Stampede at Bushiri church, dozens hurt: Prophet to add more services to meet crowds demand in South Africa

Malawian Prophet Shepherd Bushiri said he will increase his Sunday services to four to meet attendance demand for his fast growing church Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) after some worshippers were injured when they tried to gain access to a church event at the Tshwane Events Centre at the Pretoria show grounds.

It appears scores of churchgoers have overpowered security guards when gates were opened.(SABC)

It appears scores of churchgoers have overpowered security guards when gates were opened.(SABC)

Churchgoers at Bushiri church in Pretoria

Churchgoers at Bushiri church in Pretoria

Hundreds of congregats at Bushiri

Hundreds of congregats at Bushiri

Bushiri church filled to capacity

Bushiri church filled to capacity

Major 1: Need to open more Church branches

Major 1: Need to open more Church branches

According to South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) hundreds of ECG Church congregants had been queuing outside the premises services since midnight and they overpowered security guards to gain entrance when the gates were opened.

Some people fell to the ground with other people falling and trampling over them.

An elderly woman, believed to be in her 60’s, was reportedly found with severe pelvic injuries and a man  around his 30’s was found with severe knee injuries and both of them were rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Thirteen people were also transported to nearby hospital for injuries ranging from minor to moderate.

“There are no critical injuries,” Tshwane Emergency Services spokesperson Johan Pieterse told SABC.

Pieterse added that all victims were taken by private ambulance to Steve Biko Hospital and Kalafong, saying “the situation is manageable in this moment.”

Some of the people with minor injuries declined to be transported to hospital and indicated they would go back to the church event and be healed by the ‘Major 1’..

Paramedics from ER24  a private emergency service from as far as Johannesburg were dispatched to the scene to assist, as were the local authorities.

South African police are also always around every Sunday for free security services and helped to ensure the victims were well taken care of.

Bushiri reacted with special prayers to the injured and said he will increase church services to four on a Sunday to meet the demands as well as opening more  branches in South Africa.

“Our church services are characterised by unusual prophecies, healings, and all manner of miracles,” Bushiri says attributing it to God’s grace upon his life.

ECG church has grown to 35,000 members in a space of eight months since he relocated there from Mzuzu in Malawi’s northern city.

Bushiri also launched a television station, Prophetic Channel which is on Free to Air and viewed by millions worshippers.

During live broadcasts, shouts of ‘Major One’ as he is commonly called, break out in the audience as people cry out for the attention of the Man of God.

Sometimes, calls of ‘Major One, do something’ or ‘Papa’ ring out as the desperate audience present their various needs to the Prophet.

He calls out people by their names, tells them their backgrounds, and gives them solutions to their problems as many shed tears in shock as to how someone who is a stranger to them can know so much about them.

Bushiri drew public attention recently when he was shown walking in the air in a video posted on YouTube and also shown to congregants during one of the church services. He has also another ‘miracle’ of ‘spiritual capture of the child on ipad.

On Sunday where there was a stampede, a wealthy man who Bushiri claimed was capturing a child related to him, testified saying he was “puzzled” when he saw the kid .

He said the child was a daughter of his brother who was critically ill but now is fit and well,

The man also said his wife was in bad state of health but has been healed.

He further said his business was not doing well but after he now “got salvation” and has been blessed with multimillion contracts from government on his computer business from government.

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83 thoughts on “Stampede at Bushiri church, dozens hurt: Prophet to add more services to meet crowds demand in South Africa”

  1. may they get well soon.

  2. kamogelo says:

    May the almighty richly bless Prophet Bushiri…I pray for my Mother,Sisters and the rest of my family we hav been tormented by spirits in our house.We pray for deliverance and prosperity in Jesus name

  3. Romeo makuya says:

    I don’t know bushiri personally but I see him on TV. I dont have his email or his fone number and I never sent him a please call me. I love bushiri major 1 I want him to take a look at my life and health and heal me.I believe in what he does “gods work”, major 1 please do something major 1.I receive papa.

  4. Ben says:

    I would like to request Pastors and other man of God to support and complement the Major Prophet of our time. Look all those people who seek the prophet, most of them would be getting help from Samgomas if the prophet was not there. Me and my family we believe in the Major Prophet no matter what name you can give to him. The truth is that for more than 30yrs I was a sinner who was living in church but now I am a brand new man. Prophecy or no Prophecy I believe in Prophet Bushiri. I will pray that the prophet can open his Church in Swaziland.

