Public hospitals to have non clinicians as DHOs: CHAM, Malawi govt sign MoU

Government says it is replacing medical doctors with specially trained administrators as district health officers so that the clinicians can be well utilised in their area of medicine.

Ministry of Health spokesman, Chikumbe:  DHOs will be non clinician

Ministry of Health spokesman, Chikumbe: DHOs will be non clinician

Ministry of Health spokesperson Adrian Chikumbe said the ministry is piloting this in nine districts where there are non medicine personnel heading public district hospitals.

He said the aim is to ensure that the few medical doctors Malawi has are well utilised in the field of medicine than administration. Reports say a group of these special public hospital administrators, who are not clinicians, are undergoing special training at College of Medicine in Blantyre.

The medical doctors who also doubled as district health officers were said to be too busy to look into hospital administration including ensuring no drug thefts, attending to patients and also most of times away for meetings and workshops crippling the running of public hospitals.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health and Christian Health Association of Malawi (Cham) has finally signed a memorandum of understanding, giving ordinary Malawians access to free or heavily subsidised medicine in the church run hospitals.

Chief executive officer for Cham Dr. Mwai Makoka said the new agreement stipulates that there should be talks between the government, the principal secretary for Health and Cham executive secretary every three month and ministry of health and Cham board chairperson twice a year as a means of dealing with emerging challenges.

Cham terminated the agreement with government after the cash strapped ministry of Health failled to pay Cham huge sums of money leaving the mission hospitals bunkrupt and failling to pay some of its employees.

The new agreement allows free maternity services and other prescribed ailments.

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56 thoughts on “Public hospitals to have non clinicians as DHOs: CHAM, Malawi govt sign MoU”

  1. The small voice says:

    For your information not all DHOs are Doctors,some are nurses and clinical officers. In addition the health district management team already has a well trained non clinical personel who is called a hospital adminstrator trained and equiped with adminstrative skills.
    Besides at the very beginning madokotala samkafuna kumakhala mmidzi as DHOs amkachita kuwawumiliza pano you have your own selfish ambitions ndiye kufuna kuwathamangitsa mwachipongwe, anthu wosayamika inu eti.

  2. Onena Zoona says:

    Koma madotolo mulipo? If government stops you from prescribing drugs, you have valid reason to argue and protest because you were trained for that. If your are removed from DHO position, dont hestate. leave the office immediately and go to your medicine and you will recieve a credit. But if you cling to DHO position, you will be removed by forces and great shame will be on you. Another challenge you face is COs are better than you when it comes practically so its time for you to turn this around otherwise COs with BSc will have final say in their… Its not about who stay long at school but its about a well trained person to do his duty. Remember that it not only medical doctors we need, but also nurses, COs MAs, Pharm guys Laoratorians etc. KKKKKKK ITS TIME UP. IMAGINE IF OTHER HEALTH PROFESSION CHOOSE TO SUPPORT BSc(HEA;TH MANAGEMENT) WHAT CAN YOU DO? More Nurses have MSc and better grade than Medical Doctors but they always work for the good of the patient. The time has come for everybody to demostrate his skills.

  3. Virgo. says:

    Ok so nurses and clinical officers aehos etc can become dhos but doctors should not. We have to understand that sometimes u go to college graduate & realise that what u qualified for is not what u r best at, so u seek other options. There r doctors who would rather be administrators than be doctors & they have a right to do so. I guess I should go get a masters in hospital administration & see if they will still say doctors can’t be dhos! Screw this government, it has some personal vendetta against doctors & its sad that we doctors r taking it sitting down, we have to wake up, being patriotic & staying quiet isn’t getting us any where.

