TNM increase Malawi Super League sponsorship to K90m

Official sponsors of Malawi’s top flight soccer league Telecom Networks Malawi (TNM) has announced it has increases the sponsorship TNM Super League from K65 million to the tune of K90 million representing a total of over 40 percent increase.

TNM presents new sponsorship package

TNM presents new sponsorship package

TNM Chief Commercial Officer Daniel Makata said the company has responded to calls from the soccer fraternity to increase the sponsorship package and that his company was committed  to uplift the development of football in the country.

The winner of the title is set to cart home K15 million.

“The gathering this morning marks another milestone in TNM’s drive to uplift the standards of soccer in Malawi. Our commitment towards football is unwavering, as evidenced by the fact that we continue to invest significantly in the league”, said Makata on Tuesday to the media.

Makata said as responsible brand, TNM has increased the sponsorship to be in line with economic changes that the country continue to experience”, he said.

“TNM noted the recent changes that have happened in the Malawi economy hence our decision to review the sponsorship package. Our current sponsorship contract which was at K65 million runs up lo 2077, but TNM still felt duty bound to review the package” said the Chief Commercial officer .

Makata expressed optimism that with the new package will increase the level of competitiveness in the top league.

“It is TNM’s belief that the new Super League of Malawi sponsorship package will spur the level of competition in Malawi’s elite league to new unprecedented level,” he said.

Makata also disclosed that the company pumps in a lot of money apart from the annual sponsorship.

“You may note that in 2013 TNM spent K105 million and K124 million was spent on the league in 20!4. All this effort by TNM is a manifestation of our passion to take the game of soccer to another level” , he said.

Super League of Malawi (Sulom) vice president Daudi Suleman commended TNM for the increased sponsorship.

“This increase signifies that TNM is a company that listens to the needs of football in the country and as SULOM we are very delighted”, Suleman said.

He called on all stake holders in the football fraternity to make the league more exciting and entertainment.

With the increase of sponsorship the champions will get K15 miilion from K9 miilion representing an increase of 67 percent, runners up will walk away with K7 miilion from K4.5 million while third place will get K4 million from K2.5 million and fourth place will pocket   k3.5 million from K2 miilion.

TNM among other things distributes kits to all the participating teams and ball boys, balls and other equipment to the referees, media and stewards.

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25 thoughts on “TNM increase Malawi Super League sponsorship to K90m”

  1. Enock Katunga says:

    ndi za nyerere zmenezo, mungoperekera2,chikho pambuyo

  2. Pata phiri says:

    Rubbish its too little imagine in a season a team spends
    Mk45 million n one team wins the league it gets mk15 million
    A loss business wake up Airtell iz sponsoring a netball tournament for Mk400 million
    TNM you paid MRA mk15 billion so y not increase to at least winners get mk100 millions I promise there will b a lot of support fof TNM and even players will b more motivated

  3. WIDY BWOI says:


  4. uzyohed says:

    Mzuni F.C. woyee!!! kungofikila pa mk15mita, aaayess. TNM more fire Mzuni yafika!!!

  5. xander 2 face says:

    timayambitsa ndife anoma zmenez titenge bas.MANOMA TAKE HOME 15M dis season

  6. Chimbofwa says:

    Thumbs up TNM. Mabanker woyeeeee……

  7. Kwaderatowi says:

    Ma player a NOMA akagawana 9m, adya bwino chaka chino!

  8. Bololo says:

    I couldn’t care less about your sponsorship for social football. All I need is a good mobile service. So TNM get your effing fingers out and fix the flipping service in Lilongwe. Call dropping, can you hear me? Is the order of the day. Stop pissing about. It’s gone on for too long. You have taken us back to 1997 and you haven’t even released a statement that you are doing something about it. Shame on you TNM.

  9. Zimayambira ku Manoma choncho ndibwino kungoperekera chile ndalamazo chisale chikhocho. Akakhala neba ndiye wayamba kale kunjenjemera, komabe ayisova.

  10. Felix says:

    Yeah!that increament is realy better off and that one is for Mighty befoward wanderers

  11. Good things involving football always starts with nomads(Nyelere)

  12. I just want to register my concern on nyasatimes journalist why have you not written anything on the GO Tv game played on saturday at Mzuzu stadium?Maybe is it because bullets lost the game?Stop that biasness you always report fast when it is any team from bt you would written sometime back.why do you hate teams from the north!Quiet as if nothing happened at all.You have shown that you hate MOYALE and in particular Nicholous Mhango.Silver strikers fan.

  13. Louis Gobede says:

    The League Sponsership Might Be There But Are Lucking Sponsership, How Can The League Be Competetive If Other Teams Have Nothing For Their Players? How Would We Experct A Better National Team?

  14. Munthu wa Mulungu says:


  15. soko says:

    ndalama zachuluka zofunika kukasunga ku reserve bank. Titenga ndife mabankers

  16. Chemtukanika says:

    K15m for BB wina akwiye olo aseke.Ndalama imeneyi ndi ya ma RED ARMY basi.

  17. Kunenekude says:

    maule atengaso

  18. Jfli says:

    Kumeneko Ndiye Kubwera Gud Move Inu A tnm

  19. Jfli says:

    That Is A gud Move Keep It Up Tnm

  20. Frodo says:


  21. SOOTH SAYER! says:


  22. Uchindami says:

    Iyi ndi nkhani yabwino kwambiri. Chiyembekezo changa nchakuti opambana adzalandira zambiri utengera ukatswiri wawo. Koma iwe walemba nkhaniyi pamodzi ndi editor wako mwandikhumudwitsa kwambiri. ”…Telkom Networks Malawi (TNM) has announced it has increases the sponsorship…” Izi mwalemba apa ndi zosokoneza!

  23. James says:

    Well done tnm!

  24. pwt says:

    this is for mighty befoward wanderers

  25. Muzga Wacharo says:

    Sono masapota uchindere yaleka, tingaluzanga yayi sponsorship zakuzgeba nakale izi

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