Vuwa is lying, Chaponda says of Presidential aide’s remarks on Malawi maize importation

Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development George Chaponda  accused presidential aide Symon Vuwa Kaunda of lying that Malawi will only import maize when  grain marketro Admarc exhaust buying local stocks from buyers.

Chaponda: Vuwa is lying

Chaponda: Vuwa is lying

Kaunda-: We have enough maize in the country

Kaunda-: We have enough maize in the country

Kaunda made the remarks in Mzuzu after touring ADMARC depot.

He claimed Malawi has  “a lot of maize”.

Vuwa Kaunda said: “ if local  stocks are not adequate, government will import from countries as far as Brazil and Canada .”

But Chaponda  said people are being told things that aren’t correct and sadly by Presidential Advidor.

“Admarc is geared to import 100,000 metric tonnes of maize from Zambia and also 300,000 tonnes from Ukraine,” said Chaponda.

He indicated that President Peter Mutharika’s aide was peddling on lies regards  maize situation, saying Malawi government has already paid for maize to be imported from neighoring Zambia.

President Mutharika early this year declared a state of national disaster over food shortages caused by erratic climate conditions. Malawi  is one of several African countries affected by El Nino.

In February, WFP warned that Malawi could face the worst food crisis in decades. At the time, the price of maize, the main staple food, was already 60 percent above the country’s three year average.

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15 thoughts on “Vuwa is lying, Chaponda says of Presidential aide’s remarks on Malawi maize importation”

  1. kantukodooka says:

    M’danena kale ife enawa ndi ma builder zinangochitika mwayi wa wachiona ndani nkupezeka kuti awina uphungu amvekere mimba tiye tiye ndine wandale zapachiphwisi basi machende wanu nonse nsete zachidendene cha pusi vimakholingo nete ndalama zakuba muli ndi nsambi afiti athakati anthu osafunikira pa Malawi pano ndinuyo vindere vitsiru dzokumwa madzi ometera ndevu

  2. atambwali sametana……..birds of the same feathers…………ndipo ife sititaya nthawi nkumafunsa kuti who is lying between the two of you…….. i will just wonder if at all u have meetings in our dpp

  3. PETER MSALIKA says:


  4. Costly Gochisale says:

    House divided cannot stand. Tired of this DPP

  5. PETER MSALIKA says:


  6. Charombanthu says:

    OMG. At first it was Chaponda and his boss contradicting each other on the number of people facing hunger in the coming year, now it is Vuwa contracdicting Chaponda on whether we have enough maize or not. This is a disorganised bunch. Do you sit down and discuss these issues or you just wake up and decide to tell the nation what you dreamt about the previous night? Give us a break. So what should the boss get out of this from these two – the Advisor Vuwa or the Minister, who is an Advisor by virtue of his position? God help us…

    1. Ndabaninge says:

      Exactly my sentiments. What is wrong with these guys???

  7. observer says:

    I think Minister is saying truth- but ordering from Ukraine is worrisome. that’s the problem of not verifying information from ministers- on the other hand it could be deliberate move to discredit it each other- for political positioning- it should not happen.

  8. Patriot says:

    It is a shame that someone is scrambling for duties that are beyond his jurisdiction. A bootlicker contradicting a minister.

  9. Gogodasi says:

    If Vuwa doesn’t tread properly he will deliberately be disqualified in the 2019 primary election for the constituency he is eying. We know he cooking up these lies to re-position himself for the parliamentary seat, but may not get it. This is the second time he has blundered, the first was his demand for compensation of million by the same government that offered him a job as a result of 2011 protests. He is not able to make good political calculations this mechanic.

  10. CAG says:

    either of the two is lying

  11. chalo says:

    Good show Chaponda. This Vuwa guy is usually very careless with his mouth. In what capacity was he visiting Admarc by the way?

  12. The Patriot says:

    Who is fooling who here? This Chaponda guy amazes me!!! Imagine if it was the other way round: Vuwa accusing him of lying! He would have been very angry but somehow he thinks he is able tk castigate Vuwa in public because he is “the bulldozzer”……
    Unfortunately for him…..Malawians know better…here is someone who denied sleeping in parliamenteven with a video clip evidence showing that he was actually sleeping while his best friend was addressing parliament!!

  13. kkilembe says:

    Nation of liars….Malawi is a failed state. I am not complaining

  14. Maunisi says:

    So who is saying correct someone advisor to president someone ministers. Shameeeee!

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