  4. Boyana says:

    Government should not only think of thefty of Drugs but also the population of Malawi,the amount of money it reases to buy drugs and the price of drugs at the Market, when you look at these 3 things hope the Government can easily come up with the Idea of paying services in all public Hospitals
    . Because trueth telling people in rural areas are the ones who pay now, because most mission hospitals are in rural areas, People in town who are rich are the ones who fight for free medical services. Changing Administration wont bring any change will just invite series of demostrations from health workers due Misunderstandings

  5. don malibu says:

    for 52 years the health system has poorly performed as far as the delivery of the health services is concerned. Not all DHOs underperfrom no but that problem can originate from the grassroot and generate an underperformance to the DHO and that is a well known fact. you can argue all you want that the Bsc Health management Students will never bring change but truth of the matter is the training they undergo is specialized for the DIstrict Health Office /hospital Administration position therefore by all means change is bound to come. Talking of the salary grades these structures were developed by archaic minded policy makers of which in this new age we regard that as incompetence, not willing to operate up to speed, need i remind you all that the Health systems profession is strictly for managerial purposes far from the Operations which makes me wonder what these medical doctors scarce as they are are doing in this field. I understand our country’s governance system is already corrupted and one can easily manipulate it basing on false facts so its no surprise those rebuking this development hate the Profession (2 years and 16 modules) but who cares?? Change is already at your door step and it aint knocking. corruption, incompetence, njustice and lack of managerial skills are a proven fact that these Medical doctors are a flop in this managerial field. leave this field to those who earn it not you. patients await your services for christs sake and you have clinical officers to supervise.

  6. apm says:

    I feel this change is too political. I feel politicians know that with no direct donor aid, donors will directly funding health sector at district level. As a result, they want to strategically put swindlers in the leading positions to harvest the donor money. Also they need bootlickers in these positions so the problems aint made known to the voters. Its ill timed actually and malicious in nature. Lets wait n see wat unfolds.


    I, for one, would have wished that the doctors continue heading health services in the district. I don’t believe that these administrators will be any more competent than doctors in this role.
    Actually, this could be a coup by some sections against doctors. AMA, you may need step in, to defend doctors here.

  8. Mlowe boy says:

    This will not be long term solution . Lets government deploy the right systems .

  9. masherano says:

    Kkkkk koma mbuli ndizoseketsa,busy fighting doctors by hiding your names on internet,ati thank you Dpp,APM bla bla bla,who told you dpp prefers less educated people at the expence of well educated for the challenging positions like DHO? For those who dont know,health management is the only 2 years degree program done at college of medicine,a programm which was introduced in bad faith just to fight doctors by some hate-filled clowns at this college,if you go scrutinize the quality of students in this programme,you will feel sorry for this country already,all of them once failed to qualify or make it to the university of malawi after failing to withstand the competition,so they eent for diploma and certificate courses at college of health sciences and some church-owned colleges called CHAM,now these are targeted to enrol for this 2 yr degree program,and when they graduate,they want to be bosses in hospitals,they want doctors to be under them,misala ipose apa amalawi? Kkkkk koma yaa,i cant stop laughing.

  10. Benson Chirwa says:

    Not non clinicians because all the people trained under this management course area health oriented personnel. Zivuta bwanji? DHO ayimva? Just thinking of some senior civil servant in the old capital.

  11. chibwatiko mbekamachuni says:

    Where we got this idea I do not think we understood properly. How do you expect these guys trained at COM in Health Management head a district health system? most DHOs are at P7 and above, this guys are PO and most of them were nurses(NMT), clinicians ( Diploma) or AEHO( Diploma) etc. Do we expect these people to do better than the current crop of DHOs? I do not support that the Medical Doctor to continue heading district health system but the idea being proposed will even make the situation worse. Mr. A. Chikumbe whoever gave you this information does not understand the course being offered at COM because even the Ministry itself has not at any point recognized those who have undergone this training at COM. if what I have said is not true can you give a name of one person the Ministry has promoted to PO grade have graduated with this Degree. I rest my case

  12. Mbereka says:

    But how were the peole who will be in the nine pilot projet identified since we have never seen any advertisement in the papers for such. If they were handpicked expect no change in the way these public hospitals will be managed. Any recruitment has to be advertised and be competetitive.

