Speaker censures Chakwera for slurs on Mutharika

Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya on Monday censored his Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera for saying that President Peter Mutharika is clinging to power.

Speaker Richard Msowoya: Chakwera out of order!

Speaker Richard Msowoya: Chakwera out of order!

Chakwera had said that Mutharika had failed people as he lacked leadership skills, saying he seems clueless to get Malawi out of its economic mess.

The MCP president then asked Mutharika to “stop clinging to power “.

But leader of the House Francis Kasaila said Mutharika has a five year constitutional mandate to rule Malawi therefore it was out of order to suggest the president was clinging to power when he was just first year in his five year term of office.

Msowoya agreed and ruled Chakwera, his boss out of order. Chakwera did not contest this decision.

Government Chief Whip Henry Mussa also took exception to Chakwera’s remarks that if Malawians voted today, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) would not win.

“How does the leader of opposition get evidence that if Malawi went to polls today, DPP would lose?” Mussa asked on a point of order.

Mussa had defended Mutharika’s address that it was not a State of the Nation Address which could incorporate developments and plans in every sector.

Chakwera called for the tabling of the much-awaited Access to Information Bill and a review of electoral laws, failing which MCP would table a private member’s bill.

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43 thoughts on “Speaker censures Chakwera for slurs on Mutharika”

  1. Patrick says:

    Chakwera you’ve failed AOG now you want to mess up this country just wait for your time to come dude and see if Malawians will vote for you.

  2. devilsadvocate says:

    If things are not moving pa Malawi it is because of the man of GOD from dowa and the retired lecture now party spokeswoman.. They are failing to accept defeat and they promised to give DDP sleepless nights which the have accomplished the result is that Malawi is retrogressing instead of progressing. A chakwera mulibe umunthu and one day you will pay for your sins.Bwanji osamusiya APM alamulire while you work on the ground to make sure anthu a kwachimaliro akudziweni adzakuvotereni. You can make all the noise and colour APM bad but Malawians are the best judges.
    Let me tell you this; In 2013 during voter registrations during the second phase of reg that was the very time you were made MCP president you had already lost the polls. I was one of the reg team member from chikwawa to machinga MCP featured a monitor in mangochi.kwina konse kunalibe monitor wa MCP. So tell me if you don’t have representation from the whole region how do you expect to win? The central is for ACHEWA. This was where MCP was active but only in LL, DZ, DA, MC and SA kwinako kogawana. The north is for headless chickens komwe kwapita mphepo nawonso pure sunflower that’s the north. The bottom line is. Stop this Madness leave APM to rule, offer meaningful criticism and kenako tiyende pamodzi ndi mtima umodzi.

  3. Chakwera cannot help this country.

  4. dalitso says:

    Adona, mungatani Mulungu mwini atakuuzani kuti, He is not involved in what you have said?
    I have said time and again that, if you want to comment on issues you are not aware of or you would like to involve God in, WERENGANI BIBLE NDIKUMVA CHOMWE MULUNGU AKUNA KULANKHULA MASIKU ANO.
    Exodus 20:7
    You shall not use the name of Jehovah your God irreverently, nor use it to swear to a falsehood. You will not escape punishment if you do.
    GOD’S name is special, for it carries His personal identity. Using it frivolously or in a curse is so common today that we may fail to realize how serious it is. The way we use God’s name conveys how we really feel about Him not Chakwera. We should respect His name and use it appropriately, speaking it in praise and worship rather than in curse or jest or undress someone (Chakwera). Nanga Mulungu atati Chakwera sanabe ngati mmene mukuneneramu, what would you say? Mwinanso mudzauza kuti Mulungu ndionamatu. If what Chakwera was wrong to involve himself into politics, let God Himself deal with Chakwera.

  5. Leave Chakwera alone.He has full vision of this country

  6. George Kamanga says:

    Clinging to power are correct words for APM because he is a state criminal, robber, gangster & monster. APM was not voted into power but rigged through two great fools hiding in the judiciary system (kenyatta nyirenda & maxon mbendera). The truth is what Chakwera is saying that APM is clinging to power because he remain an illegitimate president. If he was legitimate president Chakwera wouldn’t be saying that he is clinging to power.

