Transformation Alliance takes swipe on Mutharika, Escom, PAC: Demands enactment of Information Bill in Malawi

The Transformation Alliance (TA) has taken swipe on President Peter Mutharika, Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) and Public Affairs (PAC), calling the citizenry to rise up and take part in governing the country if Malawi is to develop.

Chimbanga: Mutharika must explain

Chimbanga: Mutharika must explain

 The alliance- a political pressure group preening future leadership- has since demanded Mutharika to come out in open and address the nation on the truth about his extended stay in USA after United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) and the meetings he held.

The alliance’s newly appointed spokesperson, Leonard Chimbanga lambasted Escom for the continued blackouts, urging the institution to stop toying with Malawians.

 “We find Escom’s explanations on this erratic power supply as senseless and mere public relations stunts at the expense of the suffering poor citizens. The Alliance fears the energy woes have potential to breed more dire consequences if left unchecked and controlled.

 “Is the problem with the generation, the transmission or the distribution component? We demand that Escom officials give convincing reasons for their ageing inefficiencies and qualified mediocrity that must have no space in a country that doesn’t tire preaching investment opportunities,” said Chimbanga.

 While refusing to dwell on recent speculations of Mutharika’s health, Chimbanga demanded the enactment of Access to Information Bill to deal with government’s bureaucracies especially its failure to provide the nation with information about Mutharika’s health status.

 He then called on government to come out clear on the timeframes for the energy projects underway and when the power outages will ease, arguing reports have been emerging that some politicians abuse the parastatal through unaccounted for payments to advance party agendas.

 Taking swipe on PAC, Chimbanga wondered why the inter-faith grouping is failing to let out recommendations that were made at all inclusive two day national conference held earlier this year.

 “We are not so sure if the respected leadership of PAC realizes the damage it is making to the country with its continued silence on the presented recommendations. PAC must realize it operates on the trust of the people. It must be seen truly advancing their interests and not massaging personal selfish interests,” he said.

 He added: “We are saddened that the PAC leadership looks clueless now and fast losing its relevance and mandate from the people. TA makes a fresh call to the PAC leadership to urgently convene a review conference so that Malawians should decide what to do having failed to progress its talks with government.”

 Chimbanga has since asked government to remove value added tax on alternative sources of energy such as solar, generators, candles and paraffin among others until the power outages improve productivity in industries and spur micro-economic growth.

 “Government must exercise some control on fuel prices in the country as this has potential to raise prices of goods and services. Parliament must remove tax on water.”

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Zi ma dregs, zi ma residues, Zapansi pampoto zakumana zati zipange pressure group. Hehehede!

Novirhikana Kovahiwa

If my memory serves me well, the one leading this grouping is the then minister of information. He was the one shooting down the enactment of the information bill when he they were in power during the siwa government of 2yrs. He should not come here parading as a saint while he has contributed to the failure of the much awaited enactment of the information bill.


a Tag inu a Tag. useless


za zii. Chimbalanga iwe you are a failure at everything you do. ingikhalani chete baba. talk about beating a dead horse. we already have enough people complaining about these issues baba

be humane
Mr. Chimbalanga, inuyo ngati a transformative group, What do you suggest as solutions to the problems? Mwapeza kuti vuto lathu pamegetsi lagona pati? As tranformative group you have to be more critical and constructive to differentiate you from Trapence and Mtambo who make noise without knowing what they are barking on or our own overzealous Billy Mayaya who thinks walking in the streets will help him get electricity. Kodi a Chimbalanga, ndizoona kuti mumtsinje wa Shire water level inatsika? munayamba mwafikako ku nkula? how many mega watts does escom produce per day? how much is needed for daily use? How… Read more »
I have deep reservations regarding the TA. If they are indeed transformative they should be doing their homework first BEFORE issuing statements. They should also avoid belittling the work done by other bodies such as PAC. Otherwise they will not be different from parties such as MCP or PP which are reactive, instead of being proactive. For example, on ESCOM it does not make sense to be asking ESCOM what the main problem is. It is up to the TA to do thorough desk research within and without Malawi and suggest a long term solution. Issuing a half baked press… Read more »

During Bingu there were problems example electricity, forex, and governance. The two years of PP/JB Malawi and Malawians got all what was gone. What do you have now? Malawians have u forgotten. It’s not many years ago. Blaming PP or MCP will never help u or the country. Malawi is the poorest country in the world after 52 years of Independence
Why have Malawi been punished of Aid? If DDP is good? It is so sick to think DDP with APM is good. I don’t feel pity for Malawians just for my relatives living in such a nation

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