  13. 2016 welcome says:

    The problems is that some cadres right away in school are brainwashed that they are a superior profession, kind of demigods that is why this issue is facing such resistance from some quarters . But the truth is administration is not MBBS or nursing or dental etc. Let those trained as administrators hold the position. This is a human resource issue. This is not about salary scale its all about ones area of expertise. And to assert that all doctors are good at administration than other cadres is too sweeping a statement. Some doctors are worse when it comes to administration.

  14. Chikwina says:

    It is a good move, why should doctors do administrat8ion when there is shortage of doctors. The health management team is being trained for the job the doctors are doing badly. Why should doctors be in charge of everything? Why should they be sent for administration course when some people are already being trained?

  15. John Kabwili says:

    Bravo DPP, bravo APM, Bravo chilima, this is a very good move,let it also apply to other sectors such as Universities and secondary schools.

  16. Dr. Williams Gondwe, Health Systems Strengthening expert, WHO Africa, Congo Brazzaville. says:

    Health systems are made up six building blocks, namely: Human resources for Health; Drugs, Vaccines and medical technologies; Health management information systems;Stewardship and governance;Service delivery;and Health financing.. according to WHO(now up to 7, with community participation). The BSc Health Management course at the College of medicine was started to train experts in these building blocks. Doctors are trained to serve one arm only which is service delivery. Doctors don’t study health economics and health financing, they don’t study human resources for health, they don’t study HMIS, they don’t study community development, they don’t study resource mobilization and allocation, they don’t study project/program planning/management, they don’t study strategic management, Doctors study Medicine and Surgery, Period! They don’t have conceptual skills of management like these BSc Health management gurus who have also worked as clinical officers, dental therapist, laboratory technicians, registered nurses, pharmacy techs, and many other cadres for at least more than two years before joining the BSc Health management degree at College of medicine and they have diplomas from colleges of health sciences as an addition. They are clinicians trained to become Health Systems Managers. Lets accept change and applaud the government for this move. Lets face it, for over 52 years we’ve misused doctors… Its high time they practiced what we train them. Its a loss to the people if doctors dont work as doctors rather as administrators. Lets move forward with changing times..,. Bravo Dr. Kumpalume et al. Thats what is needed. Lets professionalize the management of the health sector, lets move from evidence to practice.

  17. dada says:

    DPP is a bunch of fools. Non-medical administrators wouldn’t understand the medical systems, functions and dynamics. Medical institutions are a technical branch of govt., requiring medical staff in headship positions, just like in education, agriculture, forestry, mining, etc – you cannot have these institutions headed by a social scientist or public administrator or accountant – these people can only assist the technical heads but not become heads themselves. Are you telling me that DEMs should only be in class because they were trained to teach and not head education institutions? How about headmasters? Instead of giving special training to non-medical administrators at CoM, we should be giving special administrative training to medical staff at SDI (Mpemba). The latter is much easier and cheaper than the former. Administration is easier than Science. Scientists can understand administration much easier than administrators understanding science. If hospitals are malfunctioning or underfunctioning, the problem does not lie in DHO’s not being able to govern their institutions. The problem lies in DPP failing to govern Malawi.

  18. Mutibule says:

    I think the problem here is that people are commenting without facts. Firstly, let us know that what works in UK, Germany or anywhere in Europe, does not imply it will work in Africa. We have very good examples which I may explain later. Again, being in the diaspora for sometime, does not mean you can simply come to Malawi and change things overnight.

    Secondly there are so many challenges in Malawi. Everyday, we hear of DHO complaining of lack of funds to run ambulances, food for patients, to the extent that the young boys in districts have been zipped off not to talk to Media any more. Some have even been threatened to be moved out of the districts.