    All fools will be saying that APM is the president but he is a state criminal. being a criminal there is no solution he can offer to free suffering Malawians but he is to cause more & more harm to Malawians. Always fools support a criminal that is what all who support APM. whether you have billions of cash or degrees but as long you support this gangster (APM) you remain a big fool.

  7. Kenkkk says:

    Peter is a puppet as we all know and agree. He is not in control at state house or govt. So Laz is right that the puppet is clinging to power. That is what puppets do.

    So you dpp thugs now love the speaker for censuring Laz? I thought you have been insulting the speaker since he took over the job.

    The speaker is just doing his job but he was wrong here because a puppet always clings to power and Laz is right. Is a puppet ever in control?

  8. Winford Saka says:

    Chakwe, God Is not on ur side.Wait for 2090 to be voted into power.As a rev pray for the nation.

  9. nyobi says:

    Chakwera will never rule this country. Stupid!

  10. tana says:

    Chakwera help Peter to develop this country not to insult us like this.

  11. adona says:

    sure! tribalism sizatha ku Malawi because there is a certain group of people who planted this. This is a dent on our country. when we go voting we don”t look at who a person is but where he is coming from! Malawi will be ruled by Southern region whether we like it or not because of that. Worse with the so called leader of opposition who has little on Malawi politics. tired of stealing God’s money in church and wanted to steal from government but God said no! Was this man really serving God? He speak like a devil himslef, full of bitterness, eish, so embarrasing! you aresure this man can bring anything once voted? i doubt!

  12. Mike says:

    Mizimu imadziwana aliyese asankhe yenkha wamzelu wake

  13. Tina says:

    Well done Chakwera, we need more pressure than that, the strongest opposition. Shut up Mr Speaker allow oppositions to speak up any how. It’s governing competition stop playing silly government side or leave the chair

  14. Mpumulo wa Bata wayandikila says:

    Mr Speaker Sir, you can’t be serious! I know you want to protect your job but Mr Chakwera”‘s rebuttal was the most brilliant speech I’ve ever heard fom a leader of opposition or a President in years!

  15. Strongman says:

    Chakwera Ndichitsiru Chamunthu

  16. Strongman says:

    Sindimadziwa Kuti Chakwera Ndiopanda Nzeru HE IS FOOLISH together with Hule Lake Kabwira

  17. kaka says:

    Kunena zoona chakwera simunthu wa mulungu. Ndi crook woopysa. I voted for him koma simaziwa kuti chakwera amaganiza mwa u vendor,. Inside sources fro MCP chipapani chamagazi mumanja akuti chakwera ali ndi edzi thus why akufuna aloweretu mu boma. Akuwona kuti mwina 2019 safika. He is too hash I wish akananena kuti amalawi tiyeni tipempe kwa mulungu kuti dziko lathu likhale bwino@ chuma chiziyenda bwino ndiponso mwapaderadera ife a MCP mulungu atiyeletse manja athu moti magazi tilinawo ayele ngati ufa chimanga chkonola. Apapa amalawi akanongoti amen. Tsopano ktukwa bomaku akuziwonongela mbiri.zako izo uwona 2019

  18. Mbwiye says:


  19. Cecil says:

    I think Rev. Dr. Lazarus Chakwera is not familiar with the Malawian voting pattern. Neither is he familiar with the country’s population distribution. By the way, was he in the country when his party MCP unleashed terror on the Catholic Church in Malawi? Is he aware that Catholic Bishops were put under house arrest thereby blocking them and all the priests from administering sacraments to the suffering flock? Does he know that by doing so MCP was blocking Jesus himself from ministering? Is he aware of all those NOVENAS that were being recited throughout the country day and night to free this land from that oppressive regime? Such sins result in death and MCP died at that time and it will never ever come back.

  20. Chibanja tv says:

    Chakweras’ sentiments mockery to the Malawians, behaves immature in politics. We are voters and we know it very clear that the president is constitutionally mandated to rule for a five year term, so what is your problem? Phuma bwanji former man of God. So you sent Kabwira to be talking the nonsense that you are talking today? mwalemba m’madzi kapanganeninso ndiye bolanso obaba o Tembo osakhala nyasizi ayi.

