Pastor Salanje eyes Malawi’s presidency

It’s not a crime to dream. South African based controversial Malawian Pastor, Hastings Salanje, who brags of his wealth and recently indicated that he will be permanently relocating to United States of America (USA), apparently desires the country’s presidency and has since said he will take government in 2030.

Pastor Hastings Salanje; I will be Malawi president

Pastor Hastings Salanje; I will be Malawi president

Salanje, (president) pastor for God’s Chapel International Church, has been trending on social media, ceasing every opportunity to brag about how God is “embarrassingly” [sic] blessing him with wealth.

And, on Thursday the self-styled super rich pastor took a bold move to amuse his followers with a ‘prophecy’ he once had about him becoming Malawi’s Head of State.

”I will take the government when am 60yrs old, but now let me serve God and his people as a pastor first,” declared Salanje on his Facebook page.

Salanje is confident to become the country president as he claimed God showed revealed it to him in a dream five years ago.

”In my dream I saw myself winning presidential election and soldiers were coming to guard my house, when I woke up I discovered that it was a dream. All the dreams which I saw in the past ,they are coming to
pass now, so this one will be fulfilled too, and I have never planned with God and failed,” said Salanje.

He claimed people have been urging him to vie for the country’s top-most job but chose to wait for right time.

”I don’t like the office but if God says do it ,who am I  to say no, so to you that you are asking me to do this now, my answer is no, not now, but I take it as a  prophecy that really God wants me to do this in  future. It also started like that for me to become a pastor’’.

He also claimed that he has what it takes to make a good President and that at the moment; he is being prepared for ‘future task”.

Salanje, who recently splashed cash handouts to some individuals in the country, has got enough resources; as such he will continue supporting poor Malawians while outside the government.

“Anyone who wants to help Malawians must prove it when is outside of Government, must first use his money to help poor Malawians. How can you believe that this one can build the economy of Malawi when he can’t build his own finances?

“If you can’t run your own person affairs, how can you believe that you can run and solve issues of a country? That’s the problem Malawi has. That’s why I want to help poor Malawians when am still outside of government, when God make me what he wants me to be, then I will build thousands of houses for the poor.

“I will build villages of 200 houses on each village with free electricity powered by solar power plants, to be built on each village. Churches, schools and orphanage. All the old people from 65 years above will have free monthly salary or up keep money from my companies,

“I want to establish farms that will have everything including maize and these will be given to hospitals, orphanages and to poor people.  I will import free iron sheets and distribute them to poor people who will be willing to build houses for themselves.

Salanje once caused a stir before 2014 Tripartite Elections when he claimed God had showed him that former Malawi President Joyce Banda would win the elections. Surprisingly, Banda lost the elections.

Therefore it will be a surprise to many if his revealed prophecy comes to pass.–Additional reporting by Yankho Msukwa, Nyasa Times.

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84 thoughts on “Pastor Salanje eyes Malawi’s presidency”

  1. Ismail Adams says:

    Abambo maloto amenewatu munakhuta kwambilitu apa ( kudzimbidwa ) mudadya amasi eti? If a country can not fund its on budget then nothing you can do coz you will never have money to do all your promise.

  2. pasipanadya says:

    Usati punsitse ndi usatanic wako .wamva iwe?

  3. Manyaziulibe says:

    Dzimvere muntolo

  4. msozi coole says:

    Kkkk bobrov. Asayitesi imeneyi ngati was mezi 9. Kkkkk dream on

  5. Angoni Apaphata Ife says:

    Knowing how mediocre Malawi is they will vote for him. I stopped voting because the voice of the wise does not count in malawi

  6. Chimani. Game says:

    May be in jail

  7. NANA says:

    Naa bolani Tsalanje !!

    Nanga mbwererazi guyz???
    Ife kuno ku Phalombe nde ayi ndithu taaaa

  8. Manjawala says:

    God? He must be crazy……. These guys have been running around spewing lies. Sho………suzgu pe

  9. zaonaine says:

    Kkkkk men of god of today

  10. Hardson says:

    Ndinadziwa! Ndiye poti prezdent no one in Malawi elects president, zimuthekera bola asaononge connection.