    We talk of issues of lack of drugs. What the Government has resorted to is to always say drugs are stolen. What surprises us is that why can’t they put mechanisms to stop this theft of drugs. Funny thing, when Health institutions order these drugs, what they always get is 40 to 50% of what they ordered. The Central Medical stores has no drugs. So you wonder which drugs are stolen. Health Managers have been talking of Capitalizing the Central Medical Stores Trust so that drugs are available like anything in Shoprite stores. What we hear is CMST has to collect some funds from districts and by drugs on a 3 months basis. Do you expect a system to work like that? If it fails you say its Doctors failing it.

    Thirdly, I do not think the idea to be implemented was discussed by the Senior Team of MoH apart from three top idiots. In Malawi Ministries, possibly MoH inclusive, most of those people you think have positions, I do not think they contribute effectively towards such ideas. If those so called directors in most Ministries try to bring in their ideas or if they are so radical, they are the one you see are relocated to positions that are very irrelevant to their professions. There are very good examples from Ministries all over. The issue is Survival mechanism. That is the reason you see the country is not moving forward.

    Fourth, most countries around, key positions within Ministry of Health are held by Medical Doctors. Be it Director of Planning, HR, Administration etc, are Medical or Health Professionals. They simply send them to do Masters relevant to that particular area, so that they can articulate the issues of Health properly. You do not see a Planner is this year in Agriculture Ministry, next two year in Health, it can not work like that. Human resources for health has its own specialist not these generic, whereby yesterday in Education, tomorrow Health, no ways. We can not move like that. But the reason is that in Government, those who did General Administration are the ones who look to be very close to Authority, so it looks like whatever they say as they are close is what the Authority is able to listen. You think Malawi does not have Professionals in all these areas or Ministries who can change Malawi? As of now it looks every Ministry is a failure. Amongst these Doctors, I think there are some who have done these Management courses after their professional studies and can better be Managers even in districts and change things given resources and if politics is not attached. The very same people if they join other organizations or go outside Malawi are stars, so you think they can fail to move Malawi??

    Fifthly, I do not think when the College of Medicine was starting this Health Management Course, it was meant for that. There are positions like Health Services Administrators in districts and Central hospital, which was meant for them. So let us not confuse things and then regret tomorrow. What is so common in Malawi is too much task shifting which other countries velhemently refused or refuse when the so called World Bank, WHO, GIZ push on these countries. It does not imply what all these organizations recommend works for every situation.

    Try to invite Doctors and have their views or call all the cadres you are thinking about into a debate and see if they will say any sense. If you simply want to give these Director of Health and Social Welfare in Councils to your relations as is usually the trend, just do so and prepare to fail and regret later.

    Okuuuzani analipo.

  19. DR TONDE says:

    If this is true, DPP ndiitsika lero. APM and company are stupid! If DHO is to be a non medical then the DADO, DEM etc should also be professional administrators. Can’t these fools see that the problem isn’t because of dho per se but that there is no money. Stupid dpp

  20. Dr G Ganiza says:

    Positive step towards the achievement of the intended goal. We misplaced things earlier. The positions were to the benefits of persons, not malawians. Trained several years but had no time see patients. They were attending to meetings alone which brought no impact at all. Way to go GoM

  21. Bob Tembisa says:

    Its unfortunate to say that others are of lower cadre than medical doctors. These medical doctors only posses first degree just like nurses. These medical doctors have very few managerial skill. The system is dead because medical doctors have killed it.

    Even at ministry there is need to change directors.

    Medical doctors are responsible for poor health. Clinical officers are even better than these half baked doctors.

    kkkkkkkk. the good news to us is everyone has to do job he was trained to.

    This chande to non clinician will bring postive results

  22. truth says:

    pliz govt talk to CHAM to employ qualified administrators.I mean most of these nuns acting as admins they dont know anything.Just miss using the funds.And these so called accountants in health centres r just doing more harm to the system.These pipo do not deserve to be paid by govt.Let each institution pay them.