  21. nyavundo says:

    Chakwera alibe nzeru zoti mpaka kuthandidza boma ndipo iwo yawo ndi Moto basi
    Mwaweruzidwa muli pansi popano.Ndipo mukulira chifukwa cha chinsakho choipa

  22. Njolinjo says:

    To hell Dullman Nyirongo with your empty skull.

  23. popapo says:

    Tanzania went to poll just few weeks ago where a new President was sworn in. It is quite and people are back to development work, but for us it is NDALE all through until next elections. Can we develop like this, even our President thinks about the next elections instead of getting DPP manifesto turn into actions. What is wrong with Malawi and its people ? Did the Colonial people make a cocktail that can not be mixed ? Tribalism is so deep rooted that it is a time bomb that can explode anytime with name calling and nepotism. Tonse ndife olakwa a Malawi timasakhana mitundu zedi.

  24. phanana says:

    Chakwera is right,only that people hates the truth, for instance, poor fertilizer subsidy distributionn, hard economic challenges, moving up and down just looking for allounces, lies , just a few.

  25. Kent says:

    These words were spoken by our leader Malata Subsidy tayamba,ma reforms ari nkati komansoooo za ma communite colledyezi tili rede……

  26. Wadyera says:

    Chakwera is dreaming. We had Leaders of opposition in the name of Hon. John Tembo. He tried to fight the government and its leadership until he retired in opposition. The more you talk negative things about the ruling leaders the stronger they become. If you can’t beat them, join them. There is no way MCP, PP or Afford can win elections in Malawi that is as long as DPP/UDF is alive

  27. Pachakutichalomwe says:

    1.1. @ Wiseman Nyirongo shut your proboscis filthy dog!!!! And don’t dare use northern name for your smelly lomwe self, ok? Don’t you now have names in Thyolo? What has happened to your surnames like ‘Kuchinda; Lowakufa; Kuntumbo; Mathanyula? Kuba mavoti, mukufunanso kuba ndi maina omwe? Mapazi anu you and your one-toothed bull you call Peter Mutharika. That’s why mukukanthidwa ndi njala surprisingly u who voted for him are the ones in poverty the most!

  28. Meja says:

    Wiseman Nyirongo, that’s why they said IF, Mtumbuyka opanda nzeru iwe ukutichititsa manyazi

  29. mapapaya says:

    A Chakwera tamamvani zonena za anthu. Inutu simudzapambana chisankho pa Malawi. Olo lero titapitanso ku chisankho zanu zada.Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk akuona kuchedwa.

  30. kagawi says:

    Ache Chakwera, you must be very stupid. Zoona unganene President wolamula kuti he is clinging into power!!! Is it not you clinging into power by allowing your silly supporters calling you kuti Boma!! Nanga namatetule Prof. APM tiziti chiyani? Is it why you damped nkhosa za mulungu just to be called Boma?? Shame on you!!!!! Ambuye mulungu ali nawenawe pachipongwe unapangila Mulunguyo ndi nkhosa zache zimene anakupatsa kuti uzitumikile. Zisankho achimwene ndi 2019. Dikilani muzaone ngati uprezidenti wa dziko mudzaulawe. Mudzitha kuona patali osati pamene mukupondapo pokha. Muyimva Bangwe, dikilani.

  31. The Analyst says:

    Kunena kwandimalizendimalize andidziweandidziwe mwana wako yemwe ndiye amakuuza kuti a dad, you are embarrassing me! You are new, but its taking long for you to learn the language etiquette – a very important decorum for anybody with an insatiable lustiful hallucination of wanting to govern a country.

    And from what research is the evidence that if Malawians were to vote today, DPP would be voted out? Comments on Nyasatimes? Aaaa which idiot doesn’t know that on Nyasatimes are only a pocketful collection of disjointed yet loud and vocal supporters held together by a thread from a ragged jacket of an old sailor who was lost at sea some 40 years ago? Or from Mchinji? But is Malawi not larger than Mchinji? Ask Amayi, wherever she went, seas of people are all she could see. Where is she now? Why do people fail to learn from the past yet the past is there for all of us to learn from? Of course it is every person’s right to dream but lets not forget the responsibility we have to dream true; otherwise we run the risk of depression from disappointment.