  5. zongolakwitsana malankhulidwe

  6. Ben says:

    Major 1! Major 1! Do something. I have been a Christian for many years but my first encounter with the Major Prophet is amazing. For the first time in my life I can now understand the bible and since I went to this church in August I flee away from sin . It’s my first time I am leaving a holy life. I am not afraid to testify about God because I now lleave clean life. I now travel from Swaziland to attend services in Pretoria and my story has changed. The prophet has not located me nor prophesied to me but just by entering the Auditorium my life has changed . I can now sleep, relaxed, I love my family now more than before. I will encourage everyone to come and worship at ECG! I magine myself I travel from a small town of SwaIland to ECG and for the first time I am happy man and since I have joined the church I feel satisfied in my life.


  7. jacobeth says:

    prophet bushiri is a man of God i will attend his church till Jesus comes if you have problems about him why dont you stop watching his profetic chanel or if you dont like him we dont like you too.

  8. Machine Double J says:

    Bible Says We Shall Do More Wonders Than What Jesus Did

  9. Bongani says:

    “Major one, Do something, Prophecy!”
    May i bring my grievance to the man of God, may my mother be healed in the name of Jesus, may my wife get a job in the name of Jesus, may i get a better salary in the name of Jesus, may the Lord strengthen the love between myself and my wife, may the Lord intervene in every aspect of my life.

  10. Khanyi says:

    I would like the man of God to pray for me,l need my court case to be withdrawn on the 6 of November 2015

  11. watch out says:

    kudzakhaladi zowawa patsikulo

  12. Chikumbutso says:

    Those people who like gosping about prophets of our time most of them are either antchrist or evil so that for us believers should follow their ways.My prophet major 1 shall still stand unmovable,unbreakable I love him so much may God bless him more and more

  13. Sthe says:

    Major 1, they can question 1+1, but they can’t question 2. God of prophet Sherphed Bhushiri is a living God…

  14. I feel extremely sad for people who speak ill against the Major 1, GOD’s mouth piece in our time. Thank you to the ALMIGHTY JEHOVAH GOD for raising this lovely Prophet during my life. I am trully sure I will be saved due to the presence of this wonderful servant of GOD. His presence has really raised my status in GOD’s eyes. His works in addition to the real Messiah Jesus Christ has trully helped me to be where I am.

    The devil is really losing the battle and whatever you do, you will never win me on your side. My advise to all those speaking rubbish against Major 1, seek GOD’s forgiveness and turn to this servant of JESUS CHRIST and the father JEHOVAH GOD.

  15. susan says:

    I love prophet sherperd Bushiri with all my heart and soul and I can die for him.God is using him mightily to change our lives.if u don’t like him I advice u to join him because he is untouchable and unshakeable.many people who don’t like major one are man of God becoz they can’t do what he is doing.U can say whatever u want to say abt him we don’t care God is on our side stop criticising major just pray to God to open ur spiritual eyes.I love prophet sherperd Bushiri and Mary Bushiri and i pray for them everyday power eyeeeeeeeee

  16. cotton says:

    I like comment 48. Indeed thats what Jeremiah said and changed after the man told him on camera that has never cheated his wife. Please our Major 1, dont merge with these so called prophets from Nigeria. Be alone and continue your good work. They will turnish your image as if you also do the same. We know you since long time ago and your prophecies are just 100%. I was put off after Jeremiah said this and i went to bed.

    Go deeper Major 1, continue doing it alone in Jesus Name.

  17. khofi says:

    Comment 48, i agree with you. I would like to say this. Most Nigerian prophets are fake. I saw it with my own eyes and heard everything about the man he said was cheating his wife until the man said the pregnant lady is my wife. He firstly said i saw pregnancy and the woman confessed that you are responsible no matter why your ministry is not growing. The wife came out and b4 that, the man said has never cheated his wife , never and thats when jeremiah changed tone. I didnt like it either. If it was true, that could be fine but why changing later after the man denied the accosation and said its spiritual wife? Can somebody cheat a physical wife with spiritual one?

    Major 1 please dont merge with these prophets who want to buy a trademark out or you. We love you and we know you to be a real Man of God. Go deeper and avoid these ones. We love seeing you preaching and prophesying to us alone in Jesus Name.