  23. truth says:

    What about the DADOs.Dont u think its tym they shld go into our villages & train pipo in modern farming practices.The DEMs as well,we need them in xools.

  24. zoona says:

    Good move, we are in the era of specialisation! we have seen medical doctors failing the Ministry of Health because they have not been trained to be administrators! We need trained administrators to do this work. Let the trained physicians assist the sick in the wards, that is what they were trained to do! DHO post is administrative in nature and needs to be handled by a trained administrator

  25. Dr. Kalima Msiska says:

    GTZ, WHO, UN, AfDB, World Bank recommended this way back in 1995. 20 years down the line we still haven’t implemented anything. Good move, long overdue and very late!

  26. Muzimva says:

    A Davido, mwangodana ndi ma Clinical Officers apa. Sakunena kuti ma Clinical officers ndi amene adzakhale ma District Health Officers or Medical Directors ayi. Akuti ma non medical personnel ndi amene adzayang’anire zipatala. Pamenepo zikutanthauza kuti ma Clinical officers palibepo kale. Komanso ngati Clinical Officer ali ndi maphunziro apamwamba kuposa Medical Doctor chosampatsira Clinical Officer udindo woyang’anira chipatala ndi chiyani? Mwachisanzo ngati clinical officer ali ndi master degree or PhD amusiyiranji ameneyu. Dziwani kuti mu Unduna wa zaumoyo mu Malawi muno, ngati munthu anayamba ngati clinical officer ngakhale akhale ndi PhD amamutchulabe clinical officer basi. There is no any other grade.

  27. logic says:

    Firstly this is a poorly written article. How is an mou with cham related to administers becoming dhos?
    Anyway, how is moh going to effect the dho issue when they have just decentralized personnel to the councils? Where is the legal basis? Where is the establishment that accommodates such inferior personnel with a diploma then a two year bachelors over a seven year double degree? We are moving backwards.
    In any country worldwide, health management is handled by doctors. Check your facts. Dhos in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho , south Africa are all doctors. Some even clinical specialists! Even hospital directors in Cham are doctors! Let’s not think like idiots. Evidence from research also proves it.

  28. Don carter says:

    Its a welcome move, big up Malawian government. There are many well trained Health Managers trained by a reputable institution (College of Medicine) make a good use of these managers if we are to improve our health system. Waiting patiently for the actual implementation… Heeyyyyy!

  29. Njirambo Somanje, Dentist, New Zealand says:

    Congratulations to all those behind this move. I trained and qualified in the USA as an orthodontic specialist. 5 years ago I failed to secure a job in MoH because those in positions feared my presence. But before that I had graduated from Malawi College of Health Sciences as a dental therapist. Having read about the so called nonclinical managers on http://www.medcol.mW I’ve learnt that the guys are qualified health professionals such as clinical officers, dental therapists, radiography technicians, registered nurses and other cadres. This program is our only solace in embracing change. Its longtime we professionalized our health systems. Health Management should be left to Health managers who studied health management/healthcare administration not Doctors who studied medicine and surgery. This is long overdue. These recommendations were done by WHO, GTZ, MSF and many others before in 1995. 20 years down the line we still haven’t implemented them.

  30. 2016 welcome says:

    Having an MBBS as an automatic ticket for the position of DHO was a goof and an administrative malaise. For me DHO is a management and more importantly a leadership position. Leadership is a unique attribute. We have had some MBBS holder DHOs but it was worse case scenario on leadership front. Ministery just needs to come up with a criterion that will be able to measure leadership qualities in someone vying for DHOs. It could be a medical doctor or a nurse whosoever has leadership attributes. Another way would be employing people with masters degree like MPH cause these guys have an attribute of work experience .