  11. Prince Jak says:


  12. Bamusi says:

    President wotchedwa SALANJE? Za mkhutu basi

  13. TruFactor says:

    The problem is not Salanje. The problem is Nyasatimes. They give him too much attention.

  14. Chimathanyula says:

    Nyasatimes, pls we r tired of this hypocrite. Report on real issues not this idiot ov a devil!!!

  15. sdc says:

    Let’s wait and see

  16. That prophecy is not from God but from the devil” the one who wants to be president by 2030, dies by December,2015 shame at you tazingobani ma tithe wo ndi za mbale mphoto yanu mwalandiriratu hell is waiting for you.

  17. Bob says:

    II strongly agree with these fools can vote for anything that resembles a human and can be able to murmur.

  18. Karonga Boy says:

    Godforbid Sir!

  19. tchadiwiki says:

    Stop giving this idiot attention please!!!!

  20. simbarashe says:

    end of era salanje…GoD iz watchng u!!sufika 2030!!!!

  21. Any prophecy that doesn’t come to pass it’s not from God. One fact for sure God has never lied & He doesn’t cos it’s not His nature so if a prophecy of Joyce Banda didn’t come to pass what does that tell us?????????? God knows!!!!

  22. Bwengu says:

    Bola moyo, am yet to witness your prophecy coming to pass! We can’t vote for someone who declared kuti samafumanso chinthu kwa aMalawi. Inu may be you talk of American presidency poti nkomwe you are relocating to. Inu kukhala president anthu tidzayenda mwa mantha kuganizira ntchito zanu zodula maliseche anthu. The god you worship is not true God iwe man of god.
    Wishing you more dreams not visions man of god.

  23. Mzomera ngwira says:

    Salanje waife uzayiphula basi wayiwonera patali 2030 boma ilo!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. SQUARE SELMAN says:

    Koma ndiye Malawi Eeee! Tiazibusa tikuthawa machurch kufuna u president a salanje imvani izi Agaiatiya 5 vs 15 “koma ngti mulumana ndi kudyana chenJelani mungaono ngane.” Lekani nthabwala.

  25. With that big belly you won’t live long.

  26. Sarenje says:

    Malawi wa bowokadi kkkkkk

  27. aTeacher says:

    Abusa is it not presidency of your ministry and not government?

  28. Ken Msonda (in my personal capacity) says:

    Mtima suvala sanza, kulota nkukhuta!
    Thats dreaming in BLACK AND WHITE!

  29. big boy says:

    Whats his education

  30. Africa says:

    You said don’t need malawians, please stop smoking mr S

  31. koma says:

    God forbid!!

  32. captain says:

    Ukufuna udzidzajambulitsa uli pa convoy? Salanje Ana ake onse amatama .ku school sadapite. Malawi will never be ruled again by uneducated Joyce and tcheya

  33. TOY B wakungodzi JAMES says:

    Tatopa ndikutinamiza zaziko mwathu Malawi akuziziwano ndi mulungu
    Musiyeni emweyo akhale

  34. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Just to remind you what you said, ” I don’t need Malawians. I will permanently in USA”.
    Now who will vote for you since you don’t need malawians?

    Umatinyoza and then you pretend as if you didn’t say bad about us.
    This is lack of respect.

  35. Mo says:

    Iwe salanje what ever they call wandipswetsa mtima mpaka kulephela kukulembela za mxiiiiiiiii

  36. Mo says:

    Salanje kkkkkkkkkkkkk mwini ndifufu chayamba u think Malawian are sleeping dogs?forget it we have learned it the hard,dont try we will not for foreigners anymore kkkkkk check urself,tell you wat,2019 i will b an Mp for five years then 2024 i will win as apresidential, Kamlepo will be my veep kkkkkkk choka Salenje mwana oipa

  37. mbolozidana says:

    It will be another President wa Standard 8, The guy doesnt even know what is inside sec school, these days education play an important role in governance, ask him how far did he went with school, akakuwuzani kuti ali ndi Degree mumfunse which University, a Malawi let us be serious, kepempheletsa its not kulamulira dziko

  38. Nkhoswe says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkk ine olo atandifaila doom mkamwa sindingakuvoteleni baba!!!!! Can pyschatric clinician or nurse review this patient who has psych disorder pliz???

