Speaker censures Chakwera for slurs on Mutharika

Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya on Monday censored his Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera for saying that President Peter Mutharika is clinging to power.

Speaker Richard Msowoya: Chakwera out of order!

Speaker Richard Msowoya: Chakwera out of order!

Chakwera had said that Mutharika had failed people as he lacked leadership skills, saying he seems clueless to get Malawi out of its economic mess.

The MCP president then asked Mutharika to “stop clinging to power “.

But leader of the House Francis Kasaila said Mutharika has a five year constitutional mandate to rule Malawi therefore it was out of order to suggest the president was clinging to power when he was just first year in his five year term of office.

Msowoya agreed and ruled Chakwera, his boss out of order. Chakwera did not contest this decision.

Government Chief Whip Henry Mussa also took exception to Chakwera’s remarks that if Malawians voted today, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) would not win.

“How does the leader of opposition get evidence that if Malawi went to polls today, DPP would lose?” Mussa asked on a point of order.

Mussa had defended Mutharika’s address that it was not a State of the Nation Address which could incorporate developments and plans in every sector.

Chakwera called for the tabling of the much-awaited Access to Information Bill and a review of electoral laws, failing which MCP would table a private member’s bill.

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Chakwera you’ve failed AOG now you want to mess up this country just wait for your time to come dude and see if Malawians will vote for you.

If things are not moving pa Malawi it is because of the man of GOD from dowa and the retired lecture now party spokeswoman.. They are failing to accept defeat and they promised to give DDP sleepless nights which the have accomplished the result is that Malawi is retrogressing instead of progressing. A chakwera mulibe umunthu and one day you will pay for your sins.Bwanji osamusiya APM alamulire while you work on the ground to make sure anthu a kwachimaliro akudziweni adzakuvotereni. You can make all the noise and colour APM bad but Malawians are the best judges. Let me… Read more »
Romeo Hastings Bandawe

Chakwera cannot help this country.

Adona, mungatani Mulungu mwini atakuuzani kuti, He is not involved in what you have said? I have said time and again that, if you want to comment on issues you are not aware of or you would like to involve God in, WERENGANI BIBLE NDIKUMVA CHOMWE MULUNGU AKUNA KULANKHULA MASIKU ANO. Exodus 20:7 You shall not use the name of Jehovah your God irreverently, nor use it to swear to a falsehood. You will not escape punishment if you do. GOD’S name is special, for it carries His personal identity. Using it frivolously or in a curse is so common… Read more »

Leave Chakwera alone.He has full vision of this country

George Kamanga
Clinging to power are correct words for APM because he is a state criminal, robber, gangster & monster. APM was not voted into power but rigged through two great fools hiding in the judiciary system (kenyatta nyirenda & maxon mbendera). The truth is what Chakwera is saying that APM is clinging to power because he remain an illegitimate president. If he was legitimate president Chakwera wouldn’t be saying that he is clinging to power. All fools will be saying that APM is the president but he is a state criminal. being a criminal there is no solution he can offer… Read more »

Peter is a puppet as we all know and agree. He is not in control at state house or govt. So Laz is right that the puppet is clinging to power. That is what puppets do.

So you dpp thugs now love the speaker for censuring Laz? I thought you have been insulting the speaker since he took over the job.

The speaker is just doing his job but he was wrong here because a puppet always clings to power and Laz is right. Is a puppet ever in control?

Winford Saka

Chakwe, God Is not on ur side.Wait for 2090 to be voted into power.As a rev pray for the nation.


Chakwera will never rule this country. Stupid!


Chakwera help Peter to develop this country not to insult us like this.

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