  31. Dr. Kondwani Malefula, Aberdeen, UK says:

    As a medical Doctor practicing in the UK I see nothing wrong in this move. In Fact, the UK National Health Service-NHS has specialist Healthcare administration/ Health Management professionals managing all aspects of administrative/managerial issues where as operations management of clinical/medical/nursing services are left under the stewardship of Doctors, nurses and allied health professionals. Now,I’ve gone through College of Medicine website http://www.medcol.mW and the bachelor’s degree in Health Management is described perfectly suitable to deliver quality management professionals in health. At least our country can move in the same direction just like Western countries. I’m relieved to have seen this on Nyasatimes. This is a welcome development. To my friend, Kumpalume et al I say bravo. Keep the good job and use your Diaspora experience to shape the delivery of health services in our beloved country.Kenya, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Tanzania, Ghana and many other African countries did this some 20 years ago…. At least we are truly reforming. We’ve been doing business as usual for over 52 years, now it long overdue that we embraced change.

  32. Nkhalango says:

    ‘Cham terminated the agreement with government after the cash strapped ministry of Health failled to pay Cham huge sums of money leaving the mission hospitals bunkrupt and failling to pay some of its employees.The new agreement allows free maternity services and other’ I understand Its government which pays for cham employees salaries, so I wonder with the statement above

  33. 2016 welcome says:

    While it may be too early for me to say whether this is a good move or not,on the issue of drug theft, it’s not about ones academic background to deal with it. This is an attitude problem. I would give an example of DCs who are qualified administrators but you and me know how rampant theft of government property is in district councils. Again, people confuse between a more qualified and a better qualified. I would give an example of a graduates with MBBS,BSc Ed, BSsN etc. In this regard among the holders of these first degrees there is no one more qualified than the other because these different disciplines. Perhaps the better way could be better qualified depending on what position you would want to employ them on.Traditionally some professions are more respected than others but that doesn’t mean more qualified. More qualified would be better if particular people in question belong to the same profession but have different qualification papers say; diploma , degree and masters.

  34. Namwino says:

    It’s a good development. Komaso consider the grading system. U wdnt want a person with less qualification to get more money than these doctors. It will be frustrating. Let them do their job but put them at appropiate grade

  35. Dr Chirwa says:

    this is the good idea lyk it so much

  36. Davito says:

    Health services have never been run effectively by cadres lower cadres other than medical doctors except in Malawi. That’s why there is mediocrity in the system. A decision made by a medical doctor outweighs any junior person. Whoever is trying this blunder must tread very cautiously and try to learn from the system globally. How do you expect a Medical Director to be a clinical officer or whatsoever? No wonder Malawi is a failed state.

  37. vwa says:

    It’s a welcome idea to have trained administrator’s in management position. We have misused out doctors by putting them in managerial position instead of directly providing the intended medical care. Learn from private hospitals where the CEO is not a doctor but a trained health manager. Malawi health system is heading to the right direction.

  38. Dr. Evans says:

    This is the only way malawi as a nation can be on track in terms of health care management,,

    Train and employ more health systems managers, in your country.
    U will never be the same again five years to come.

    Usa, kenya and many countries have done this, its working.

    Leave the work to the experts in health systems.

    A doctor has spend five years trained in medicine and surgery and medicine and you give him administration job, the one done only for 6 weeks, what do you expect..

    Doctors have done a good job for decades, apart on there back yes, but try health systems managers. You will wonder.

  39. vwa says:

    It’s a welcome idea to have trained administrator’s in management position. We have misused out doctors by putting them in managerial position instead of directly providing the intended medical care. Learn from private hospitals where the CEO is not a doctor but a trained health manager.

  40. Professor Adamson Nyenyani Mvula says:

    This is what Hospitals in developed countries have been practicing. Doctors and nurses and other professionals do their specialties whilst healthcare administration is left to specifically trained Health systems professionals. And worldwide, Schools of medicine are training professional health managers. I congratulate Dr. Kumpalume for the paradigm shift. It is high time we professionalize healthcare administration!