  39. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ndikukupephani pastor nsalanje kuti musalowetse ndale mumpingo mutsate zimodzi ngati mwatopa ndi zauzimu mungotulukamo kachetechete, chotimudziwe Ndale ndibodza ndiye mukufuna kuchimwa mukudziwa

  40. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ndikukupephani pastor nsalanje kuti musalowetse ndale mumpingo mutsate zimodzi ngati mwatopa ndi zauzimu mungotulukamo kachetechete, chotimudziwe Neale ndibodza ndiye mukufuna kuchimwa mukudziwa

  41. Thanduxolo says:


  42. Mo says:

    Uli booo hope u r 45now bola if u r teling us zoona zokhazokha coz i will also be by 2030 drinking my favourite GREEN

  43. DA says:

    It is impossible to take government in 2030 because we had an election in 2014 and they are held every 5 years; 2014,2019,2024,2029,2034- no 2030. Very clever pastor! You really are God’s messenger!

  44. Charter says:

    Uku nde kupha dziko! Eat from the tithes and businesses, not from public poor peoples’ funds.

  45. wapaphata says:

    ha ha ha is that a wish or prophecy…unatinyoza sikale azakuvotera akwanu ndi mpingo wako ..ife anthu amatukutuku NO NO NO

  46. Aron says:

    No body knows only God

  47. excommunicated pastor says:

    A Malawi tili pa mavuto basi. Simapresident woyamba kugula ma posh cars before developing the country.Abusa mukuyesa ngati upuresident ndiye otayira madeya amene akanika ku ubusa eti, Tili ndi wina uyu akutilemera ku parliament ndiye winanso. Malawi wanga watha basi.

  48. BigMan says:

    kutamba masanatu uku

  49. Chinyanga says:

    Hey!! I think this guy is tactical. He’s trying to play his cards well. Dont dare to write him off coz He is the man of this caliber Malawians usually go for. Probably, He knows on which corner we stand when it comes to politics..we like spendthrifts like him, ppo who feed on vain promises..those who boast & badmouth like hell. Those r the guyz Malawians like, then after sometime we start talking bad against the ruler. We know from the beggining how corrupt the wanna-be president is but we say BOLA WAKUBA YEMWEYO. So sindinganeneretu za mkulu uyu coz we r just too sleepy. All the more this guy gets in my nerves.

  50. Anangozo says:

    God also showed you that JB will win the election……

  51. pasimaro says:

    Mr dreamer!!!! Hehedeeeee!!!Uluuuu!! Zoseketsa zinazi mwee

  52. Kanundu chichi?????

  53. Pastor Salanje womwewo..kuti wa wa wa……ha ha ha ha ha ha koma anthu ena inu..

  54. Prescott says:

    I think Salanje is satanic, he is not a true man of god. Who do you think you can fool, a thief like you? Do you think Malawians are stupid enough to vote for you? Ask other pastors who joined politics if they ever succeeded. May be you want to be another Yona. By the way you are staying in that country illegally, you are masquerading as a man of god whilst stealing people’s money, may you go to eternal hail.

  55. ninkuuzeni says:


  56. Okhe kani 2030 kuzakhalanso zisankho eti????

  57. Panga anthu adye zasatanic zakozo pastor wamatama ngati uyu sindinamuone…..beasy pa facebook basi kumalemba zopusa! Masiku otsiliza kuzabwera aneneli onyenga azizachiza ngati muzina la christu yesu,apa zaziweni kuti mwana wamulungu wayandikira…..christian this is atime to buckle our belt messiah is around the coner!!!!!!!!!!

  58. mbawa says:

    So elections in Malawi hapens every 5 years and my calender say nearest elections is 2029. I suggest your dream fits well in prison. There are solders surrounding the outer gate with guns and button stick. which one did you visiolize was it the button stick solders, AK 47 or the granades.

  59. Panga anthu adye zasatanic zakozo pastor wamatama ngati uyu sindinamuone…..beasy pa facebook basi kumalemba zopusa! Masiku otsiliza kuzabwera aneneli onyenga azizachiza ngati muzina la christu yesu,apa zaziweni kuti mwana wamulungu wayandikira…..christian this is atime to buckle our belt messiah is around the coner!