  18. Prince says:

    Hate him or loe him, it won’t change a thing..he will remain God’s servant and all you will do is insult him whilst his God blesses and prospers him by the day,yet you get poorer and miserable by the lousy witch’ll spend your lifetime looking for fake and original prophets in your poverty and further provoking God’s wrath..some of of us will follow Major1 as long as he preaches and and glorifies Christ through his miracles

  19. GOOOO says:


  20. carol richards says:

    the answer is 1 +1= 2 you can question your self about 1and1 is 2 but you can not question the sesult of prophet bushiri god has sent him to save south africa the devil is in big trouble now watch out you people out there critisizing major 1 will not stop him from doing the miracles from above god has chosen him to help us i want to say to the devil he is a lie he will never touch me again as long as the major 1 is here i am delivered be blessed papa we need you pray harder god is with you

  21. levelheaded says:

    I agree with the devil incarnate 100 percent. Ilike gathering evidence on myself experience. I went to a certain congeragation with my younger brother who is a drunkard. We were invited by one of the junior pastors(bat man)and when we got there we were ushered a front seat and when the so called man of god started prophecising, he came straight to me and started telling about my brother’s back ground because he mistook me to my brother. He asked me if am a drunkard, I replied no(that time my brother was sitting next to me and we look very alike). From there he started saying the background of my brother which I kept on denying. Later on he neglected me to somebody who was sitting some metres away from me. These prophets can not do without those junior pastors(batmen) who give your full details before the congregation. If you are not invited the prophet will not approach you because he didn’t have any information beforehand. They even memorise the sitting plan before the congregation day. They rather expand the same church than introducing others due to the fact that they can not put to memory everything they are told in those various churches. Its a very tricky industry run by the very smartest master (devil) followed by the smartest agents(prophets). The victims are the people who are very very lazy in thinking.

  22. Sindisa says:

    Shame on you Aturo you are the one who needs to pray so that God will show you the True revelation of who Major one is. You are spiritually blind. May the Lord my God open your Spittal eyes like he did mine so you can see his ability through Prophet Shepherd Bushiri in Jesus name

  23. BK.PHRI says:

    The combination of blindness, adamancy and spiritual ignorance is so deadly than cancer and aids!! I feel sorry for those who believe that all prophets are fake and a sign of end of time. I pray to God that they should realise that it is the devil behind that ignorance coz the devil fights the truth. Major1, TB Joshua and others are true prophets of God…

  24. nyakaji says:

    Kodi mukuona ngati maprophet ndi Bushiri ndi mpira oseweretsa Gods wrath is on you close your mouth and stop mentioning them. What wrong have they done to you. I wish they could give you one word and you will regret being born. They are messenger of God If they are fake God knows them.One day you will be answerable to your curses. Let the Holy Spirit intervene on their behalf in Jesus name Amen. Maprophet mwayesa choseweretsa, some of us its paining us

  25. ATULO NDI AMBIRI says:

    Externalization of power. People believing that one man who has the same body, spirit and soul who will one day die and never come back to life, has the power to solve their problems, has the power to lay hands on them and remove problems which have been there for a long time. And in the end these people pay him for a so called love offering or whatever offering. Instead of investing in themselves and their community to improve their situation. That is why its easy to rule over them. Same applies for people trusting governments, saying we will vote for this one, he will change our living conditions . When most governments are just a collective group of criminals harvesting your money and your energy and making themselves as comfortable as possible. This is not to say that kulibe a prophet a Mulungu who really want to help but this person Bushiri is a business man. However if people want to help him line his pockets this is a semi- free world pitirizani. Pray for your self and indeed God will reveal himself to you .

  26. He is my deepest prophet of the real God

  27. MZIMBA SOUTH says:


  28. i miss kamuzu says:

    anthu aku joni ndinu ofowoka ubongo. mpaka kuvulalila zopusa ngati zimenezi? mutumeni major one papayo ayende m’malele pamwamba pa mikango yanjala. akatelo mumuyatse moto asaphye. akatelo amwe mankhwala ophela makoswe. kenako asiye kupemphera m’ma hall koma azipita m’ma ghetto eni eni popanda ma bodyguard.

    akadutsa pamenepo apite ku queens akachize anthu onse odwala edzi. akatelo apite ku syria akathetse khondo ya isis. akachoka apo apeze ndege yaku malaysia inasowa ija. akachita zonsezo apange capture mfana ovuta uja wa boko haram.

    ndiye poti ali ndi ndege ndi migodi athano kusonkhanitsa ma man of god onse adziko lonse lapansi monga aku kenya, brazil, nigeria, russia, cameroon, argentina, zambia, usa, zimbabwe etc kuti achize anthu onse odwala ndipo athetse nkhondo zonse komanso africa yonse itukuke. zikatero ndiye ndidziwadi kuti papa major wabwera kudzatipulumutsa monga yesu muja amayendela m’malele.

    by the way, kodi asilamu, ma bhudda, sikh, bahai, ali ndi ma man of god?

  29. opportunist says:

    Mwala omwe amisili anawukana unasanduka wokhala pa Godya. Major 1.