  41. Dr. kirombero says:

    this means that no doctors in districts,these people will definitely run away chibwana basi,and nanu ma doctors kupusa that’s why school yovuta munadusayo koma nkumangosawuka.

  42. Nayo says:

    Is it non clinicians or Health Systems Managers(HSM)? COM has been training fo close to three years now and rumours were there that they will be DHOs. And if this is the case then its not nonclinicians as the cadres include Clinical Officers, Nurses, Dental/Lab Techs and AEHOS.

  43. Wakumudzi says:

    Its true n long over due,
    Until it is implemented, it will b the best idea ever,
    To those who just commented but do not know, the administrators mentioned here, are not the ones with arts but science and experience in health systems management and policy.. The ones college of medicine trains.

    Its high time we embrace change,
    And change is here..

    Bravo adrian, bravo APM

  44. Dr. Khwima Nthara says:

    Bachelor of Science In Health Systems Management is in its 5th intake at the College of Medicine and graduates are experts management of all the 6 building blocks of the health systems…. This is good news as opposed to Doctors who studied medicine being responsible for administrative work yet without conceptual skills of management.

  45. chemusa says:

    automatically someone below your qualification become your boss,earns lots of money,less work to do,Doctors,Doctors,ask for pay hike basi it’s time

  46. youna says:

    This Govt. is full of experiments.

  47. IKALI says:

    kudzifunila ntchito ma administrators. koma ndiye avutatu mma ministries umu. KAYA!

  48. mzeke says:

    big up this is what we have been expecting for long time, anthuwa kunachuluka ndi kuba and they know nothing about administration. Good development indeed.

  49. kapyepye says:

    Good move, Kumpalume

  50. Mwako says:

    A Adrian Chikumbe zakuyenderanitu, mpaka PRO. Mwayiwala za pa Zenizeni.

  51. Mutibule says:

    We are watching the system falling down. Kodi in districts are DADOs Engineers? Are DEM doctors? Why do we Malawian fail the country. And the Leadership is simply watching. Bwana mwayenda kuja even in our neighbouring countries, its not like that. Three years from now we should be saying we errored. Chenicheni anakulakwirani ma Doctors ndi chiani? Is it because the demand for rights of Patients? Letd wait and see.

  52. Dr Chitsuro cha Njanji says:

    Kulanga ma clinicians pankhani yama allowance. Akayiwoneraso kuti without meetings/workshops. On the other hand some meetings are very technical in nature, how will an administrator with Bachelor of Arts in Humanities handle or respond to such issues there and then? Mboliioii zanu

  53. makuyu says:

    Izi ndiye zonamatu. DHO ndimayesa amafunika azidziwa bwino za umoyo makamaka pa zaukhondo, matenda komanso mankhwala. Ndimayesa azipanga mfundo zothandiza kayendetsedwe ka ntchito za umoyo makamaka kupyolera ntchito ya m’zipatala. Ndiye apanga bwanji mfundo za nzeru ngati asakudziwapo kena kali konse kokhuza umoyo? Apa ndi chimodzimodzi kulemba a Nyakwawa ntchito ya u headteacher. Atsogolera bwanji aphunzitsi iye sanakhalepo mphunzitsi? Ine ndi die hard wa boma koma apa ndiye mwapala. Muganize kawiri katatu otherwise mubesa unduna umenewu. Madokotala akamachita njomba DHO wosaphunzira ntchito yake adziwa bwanji?

  54. Mathanyula ameneyo says:

    They want people they can threaten and who will act correct politically and not tell governement the truth. Treating symptoms of a problem and not dealing with the problem itself.

  55. Mwanangwa says:

    Disaster to our lives- Mayi babe nkhufwa!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. susu says:

    Madotolo paja anakuchulukirani Nanga 51 onse sanalembedwe aja ichi mwanena icho mwanena running gaffment is a serious business bakili anaionatu patali

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