenga kachakudwa nagawila anthu osowa, munthu apanga za bwino mumanyoza , ana azinjoka ndinuyo mitima yanu ndiyakuda ngati makhala muzayamikila chani padziko lapansi pano, inuyo onyoza mukusowekela muzimu wa mulungu pakufunika mukanthidwe ngati Soul una adakumana Nazo Ali paulendo wokasokoneza anthu m’makachisi Ku yerusalemu,, ife tikupempha major1 Kuti apitenso Ku Chitipa Boma nakonso aka thandizike ifeyo tili pambuyo pa major1 ,opanga zabwino ngati awa sapezeka chisawawa, mulungu apitilize kuwadalitsa kuti adalitsenso anthu ovutika, .

  20. wapamtima says:

    Yelemiya adali mneneli wa tsoka I mean Doom even TB jo is like him. musaweluze kuti mungaweluzidwe. Take care with your comments you can be againest God. Silent is better than talking something you dont know much.

  21. Yesu ananena kale kut ambiri azabwera mdzina lake omwe azakhale aneneri onyenga,ndipo anachenjedza anthu okhulupilira enieni kt akazawaona aneneriwa azawapewe ndipo asazawamvere. Prophet wanji wingolotsera zaimfa zokhazokha, kuyambira joshua mpaka bushiri onsewa ndi ana a satana,ndi ma FREE MASONS amenewa. Amalawi tiyeni tichangamuke ndipo tipewe kuimbira mfiti mmanja. Sindikut Mutharika ndi wabwinoyi koma maprophetiwa aonjeza zochitika zawozi. Ngati joshua alidi prophet wa God osati god atilotsere za tsiku lobwera YESU chifukwa tatopa kudikilira koma sakubwera. Fuck u joshua & fuck u bushiri ana a njoka inu.

  22. Samuel says:

    Monday coaches, shaaa! My President expressed his opinion like what you alway do. Nothing wrong here, tisiya kukugulani news zanu zogwela mtengo but empty. Kodi Malawi akanati alibe president bwenzi mukulemba chani? Everyday APM tikhalire APM dziko itukuka?

  23. jkalusa says:

    Brothers in malawi please never sault any man of God please better stay put than doing so. After saulting what do gain nothing.
    To the president please withdraw these comments and apologise i personally in zambia i watched this live tb joshua never mentioned any name of a president but gave a time frame between late march- april. Why worry bcoz zambians,zimbabians,malawian,south africans etc were/are still all worried why shud u react bwana cool down. Jkalusa kopala zambia

  24. Charombanthu says:

    Zimayamba chonchi. Kenaka timva kuti ayankhepo pa pemphero.

  25. Tione says:

    Educate a fool, he becomes more foolish. A clever man will become more clever. Awa aschenjerere pa a Malawi ayi takana. Chat chubbwi sichinaoloke koma chati kapakapa. Chosamva adachiphikira m’masamba. Uyu Mutharika ndi samvamkunkhu. Bayerkedwa ndi kulalatira anthu a Mulungu ndipo tsiku lake ndi limodzi. Tsoka sasimba. Kaya ndangopitamo ine ndilibe kuthyolamo nkhwani. Uziona wakula watha. Kwatsala ndi kumalembe. Zako izo khoswe. Pjatu Yesu ankati akanena kanthu, anthu amati mwana wa Yosefe uyu. Mutharika adzamva nkhangwa ili mmutu.

  26. Iwe joshwa says:

    Mbimbi zokhazokha getout

  27. Kangamire Zowazowa says:

    Good job APM – mbuli yaku Nigeria TB Joshua is a con-man. Let’s take off the curtain and expose these idiot prophets for what they are – thieves preying on people decent ignorance, fear of the unknown and promise of paradise after death.
    I strongly support your stance and wish more of our leaders could stand up to this insanity called religion. All mbuli in our country talk about “god fearing nation” – my ass!!! Perpetual poverty, over population, low literacy rate and just plain stupidity all around. Today its the Catholic bishops talking nonsense – tomorrow it will be Bashiri Minor 1, next day it’s failed and promiscous Pastor Chingayele of Zambezi – amawo – munthu athawire kuti. Njoka zokhazokha

  28. Hope mbalaka says:

    Ineso ndikugwirizana naye Mutharika. Joshwa ndi tambwali guys. Despite all these turmoils Mutharika will win 2019 race

  29. vavlov says:

    The belief in prophecy by most Malawians is symptomatic of a society of desperate people, who are turning to the so-called prophets to solve their problems. This will be more prominent as the socioeconomic situation worsens in Malawi. Poor education and health systems will make prophets heroes as more people will turn to them for help.