  30. nelcome banda says:

    Just admit that you are tired of visiting sangomas…and its not working come and join us at ECG in Pretoria…..its not about him but God restoring His people thru our Papa Major 1.. Am a testimony….

  31. Weniweni says:

    Last days

  32. Prison Warden says:

    pitanitu mukapemphelere anthu amene apita ku chipatalawo ngatidi muli ndi ma powers

  33. NEd says:

    clear justification for maximum security at bushiri’s funtions,do u now get it jealous Malawians?

  34. let me comment again on what i observed there @ show ground yesterday, i was one those people who were sitting 2 the back and it was my landlord who brought me there< we attended the friday service but we never made it to the main auditorium bcoz we were late but last sunday we arrived there @ around 5 am but we already found a long queue of people some who even slept there just waiting 4 the gate to be opened, lucky enough there was a fracas at the gate and we managed to push and entered and got a seat in the main auditorium
    the truth about these morden prophets(especially nigerians)
    they have their own guys who pose as christians among the congregants, if you think i am lying try to visit their churches to confirm, every time they do their so called miracles they concentrate on the specific group, i remember yesterday people from the back they even started chanting "at the back! at the back! trying to call the man of God to come there and do his miracles but he just kept on saying im coming there! im coming there! which gave me the vindication that the man of God did not have his imposters there(ma bat man) so he was afraid of kuyaluka, another scenario is when the prophet frm Nigeria called one guy who claimed to be a pastor and told him that the reason why this pastor's ministry was not growing is because he is cheating the wife but this pastor denied this in front of the camera and even pleaded with the man of God confessing that he has never slept with any1 apart from his wife and he tried to put the record straight for fear of his reputation for he even stated that most of his followers were watching, but when the prophet heard this he changed the tune he said i dnt mean that u have a physical wife, i mean a spiritual wife, the pastor maintained his stand and continued to show his innocence frm any wrong doing, then the camera guys left their focus on the guy and one of the ushers was busy talking to the pastor off the mic and later the pastor was back on camera confessing that yes man of God it is true!
    be very very careful people of God pray, ask God for guidance lest u may be taken up by strange teachings whithout any spiritual impact

  35. angoni apaphata says:

    Bwanji anamusiya mzake kasambala akanali admit ku chipatala?

  36. Patric Siboza says:

    A u saying all of us who wr in church we paid. Hahahaha who mislead u like dis? Meaning as we c him almost everyday, if we wr paying to c him by now we should hv been broke.Unless u want something more than anything which is nt of God then maybe u wl pay by why I know even wr we always meet him for prayers go yo information he is de1 paying. pLs get something wth true th in it b4 sending misleading comments.

  37. Clement says:

    Good news major 1 but think about relocating your headquarter in Malawi so that the govt can benefit with forex from visiting abroad members. I wish ???? you good lucky ???? papa. Like you, hie to Gregory Mulema.

  38. Patric Siboza says:

    Dis a beginnings of de ministry. Major1 is nt in competition wth any1. SA must learn dt when God is @ work de a no excuses not from any1. If u know dt

  39. BK.PHRI says:

    We give all glory to God all mighty.

  40. gomani says:

    Let the truth been told, he’s man of God why can malawi treat this man with respect so that he can come home. Malawian We r poor this man will creat many jobs than being jerouse of him

  41. What kind of man of God charging money if u want 2 c him ladys n Gentlemen wake up n pray to ur creator GOD to take us away 4rom this Evil prophets.I wz feelling sry 2 those who wz paying him money 2b prayed eish. Malaswi its 4 poor people hw cn he charg KM10.000 for people who he want them 2 c the miracle.what about who hv no money lyk me I won’t gt prayer?.My dear LORD THE ALMIGHTY come n Judge the WORLD now plz nomater am asinner of the sinners bt send ur son JESUS b4 is worts.coz people their robbing each other in ur NAME


    That shows how much people has trust in the outcomes of the man of God.Let us just joins hands that the devil should not take an advantage over the situation.

  43. Jesus said 2 us when am near 2 come back on Earth there ll b alots of things happing that ll against my father GOD of gods here r part things.fake prophet lyk u call Bushiri,TB Jousha,same ogarns geting marreiges and many more my real God I know whn thy c this coment thy ll want 2 attack me with their Evil sprit guid me n protect me God as u did Daniel n others

  44. nachisale says:

    Work of the Devil. People are praising a human being instead of God. So God has shown his power. Stop worshipping pastors and following them and enriching them.

  45. vhoni says:

    He is true man of God, and one day i need to visit the church for solution of my big problem.

  46. ntcholo says:


  47. MCP????? says:

    Love him or hate him..major has major things to offer….eish!