    It is better to expect nothing from tomorrow and surprisingly get something than to expect something and surprisingly get nothing.

  32. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

    The Speaker should have thrown the whole book at oChakwera, and suspended him from the house baasi, to be sure.
    The leader of MCP and some of his ilk need to be taught a lesson: they always exaggerate what APM says, interpret his ideas in misleading terms, and even often often attack the man personally. As if politics is personal.

  33. Ozavota ndi ife osati iwe uladi change golo shupit!

  34. levelheaded says:

    The biggest problem that proves Chakwera to be the worst leader of opposition in the history of malawi is the way he is tackling issues when it comes to his role of opposing. It seems instead of the guy fighting for the wellbeing of Malawians he is wishing if he were the president yesterday.

    Even the speaker who is proving to be the worst as well, could not notice that Chakwera was out of order when he insinuated on those remarks to the legally elected president.

    Chakwera and your friend, know that you are playing the most shrewd and level headed party on this land. You will be reduced to nothing before we go for general elections in 2019.

  35. Mapwiya Namuhaya wa ku Phaloni says:

    Kaya zipangani zanuzo, m’malo mokambirana za mavuto achuluka dziko muno mukulimbana ndi ndale mu parliament eeeeeeiiiiiiiihhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Pimbisa Ambwiye says:

    Akhululukireni abusawo paja ndi alendo ku Parliament, pawo ndi pa pulpit ndi kutolera cha chikhumi!

  37. kwethemule says:

    Keep sensoring this idiot until he learns something.

  38. Issa Kabudula says:

    Mr Chakwera is derailing from the normal politics to abnormal. As spectators of politicians, Mr Chakwera want to make a name for bad mouthing – vuto is that mulomo follows after some time. There was the ex president Dr Muluzu who his speeches were used to promote Bingu and he won the election with a big margin – Malawi cogress party suppose to behave in order to seal all the past atrocities done to people – who some are still living the like of APM and his brother Bingu who were in exile and to an extent of changing names, and the list is big.

    Mr John Tembo will be remembered for both grey side of his part he played and the best part of his strength – he wasn’t acting this way – please abusa ndagwila mwendo, with this action of Ms Kabwila and the Mr Chakwera, anthu akutsitsani and you will see no hope of Kamuzu palace, please bevahe as a busa – free advise.

  39. phodo says:

    Thus very good Mr speaker. Its good for Mother Malawi. Keep it up. For DPP please be open and recognize Mr Msowoya as only speaker that can save the current government.

  40. phodo says:


    Chakwera you are a fooliest leader of opposition ever lived in Malawi. Recently you met APM in Ward councillors elections, what achievement did you get? Only 20 percent while the very same DPP you are accusing here had 60 percent. Then which elections are you talking about? Let me warn you, you will return to preaching duties in your old age without being president for this republic of Malawi.Mark my words man of God.You are an empty eloquent speech presenter ever lived in modern world.Ngw’engw’e ni ine.Kapoli wachabechabe ngati iwe sindinamuone.

  41. Kanyimbi says:

    Zikanganani. Ife ovota tili phee!

  42. Achimidzimidzi says:

    … that “Peter Mutharika has failed” was accepted. And no body in the house think that it out of order. So we should retain a failure in the office until 2019.

    People stay employed only when they are competent and delivering desired results.
    Francis Kasaila and Henry Mussa do you people understand the reason why people get paid a monthly salary.

    Even if you signed a contract of fifty years but if you can not produce results what follows.

  43. Wiseman nyirongo says:

    Zoti zisankho zingaitanidwe lelo ndi zosatheka timachita kamodzi pazaka zisanu, zitachitika bwana Uladi mutha kuzizimuka. Inu ku parliament muli pa ndale pamene ife tikuthojoza za malata subsidy zikutheka, community colleges ndiye ndine ndikupanga welding,ma reforms tikuchitila umboni. Akakhala mavuto satha bola zina zikamachitika.tinavotel Dpp tili phe iwe ukuchalenger kuti amalawi atapita kuchisankho dpp singawine ngati unaivotela ndiwe.iwe unali busy ndi pp. Ndiye ukuganiza angawine ndani.

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