    Certainly, Malawi’s president doesn’t believe in prophets, and rightly so, but should watch-out, soon he may be competing with a local prophet for presidency, simply because illiterate and desperate people believe in these prophets, and would vote for a prophet. That would epitomize Malawi, as a real failed state.

  30. nasibeko says:

    mr president has lost direction. kicks of a_ dying horse.

  31. Jelbin mk says:

    He is a complete fool no any discription period.

  32. anonymous says:

    I always read nyasa times article almost evryday but the way how pple comments it shows luck of love and the heart of being a bad loser he the president he likes to excel not random opinions of others more especially pple like you if you want to be famous dont express your anger on president go to any shoprite front door and kaka (kunyela) Then u will be like one of the WWE super stars Roman

  33. Nkhombokombo says:

    Do not be surprised, Bingu too behaved in the same way! Advisors, whetever you are advise your man to save his breath!! He is making more mud than he is building the Nation.

  34. karoda says:

    The President was right to attack this so called fake man of God. Duties of the Prophets of God are not to tell the people when you are going to die but to worship the only one in order to get salvation. But this prophet is fake and satanic he worships blood and choti ndikuuzeni a Malawi Peter is not going to die this April

  35. Q says:

    How can he be expected to behave like a president when;

    1.He has never been a president before

    2.He did not win the presidency with a clear majority

    3.Those advising/surrounding him leave a lot to be desired

    4.He has been disconnected from the grassroots population for a HUGE chunk of his life and probably always will be,just like his brother before him

    5.He is in denial that he has any problems and believes that he is doing nothing wrong

    Ugly Truth:This president is governing the country through trial and error.That would not be so harmful if Malawi were an economically viable state.But it is not!

    Trial and error is dangerous for a country in Malawi’s position.It is like expecting a graduate, fresh out of medical school,to perform a heart transplant by himself.You will most likely lose that patient,give or take 50%.Its a gamble.

    APM was a gamble that did not pay off.But he did not enter Kamuzu palace by magic.Somebody put him there.Who was it and why were they allowed to get away with it?

  36. tony kanyenda says:

    Education takes away ones ignorance but surely it does not remove ones stupidity.

    this APM chap behaves like an educated idiot, as silly as any village fool

  37. NOMSA JOSHUA says:

    THE IS RIGHT TB SOSHUA IS SATAN. THAT IS WHY NOTHING COMES FROM HIM. Critically the bishops lanten letter is for all malawians, including opposition and the private sector. Opposition Should Not Think They Are Spared. Therwise they cheating themselves. Reality check and soul searching is important.

  38. Manyalo says:

    Indeed i dought if Malawi has God fear leaders. Am not old but since, this is firs time 2 hear President acting in this way. Prophet TB Joshua didnt point finger. Bt y our President behaving so. I dought if all these points raised by Catholic Bishops will b taken into account. These are realy last days no wonder.

  39. Amwali says:

    Paranoid is putting it mildly the guy is plain stupid. When you start believing that you are untouchable and that your life is in your own hands you are indeed a fool.

  40. Banda says:

    Mutharika is RIGHT. False prophets like TB Joshua and the Bushiiris should stop fooling Malawi and Africa. Africa has all these so-called prophets – why then are we so poor, diseased, full of conflict/war and all the evil on this planet. The problem is that our clergy are opportunists – they comment on issues without thinking. TB Joshua is an entrepreneur pastor who makes money by spying on people and claiming he is prophesying. Let all these pastors stop this nonsense – if the TB Joshua and the Bushiris are really men of GOD let them turn Africa into a developed continent. Let them take away all the diseases, wars, construct roads, put tapped water and electricity in houses, flash toilets to fill Nigeria, Malawi, Kenya, South Africa etc. It is utter stupidity for these pastors to be scaring people when all they are doing is STEALING from ignorant and gullible Africans.

  41. mjomba welewo says:

    Eeeh ! zandiopsa zimenezi…kaya…we Malawians, we have a problem…that late president also talked tough after hearing a prophesy like this one in which he were not mentioned,today its the same,our leader was not mentioned in that prophesy,but told our leader that that prophesy was targetting Malawi? Am very sorry…such speeches are not good, whether ndi mantha but we should not be responding like that…God should guide us. no-one can escape from fate…God forgive us…

  42. Jane Banda says:

    Prophet Isaiah was sent by Almighty God to deliver the message of death personally to Hezekiah, what this gentleman did was just to kneel down and lean against the war and cry to God. He reminded God to remember some of the good things he did and have sympathy with him. By then Isaiah had already gone….but God listened Isaiah’s prayer and immediately told Isaiah to go back tell Hezekiah that Almighty God had heald your prayer and that He has given you some more 15 years to live, halleluyah… Isn’t this awesome? I think we must read the Bible and understand it properly… The Bible warns not to touch the anointed ones. Take care!!!