  60. ujeni says:

    kkkkkkk salanje . usanisekese ine . zimenezo yiwalako. sukulu yake yiti, chizungu chake chiti akulu tamangolalikani. muzafa ndi BP. udindo umenewo sizocheza akulu.

    ok mwina mumafuna tizicheza nde tiyeni nayo macheza amenewo . koma ngati kuti za serious apa iwalani ndithu. chuma kapena kutchuka si ndekuti munthu equals to president. muzachitamanyazi
    lekani zimenezo

  61. VIYAZI TEMBO says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk hahahahahahahahahaha hehedeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  62. Well, as a Malawian, you can try to come and became one of the losers,You are welcome , but you can’t make it ok, sorry.

  63. Home hablis says:

    False pasters who only get the revealation of someones death,shame to you

  64. Nachipanti says:

    I thought this STUPID pastor said doesnt need Malawians… Which Malawi is he talking about? This gotta be a joke.

    One word to Salanje: If you really read the bible, it talks about the power of the tongue in Proverbs 18:21 which says, “the tongue has the power of life and death and those who love it will eat its fruits.”

    The same bible in James 1:26 says, “If anyone thinks himself is religious, and yet does not bridle his tongue but deceives his own heart, this man’s religion in worthiless.”


  65. Zulu says:

    M’mbusanso kawiri. Wina tirinaye kale kuno watitopesa. Kagwere uko.

  66. Ndatero ine says:

    Inde pastor ine ndapezeka campaign director
    Bwerani tidzadye nao chumacho ya mau ayi ndalamazo zibwere

  67. Phodophodo says:

    Salanje is an intanashona actor. A big actor for that matter? What is it that I am hearing from Pasito Salanje.

  68. kanyimbi says:

    Koma usazivute ndithu. Maloto nthawi zina umalota ukuwuluka sizikutanthawuza kuti uzamela mapiko.

  69. Likoma Economist says:

    Keep on hallucinating (Pastor). It is not a crime to hallucinate.

  70. Kang'wing'wi says:

    I concur with PHWADO no. 3. First class stupid voters this part of the world. Pro Matchona matchona matchonaaaaaa. Aesh *>x&#

  71. dairemulala says:

    Pastor Salanje, first of all prove that you can amass all this worth right here in Malawi because you will be in Malawi as president and not in South Africa or America. Only if you can prove that the same resources and environment in Malawi can make somebody as rich as you are, then we can really say you can run a country. Otherwise bragging outside the country will not help.

  72. George Lihoma. says:


  73. Phuphex.Bt says:

    Sometimes the dream is quite contractually to God because what think to be is what you always dream for bodily benefits.
    Let God rule Malawi and his chosen people and as it is now Peter rule MALAWI AND and forget the past.

  74. Mzomera ngwira says:

    Nkhawa njee salanje mpira nkumakana ovota tilipo lo lo lo 2030 kwatalika

  75. Kadakwiza says:

    Its was not a dream but a nightmare. Ask pastor Lazalo he will explain to you Mr Salanje about such nightmares. He left Assemblies of God church after he had the same dreams as yours thinking that he would become Malawi’s president and it had turned to a nightmare. One night I dreamed holding a basin full of shining gold coins. When I wake up I had nothing. So Mr Salanje keep on dreaming.

    1. haha says:


  76. pasimaro says:

    Wonders shall never end my brother!!! Hewooooooo!!! chineke meeeeee

  77. nana says:

    Ine first lady salanje hehede

  78. KAMBWE says:

    eeeee akufuna tizachite kumuitanisa ngati Kamuzu wanthawi imeneyoyo…iwenso ndi khwangwala eti

  79. Phwado says:

    It can indeed happen in Malawi because Malawi have first grade stupid voters!

  80. Samarakunjuta says:

    Mxm!ma pastor a pamalawi koma ndi MBUZI!!!!!
    Chosencho dyeratu,osamangopanga zauchidakwa zakozo ku joniko bwanji?
    Kaya poti amalawi achakumebeko ndiogodomala azakuvotera. Mxm!!!

  81. Nabetha says:

    Which Malawi?

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