  48. The desparate go there thinking there is life after death. Death means no life. Don’t turn this into another Mecca.

  49. Anawatengera Ku chipatala osawachiritsa pomwepo bwanji? Yesu wanthu analumikiza nkhutu la woduludwa ndi ophuzira ake. Bwanji sanapange mirakuli. Bwanji sanalosere kuti xotere zizapangika ndi kuzipepherera. Zikanakhala bwino.

  50. Patriot says:

    Please go to Malawi and heal Any Pathetic Malawians! (Usova)

  51. KUKHALA says:


  52. Mirella K says:

    Malawians might stupid, very very stupid but it appears our colleagues from South Africa must be even very very very STUPID

  53. john says:

    The Major one play for me I need more construction tenders in south africa gorverment so that I can able to help poor people in Malawi.

  54. Chandamale says:

    No comment,search the scriptures and test every spirit…

  55. Cecilia Mapila says:

    So Ralph Kasambara was right about this man. Where are all those people who poured all sorts of ridicule on Ralph. Is he now vindicated?

  56. khofi says:

    Iye! Thats my Major being used by God Almighty. No wonder the congregation keeps on increasing. Had it been that a Malawi tilibe nsanje bwenzi ndalama zimenezi zitadzetsa forex mdziko muno.


  58. Joy Mtika says:

    May God continue blessing u man of God in Jesus name!!

  59. Navhi says:

    God is vindicating him. I like the positive comments coming in. I saw the IPad couple testifying yesterday. They r healed and millionaires in rands. Let’s support him in prayer. Bushiri may I ask u to ftake part of your money to hel government chooooonde. Especially in education. You can build school blocks and pay some teachers. Together with simama. Even health sector. That’s my humble plea

  60. Ngoni says:

    Major 1

  61. Mbiyazodooka says:

    My advice to Bushiri is that he should open a big compound in Malawi in the size of the TB Joshua Synagogue so that people from other countries should be coming to Malawi for anointment. Look, our Ministry of Tourism is just sitting phiwii without noting the religious tourism potential of this man.

  62. please man of god remember my children they are both siek with epylypsy one is 24 years a girl and one is 15years a boy i got only those 2children please help me man of god heal them please .

  63. The real ujeni says:

    Some men of God leave Africa and go to America and Europe to open social clubs, social events are held every Sunday, prostitutes are free, girls get pregnancy to get a stay and it is encouraged. Not Bushiri, he has too much work to cleanse Africa.

  64. Bristol says:

    May all who got injured get well soon. Malawi police should learn from South Africa where security personnel are around the places where prayers are being held.

    1. Mayi says:

      Rsa Police helping to controll people at church services 4 free while the gvnt of ours is busy ng’ wee, ng’wee, ng’wee, when bushiri hired the police 4 security at mzuzu crusade kkkkkk shame!

  65. Long Dick says:

    MAN of the yr!

  66. chizamsoka munthali says:

    Go deeper Major 1, I also want a break through so remember me in your prayers

  67. Kaligondo says:

    This is a man of GOD

  68. Akatswiri says:

    This prophet is becoming popular like TB Joshua, i wish him all the best.

  69. blessing lipengs says:

    open more branches that will be the ultimate solution, SA is very big.This is what pastor Chris has done.

  70. Chalera says:

    This guy will not stop to amaze!!! The cash will keep flowing. I’m sure deep in his heart he can’t believe his luck.

  71. Mbiyazodooka says:

    I now agree when Kachaje says this Bushiri is a viable brand that needs to be nurtured. Our government needs to work with this man as he has the capacity to generate forex by exporting the word.

  72. Mwakipiki says:

    Go deeper man of God!!

  73. OBSERVER says:


  74. this time i thought of visiting this church but I tell you there were people all over and those that got hurt is because of pressure at the entrance coz every one wanted to enter and have a chance to seat in the main auditorium even the marshalls who tried to control the crowd were overpowered and people broke the gate open, and i even tore my trouser, some even slept there since friday, this guy Bushiri and his colleague Phophet Jeremiah have alot of people following them, it really reminded me of those days in 2004/2005 at Midima Admark when we were struggling to get the scarce maize and people were dying

  75. OBSERVER says:


  76. JB says:

    Malawi would have benefitted from this man weather he is a true prophet or not. Koma njala, nthenda , nsanje mukhala choncho anthu opanda mwayi inu

  77. Malawian!!! says:

    May this Almighty God of Heavens and Earth be with me from now and forever more in Jesus name.

  78. Nelly says:

    Major 1 is the phophet of this generation our God is using him mightly. We a hungry for the word of God heal does who have been injured in Jesus Name iyeeee power ewele

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