  43. Koh says:

    Pliz, amfumu thumba a ku lisali , leave my prophet T.B.Joshua. He is really a man of God, and his prophecies are always true. Am blessed through his ministry! T.B.Joshua continue serving your true God, and amfumu thumba will bow on his knees that your prophecies are always true.

  44. Auze says:

    APM can boast to the opposition about him not assenting to Bills he doesn’t like and his Police can arrest boys who insult his party. But after that let him keep his mouth shut on appeal for resumption of budget support because with these traits of dictatorship he is now beginning to show he can as well forget about budget support even after locking up all cash gate suspects. Kamuzu and Bakili lost donor confidence not because of cashgate but intorelence and bad governance. APM has discovered it is not easy to run this impoverished nation without aid. So the ball is in your court Mr President but since you have said you no longer read newspapers it is my hope that your aides will be telling what Malawians are saying though this is doubtful as well given the mood you are in nowadays.

  45. Lupwito says:

    Munthu uyu nichindere chakufikapo like his dead brother.

  46. promise says:

    Pray for the peace of the country rather than ……….

  47. gama says:

    so, u mean the president has no right to defend himself just becoz he is the president, no thats not tru, he is also a human being, he has felings, and who said u cannot answer somebody just becoz he is a pastor and if u do so then ur becoming a dictator, I have heard pres Obama time and again telling congress that he would veto any bill to do with an oil pipe line from Canada, but I have not heard anyone saying that Obama is becoming dictatorial, just recently Republican frontrunner Donald Trump rebuked the pope ,did anyone both from Malawi or abroad said that mr Trump is not presidential material just becoz he rebuked the pope, nobody has done so why? they know mr Trump has the right to defend himself. Malawians are shallow minded people

  48. Jezebero says:

    Yes Paranoid Mutharika. I am fearing for his life for insulting the Man of God. Please God forgive him. Munthu akamayandikira imfa, mmayamba ndi mkhutu kugontha.

  49. Igwee says:

    Ameneyo Ndiye Bwana Wathu Wakunyasaland Tiyenazo Mukuziwana

  50. Zondiwe says:

    Unknown people are imposed on Malawians by the system which is not democratic at all.
    When people of Malawi were fighting the Kamuzu dictatorship, most of the current leaders were nowhere to be seen. Now they are the ones benefiting from the sweat of others, and are busy praising the dictator that was democratically voted out of power. No-one can reverse the historical fact that under Kamuzu’s dictatorship, many people were imprisoned for no reason, people were thrown into the Shire and other rivers, there were many other atrocities that were committed, and families were separated.
    We need to recognize freedom fighters such as the Chisiza brothers, First Cabinet Ministers, Orton and Vera Chirwa, and the many others whose names are not mentioned anywhere, but who fought to liberate our people from oppression.

  51. Eduardo Happy says:

    Which man of God can always predict evil? As the president observed why did he not predict the disaster that befell his church last year that left scores dead. Our president will surely not die thus says the Lord of Hosts the father of our Lord Jesus Christ who is life Himself. Zakumidima basi.

  52. Okonkwo says:

    6th April is getting closer ndim’mene zimakhalira mutu sugwira

  53. Payelepayele says:

    Donors are the only ones who can mistreat this bulldog idiot man on behalf of the 17.4 million Malawians. Let him veto all the bills which our honorber MPs are going to pass in parliament , he will be meet by the starving Malawians who will not fear him . He should not expect anything good from donors when he is acting in this stupid manners.

  54. jaunky says:

    Malawi need to stand and pray to God for mercy,its very shocking to see our leader talking ill against a man of God,zandiopsa zedi,this really tells us that we are being ruled by poeple who who doesnt fear God.Our country is in danger i tell you fellow malawians.I followed the ministration and the prophet never mkentioned a name of any leader no! nanga a presidant akuopa chiani? yet his name was never mentioned.My advise to the president,muzidekha bwana chifukwa zolankhula zina zidzakupatsani thembelero,because a curse from God is unforgiven,ngati mumapita ku church ndipo ndinu opemphera chonde bwana khazikisani mtima pansi and mukuyeneka kulapa chifukwa mwanyoza munthu amene ali anointed ndi mzimu oyera,this is just as same as kunyoza mzimuyo(HOLLY GHOST)

  55. else says:

    ine monga bigman 2019 ndilipo 2024 tizawina…kkkkk

  56. mwanga1 says:

    He behaves like dzitsiru zakumudzi when they have taken some distilled spirits ( Kachasu) they shout on top of their voices accusing people in the villages to be witches and wizards. Thats how I can rank him

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